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22nd July 2012, 10:49 AM
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Re: Anna University Syllabus for CSE

You want to get Anna University syllabus for B.E. Computer Science & Engineering…Here it is :

Chemical Thermodynamics
Definition of free energy and spontaneity - Maxwell relations - Gibbs-Helmholtz equation - Van't hoff equations
- Stoichiometry and energy balances in Chemical reactions.

Dynamics of Chemical Processes
Basic concepts - composite reactions (opposing, parallel and consecutive reactions) - Collision theory -
Thermodynamic formulation of reaction rates - unimolecular reactions - Chain reactions (Stationary and nonstationary)
- Enzyme Kinetics - Michaelis - Menten Equation.

Types of electrodes and cells - Nernst Equation - emf measurement and its applications - Principles of chemical
and electrochemical corrosion - corrosion control (Sacrificial anode and impressed current methods).

Water quality parameters - Definition and expression - Estimation of hardness (EDTA method) - Alkalinity
(Titrimetry) - Water softening (zeolite) - Demineralisation (Ion- exchangers) and desalination (RO) - Domestic
water treatment.

Monomer - Functionality - Degree of polymerisation - Classification based on source and applications - Addition,Condensation and copolymerisation - Mechanism of free -radical polymerisation - Thermoplastics andthermosetting plastics - Processing of plastics - Injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion processes.

For the rest of the syllabus I am uploading the PDF file.You can download it free of cost.
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1st November 2012, 10:54 PM
Re: Anna University Syllabus for CSE

Sir, i need 3rd sem sylabus 4 cmptr science nd engnrng
21st March 2015, 10:25 AM
Re: Anna University Syllabus for CSE

I am studying in BE computer science and engineering. Would you like to share syllabus of the BE CSE of Anna University with me?
21st March 2015, 10:29 AM
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Re: Anna University Syllabus for CSE

As per your request, I am giving you syllabus of the BE computer science and engineering of Anna University.

Listening - Introducing learners to GIE - Types of listening - Listening to audio (verbal &
sounds); Speaking - Speaking about one’s place, important festivals etc. – Introducing oneself, one’s family / friend; Reading - Skimming a reading passage – Scanning for specific information - Note-making;
Writing - Free writing on any given topic (My favourite place /
Hobbies / School life, etc.) - Sentence completion - Autobiographical writing (writing about one’s leisure time activities, hometown, etc.);
Grammar - Prepositions - Reference words - Wh-questions - Tenses (Simple);
Vocabulary - Word formation - Word expansion (root words / etymology);
E-materials - Interactive exercises for Grammar & Vocabulary - Reading
comprehension exercises - Listening to audio files and answering questions.

Listening - Listening and responding to video lectures / talks ; Speaking -
Describing a simple process (filling a form, etc.) - Asking & answering questions -Telephone skills – Telephone etiquette; Reading – Critical reading - Finding key information in a given text - Sifting facts from opinions ; Writing -
Biographical writing (place, people) - Lab descriptions (general/specific
description of laboratory experiments) - Definitions - Recommendations;
Grammar -
Use of imperatives - Subject-verb agreement ; Vocabulary - Compound words - Word Association;E-materials - Interactive exercises for Grammar and Vocabulary - Listening exercises with sample telephone conversations / lectures – Picture-based activities.

Listening - Listening to specific task - focused audio tracks; Speaking -
Role-play – Simulation - Group interaction - Speaking in formal situations (teachers, officials, foreigners);
Reading -Reading and interpreting visual material; Writing - Jumbled sentences - Coherence and cohesion in writing - Channel conversion (flowchart into process) - Types of paragraph (caus & effect / compare & contrast / narrative / analytical) - Informal writing (letter/e-mail/blogs) – Paraphrasing ; Grammar - Tenses (Past) - Use of sequence words – Adjectives ; Vocabulary - Different forms and uses of words, Cause and effect words; E-materials – Interactive exercises for Grammar and Vocabulary - Excerpts from films related to the theme and follow up exercises - Pictures of flow charts and tables for interpretations.

Listening - Watching videos / documentaries and responding to questions based on them
Speaking - Responding to questions - Different forms of interviews - Speaking at different types of interviews;
Reading - Making inference from the reading passage - Predicting the
content of a reading passage; Writing - Interpreting visual materials (line graphs, pie charts etc.) - Essay writing – Different types of essays
; Grammar – Adverbs – Tenses – future time reference;
Vocabulary - Single word substitutes - Use of abbreviations & acronyms;
E-materials - Interactive exercises for Grammar and Vocabulary - Sample interviews – film scenes - dialogue writing
Anna University BE computer science and Engineering syllabus

For complete syllabus consider the attachment..........................

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