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14th November 2015, 03:13 PM
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MBA human resource management

Welcome to MBA Forum. This is MBA human resource management discussion page. Here you can discuss about MBA human resource management in details. Please ask your question about MBA human resource management in the quick reply box mention below. Our member will try to answer your question about it as soon as possible. Furthermore, please provide your full details with your question. Your Name, email address, phone numbers, also you education / University in which you are studying. If your question is related to any institution / University / Business School/ Online MBA / Distance MBA or Jobs related to MBA, then mention that in your question as well.
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16th November 2015, 11:53 AM
Re: MBA human resource management

Hii Guys , I want to Do MBA Human Resource Management from Bharathiar University , Will you plz tell me Eligibility , Fee details and Course Structure ?
16th November 2015, 11:56 AM
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Re: MBA human resource management

Friend as per your demand Here I am providing information about MBA Human Resource Management of Bharathiar University , Have a Look :

Fee Structure :

1. Admission fee (one time) Rs. 50/-
2. Matricula fee (one time) Rs. 50/-
3. Registration fee (one time) Rs. 100/-
4. Tuition fee (per trimester) Rs. 8,000/-
5. Infrastructure fee (per trimester) Rs. 500/-
6. Library fee (per annum) Rs. 300/-
7. Sports fee (per annum) Rs. 50/-
8. Administrative fee (one time) Rs. 100/-
9. Course Material fee (per trimester) Rs. 500/-
10. Recognition fee (one time) Rs. 325/-
11. Student welfare fund (per annum) Rs. 100/-
12. Placement fee (one time) Rs. 500/-
13. Caution deposit (one time refundable) Rs. 1,000/-
14. Internet & Bar coded ID Card (per annum) Rs. 300/-

Hostel fees :

Hostel Deposit (Refundable) : Rs. 5,000/-
Room rent per candidate: Rs. 140/- per month.
Other charges like Food, Welfare, Power, Water and Miscellaneous charges are on dividing basis.


First Year

Trimester I
1. Organisational Behaviour
2. Managerial Economics
3. Mathematics Statistics for Management
4. Financial and Management Accounting
* Computer Application in Management (18 hrs.)
* Executive Communication (18 hrs.)

Trimester II
5. Organisational Structure and Process
6. Cost & Management Accounting
7. Decision Support systems
8. Computer Applications in Management (18 hrs.)
9. Executive Communication (18 hrs.)
10. Management Information Systems

Trimester III
11. Production & Operations Management
12. Marketing Management
13. Financial Management
14. Human Resource Management
15. Research Methods for Management
16. Comprehensive Viva-voce (Internal)

Second year

Trimester IV
17. Internship Project & Viva-voce
18. Indian and Global Business Environment
19. Management Skill Development : Experiential
(Internal Assessment only) through Exercises
20. Elective 1
21. Elective 2

Trimester V
22. International Business
23. Elective 3
24. Elective 4
25. Elective 5
26. Elective 6

Trimester VI

27. Strategic Management : Indian and Global Context
28. Management Cases
29. Elective 7
30. Elective 8
31. Comprehensive Viva-voce (Internal)

List Of Electives For IV Trimester

Managing Interpersonal Effectiveness
2. Integrated Materials Management
3. Services Marketing
4. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
5. System Analysis and Design
6. Computer Networks
7. Brand Management
8. e-Marketing

List Of Electives For V Trimester

1. Human Resources Development
2. Labour Welfare and Industrial Relations (Legislation)
3. Advertisement and Sales Promotion
4. Consumer Behaviour
5. Advanced Production Management
6. Supply Chain Management
7. Software Project Management
8. E-Commerce
9. Insurance Principles and Practice
10. Financial Services
11. Retail Management
12. Event Management
13. Data Mining

List Of Electives For VI Trimester

1. Organisational Development
2. Entrepreneurship Development
3. Software Process Improvement
4. Information Technology Applications
5. Marketing Channels and Logistics
6. Export Management
7. International Financial Management
8. Derivatives Management
9. Rural Marketing

