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13th August 2014, 09:29 AM
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Re: Human Resource Management solved question paper

This is the NET Human Resource Management solved question paper:

1. Who is regarded as the father of
Scientific Management ?
(A) Albert Bandura
(B) Louis D. Brandies
(C) Frederick Winslow Taylor
(D) Elton Mayo

2. The Principle of Equifinality operates
(A) within the internal environment
(B) within the external environment
(C) without environment
(D) hostile environment

3. Max Weber developed a theory of
(A) Autocratic Management
(B) Democratic Management
(C) Bureaucratic Management
(D) Free Style Management

4. Grapevine is a type of
(A) Formal Communication
(B) Written Communication
(C) Lateral Communication
(D) Informal Communication

5. Decision-making process is guided by
(A) Policy (B) Procedure
(C) Programme (D) Strategy

6. Ten ‘C’ model of HRM architect was
advanced by
(A) Katz and Kahn
(B) Alan Price
(C) Chester I. Bernard
(D) Max Weber

7. Recruitment means
(A) Total number of inquiries made
(B) Total number of applications
(C) Total number of persons short
(D) Total number of selections

Rests of the questions are in the attachment, download it freely from here:

NET Human Resource Management solved question paper

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22nd March 2015, 03:33 PM
Re: Human Resource Management solved question paper

I want to get Human Resource Management solved question paper for doing preparation so will you please provide me that ?
22nd March 2015, 03:34 PM
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Re: Human Resource Management solved question paper

As you want to get Human Resource Management solved question paper for doing preparation so here I am giving you some questions of that paper:

Question1: What are the factors that warrant the attention for successful implementation?
Correct Answer
Feedback management , Action planning , Reinforcement of new behaviour
Your Answer
Feedback management , Action planning , Reinforcement of new behaviour

Question2 - True/False:
The job falling under the same grade get different wage scale.
Correct Answer: False
Your Answer: False

Question3 - True/False:
The HRD programmes fail due to poverty, social injustice.
Correct Answer : True
Your Answer : True

Question4 - Select The Blank:
On the basis of job elements and organisational demand an appropriate ________ of job evaluation should be selected.
Correct Answer
Your Answer

Question5 - True/False:
Human resource management is responsible for getting the best people, training and providing mechanism.
Correct Answer
Your Answer

Question6 - Select The Blank:
For the period of the lay off up to a maximum of ________ workmen will be paid compensation equal to half their basic pay & D.A.
Correct Answer
45 days
Your Answer
45 days

Question7 - True/False:
Human resource Audit is full-fledged methodology to bring about a change.
Correct Answer

Question8 - Select The Blank:
For closure , if there is no response ( from government ) within ________ permission is deemed to have been granted
Correct Answer

Question8 - Multiple Choice Multiple Answer:
What are the major advantages of a Generic Benchmarking Technique?
Correct Answer
It is readily transferable , New practices, earlier implemented in an entire industry can be brought in, giving an organisation an edge over its rivals. , Proven systems can be implemented with minimal modification

Question9 - Multiple Choice Multiple Answer:
Under HRD, name the factors that act as motivating forces
Correct Answer
Job enrichment , Informal organisation , Participative management

Question10 - True/False:
The final step in manpower planning is to ensure that the supply will match the demand in future.
Correct Answer

Question11 - Multiple Choice Multiple Answer:
Five main phases make up the process of the feedback exercise, name the PHASE 4-
Correct Answer
Data feeding Reports & Analysis

Question12 - Multiple Choice Single Answer:
Under phase 5, what is it that is conducted for two days or more depending on the number of participants
Correct Answer

Question13 - Multiple Choice Multiple Answer:
Every HRD system developed by an organization should be based on the following elements of HRM. Those are:
Correct Answer
Suitable compensation plan , Selection of the right people , Good performance appraisal system

Question14 - Multiple Choice Multiple Answer:
Performance Appraisal directly affects the interpersonal relations which are really delicate and difficult to maintain, because of heterogenity in the nature of human beings. It is necessary to follow certain principles like:
Correct Answer
Appraise on the basis of representative information , Appraise on the basis of sufficient information , Appraise on the basis of relevant information

Question15 - Select The Blank:
________ is route to be followed in order to realise vision and overall purpose.
Correct Answer

Question16 - Multiple Choice Single Answer:
In an employees organisation the flow of decisions fom the Working Committee flows to -
Correct Answer
President / Secretary of Branch Union

Question17 - Select The Blank:
________ is known not to hold overly one-sided views.
Correct Answer

Question18 - Select The Blank:
In indian since the liberalisation process in 19991, FDI flows have developed each year & exports are up by more than ________
Correct Answer

Question19 - Multiple Choice Single Answer:
Whose study provides that one create appropriate HRD climate only through good practices.
Correct Answer

Question20 - Multiple Choice Single Answer:
What can influence the organisation's business goals?
Correct Answer
HRD outcomes

Question21 - Select The Blank:
Generally, training need identification forms a part of ________.
Correct Answer
Management Appraisal System

Question22 - Multiple Choice Multiple Answer:
Name the basic appraisal qualities:
Correct Answer
Action , Judgement , Alertness

Question23 - True/False:
An evaluation of where one stands on the basis of their job responsibilities, leadership, qualities etc will be a good starting point for marketing plans for success
Correct Answer

Question24 - Multiple Choice Multiple Answer:
Performance counselling should not give a chance in discussion like -
Correct Answer
Rewards , Increments , Salaries

Question25 - Multiple Choice Multiple Answer:
What are the general characteristics of Freedom or Independence competance?
Correct Answer
They will like to work at their own place , They will like to choose their working hours , Free-lance writer & consultants come under this category

Question 26 - Select The Blank
The factors coming under Discipline & Attendance are Time keeping and ________.
Correct Answer

Question27 - Multiple Choice Single Answer:
Name the program which makes supervisor more alert, as it is his responsibility to rate his subordinates.
Correct Answer
Periodic appraisal

Question28 - Multiple Choice Multiple Answer:
Some problems are inherent in the performance Appraisal System, they are -
Correct Answer
Discrimination , First impression , Central tendency

Question29 - Select The Blank:
________ of more than 1500 managers in Dr. Odiorne's study were found to be in the Work Horse category
Correct Answer

Question30 - Select The Blank:
Factor comparison method is regarded as ________ method
Correct Answer

Question31 - Multiple Choice Multiple Answer:
Essentials of effective QC's :-
Correct Answer
Prompt approval , Regular communication , Unconditional support

Question32 - Multiple Choice Single Answer
Name the method where common factors to all the jobs are identified.
Correct Answer

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