MBA Human Resources Management Syllabus - Bharathiar University - Coimbatore

1.1.Principles of Management and Organizational Behaviour UNIT I Management : Science, Theory and Practice - The Evolution of Management Thought and the Patterns of Management Analysis - Management and Society : Social Responsibility and Ethics - Global and Comparative Management - The Basis of Global Management – Functions of Management-The Nature and Purpose of Planning - Objectives - Strategies, Policies and Planning Premises - Decision Making - Global Planning. UNIT II The Nature of Organizing - Organizational Structure : Departmentation - Line/Staff Authority and Decentralization - Effective Organizing and Organizational Culture - Global Organizing. Co-ordination functions in Organisation - Human Factors and Motivation - Leadership - Committees and group Decision Making - Communication - Global Leading. UNIT III The System and Process of Controlling - Control Techniques and Information Technology - Global Controlling and Global Challenges – Direction Function – Significance. UNIT IV Organisational Behaviour : History - evoluation, Challenges & opportunities, contributing disciplines, management functions and relevance to Organisation Behaviour. Organizational Behaviour responses to Global and Cultural diversity. Personality - Determinents, structure, behaviour, assessment, psycho-analytical social learning, job-fit, trait theories. Emotions and Emotional Intelligence as a managerial tool. Attitudes - relationship with behaviour, sources, types, consistancy, work attitudes, values - importance, sources, types, ethics and types of management ethics. Perception - Process, Selection, Organisation Errors, Managerial implications of perception.Learning - classicial, operant and social cognitive approaches. Implications of learning on managerial performance. UNIT V Stress - Nature, sources, Effects, influence of personality, managing stress- Conflict - Management, Levels, Sources, bases, conflict resolution strategies, negotiation. Foundations of group behaviour : team decision making. Issues in Managing teams. Organisational change - Managing planned change. Resistance to change - Approaches to managing organisational change - Organisational Development - values - interventions, change management- Organisational culture - Dynamics, role and types of culture and corporate culture. REFERENCE
1. Koontz & Weirich, Essentials of Management, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company, New Delhi.

2. Stoner, Freeman & Gilbert, Management, PHI, 6th Edition.
3. Robbins.S.P., Fundamentals of Management, Pearson, 2003.
4. Robbins.S. Organisational Behaviour, X edn., Prentice-Hall, India.
5. Umasekaran, Organisational Behaviour.
6. VSP Rao, V Hari Krishna – Management: Text and Cases, Excel Books, I Edition, 2004

1.2. Managerial Economics UNIT I Managerial Economics - meaning, nature and scope - Managerial Economics and business decision making - Role of Managerial Economist - Fundamental concepts of Managerial Economics- Demand Analysis - meaning, determinants and types of demand - Elasticity of demand. UNT II Supply meaning and determinants - production decisions - production functions - Isoquants, Expansion path - Cobb-Douglas function. Cost concepts - cost - output relationship - Economies and diseconomies of scale - cost functions. UNIT III Market structure - characteristics - Pricing and output decisions - methods of pricing - differential pricing - Government intervention and pricing. UNIT IV Profit - Meaning and nature - Profit policies - Profit planning and forecasting - Cost volume profit analysis - Investment analysis. UNIT V National Income - Business cycle - inflation and deflation - balance of payments - Monetary and Fiscal Policies REFERENCE
1. Joel Dean - Managerial Economics, Prentice Hall/Pearson.
2. Rangarajan - Principles of Macro Economics, Tata McGraw Hill.
3. Athmanand.R., Managerial Economics, Excel, New Delhi, 2002.
4. P.L.Mehta, Managerial Economics, S.Chand and Sons Company Ltd., New Delhi, 2004.
5. Peterson Lewis, Managerial Economics, Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi, 2002.

1.3. Accounting and Finance for Managers
Financial Accounting - Definition - Accounting Principles - Concepts and conventions - Trial Balance – Final Accounts (Problems) - Depreciation Methods-Straight line method, Written down value method.
Financial Statement Analysis - Objectives - Techniques of Financial Statement Analysis: Accounting Ratios: construction of balance sheet using ratios (problems)-Dupont analysis. Fund Flow Statement - Statement of Changes in Working Capital - Preparation of Fund Flow Statement - Cash Flow Statement Analysis- Distinction between Fund Flow and Cash Flow Statement. Problems
Cost Accounting - Meaning - Distinction between Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting - Cost Terminology: Cost, Cost Centre, Cost Unit - Elements of Cost - Cost Sheet - Problems.
Budget, Budgeting, and Budgeting Control - Types of Budgets - Preparation of Flexible and fixed Budgets, master budget and Cash Budget - Problems -Zero Base Budgeting. Marginal Costing - Definition - distinction between marginal costing and absorption costing - Break even point Analysis - Contribution, p/v Ratio, margin of safety - Decision making under marginal costing system-key factor analysis, make or buy decisions, export decision, sales mix decision-Problems
Objectives and functions of Financial Management - Role of Financial Management in the organisation - Risk-Return relationship- Time value of money concepts - Indian Financial system - Legal, Regulatory and tax framework. Sources of Long term finance - Features of Capital market development in India - Role of SEBI in Capital Issues.
Capital Budgeting - methods of appraisal - Conflict in criteria for evaluation - Capital Rationing - Problems - Risk analysis in Capital Budgeting.
Cost of Capital - Computation for each source of finance and weighted average cost of capital -EBIT -EPS Analysis - Operating Leverage - Financial Leverage - problems.
Capital Structure Theories - Dividend Policies - Types of Divided Policy. Working Capital Management - Definition and Objectives - Working Capital Policies - Factors affecting Working Capital requirements - Forecasting Working Capital requirements (problems) - Cash Management - Receivables Management and - Inventory Management - Working Capital Financing - Sources of Working Capital and Implications of various Committee Reports.

For detailed information about MBA Programme Here I am uploading pdf file , Have a Look :

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