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11th August 2015, 11:39 AM
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Re: SAIL Management Trainee Marketing Question Paper

Here I am providing the list of few questions of SAIL Management Trainee exam Question Paper which you are looking for .

Q.1. Choose the correct answer: (10 x 2=20)
1. Jawahar Lal Nehru Port, the port handling maximum containers in India is located in:
a) Kerala
b) Maharashtra
c) Gujarat
d) Orissa
2. Four Ps of Marketing are:
a) Product, Price, Promotion, Place
b) Promotion, Place, Panel, Price
c) Product, Place, Price, Panel
d) Panel, Price, Product, Perseverance
3. IGM is a document to be filed by:
a) Port
b) Importer
c) Shipping lines
4. Amul is an example of: -
a) State owned enterprise
b) FDI in Retail
c) Successful Cooperative
d) Capital intensive industry
5. Letter ‘E’ in “SEZ” stands for:
a) Export
The sample questions are only illustrative and not exhaustive in terms of type and difficulty level of the questions which
will be set in the test. The types given below may also be arranged in the test in a different order.
b) Economic
c) Embassy
6. Life Cycle of a product consists of: -
a) Introductory, Growth, Decline
b) Introductory, Maturity, Decline
c) Introductory, Growth, Maturity, Decline
d) None of the above
7. “CRM” is an abbreviation for:
a) Corporate Relations Management
b) Customer Relationship Management
c) Customer Reward Manager
d) Customer Retention Mechanism
8. SWOT is an acronym of: -
a) Safety, Welfare, Obligation, Time
b) Strength, Welfare, Opportunity, Threat
c) Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat
d) None of the above
9. EOU is an acronym of: -
a) Enterprise Of Excellence Unit
b) Export Oriented Unit
c) Export Oriented Enterprise
d) Enterprise of Export Unit
10. FOB means: -
a) Price includes all charges upto the time goods are loaded on ship
b) Price includes all charges including insurance
c) Price includes all charges including freight & insurance
d) Price includes all charges including freight, insurance and commission of Agent.
Q.2. Choose a) if True and b) if False: (5x2=10)
1. Mundra Port is located in Maharashtra
2. Pakistan has been given the status of “Most Favoured Nation” by India
3. IEC Number is issued by DGFT in India
4. Bill of Lading is issued by Customs
5. Cold Chain helps in prolonging the shelf life of perishable goods.

Part II : General knowledge/ Current Affairs
(Maximum Marks: 30)
Choose the correct answer: (10x2=20)
1. Who is the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh:
a) Mulayam Singh Yadav
b) Mayawati
c) Akhilesh Yadav
d) Rahul Gandhi
2. Who is called ‘Flying Sikh’:
a) Jeev Milkha Singh
b) Rajbir Singh
c) Milkha Singh
d) Randev Singh
3. Which batsman has hit 50 or more centuries in Test Cricket:
a) Sachin Tendulkar
b) Sunil Gavaskar
c) Allan Border
d) Virat Kohli
4. Where were the Olympics held in 2012:
a) London
b) Paris
c) Barcelona
d) Moscow
5. What is the ‘land of rising sun’:
a) Japan
b) China
c) India
d) Pakistan
6. In the group of BRIC nations, what does “B” stand for:
a) Burma
b) Brazil
c) Bolivia
d) Bosnia
7. World Population Day is observed on which of the following days:
a) 11 July
b) 11 June
c) 21 July
d) 21 June
8. Who is Director General of WTO:
a) Pascal Lamy
b) Renalto Ruggiero
c) Mike Moore
d) None of these
9. Who received the sixth ‘Chess Oscar’:
a) Viswanathan Anand
b) Robert J. Fischer
c) Garry Kasporov
d) None of these
10. Air version of which missile will automatically proceed towards target on being launched by pilot:
a) Trishul
b) Brahmos
c) Agni
d) Nishant
Q.2. For each of these questions choose a) if True and b) if False: (5 x 2=10)
1. Shri Vinod Rai is the present CAG of India
2. “Polio” is a vector borne disease for which a special programme has been launched by the
Government of India
3. Dr. Manmohan Singh is President of India
4. Bhopal is the capital of Chhatisgarh
5. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the first President of India

Part III : Reasoning
Maximum Marks: 30
Q.1. Each question contains four arguments of three sentences each. Choose the set in which the third
statement is a logical conclusion of the first two. (4x2=8)
1. A. Some Xs are Ps. Some Ps are Ys. Some Xs are Ys.
B. All Sonas are bright. Some bright are crazy. Some Sonas are crazy.
C. No faith is strong. Only strong have biceps. No faith has biceps.
D. All men are weak. Some weak are strong. Something are weak.
a) A and D
b) C only
c) D only
d) None of these
2. A. Some icicles are cycles. All cycles are men. Some icicles are men.
B. All girls have teeth. No teeth are yellow. No girls are yellow.
C. No hand is foot. Some feet are heads. Some hands are heads.
D. Every man has a wife. All wives are devoted. No devoted has a husband.
a) A, B and C
b) A and B
c) C and B
d) A, B, C and D
3. A. No, sun is not white. All moon is sun. All moon is white.
B. All windows are open. No open space is allocated. All window is closed space.
C. No German can fire. All Americans bombard. Both, Germans and Americans can fight
D. No X is Z. No Z is Y. No X is Y.
a) A only
b) B only
c) C only
d) D only
4. A. All Ts are squares. All squares are rectangular. All Ts are rectangular.
B. Some fat are elongated. Some elongated things are huge. Some fat are huge.
C. Idiots are bumblers. Bumblers fumble. Idiots fumble.
D. Water is good for health. Health food are rare. Water is rare.
a) D only
b) C only
c) Both A and C
d) All of these.
Q.2. In each of these questions, the main statement is followed by four sentences. Select the pair of
sentences that relate logically to the given statement: (5x2=10)
1. Either Sita is sick or she is careless.
A. Sita is not sick.
B. Sita is not careless.
C. Sita is sick.
D. Sita is careless.
a) AB
b) AD
c) BA
d) DA
2. Ram gets a swollen nose whenever he eats hamburgers.
A. Ram gets a swollen nose.
B. Ram does not eat hamburgers.
C. Ram does not get a swollen nose.
D. Ram eats hamburgers.
a) AB
b) DC
c) AC
d) BC
3. Either the employees have no confidence in the management or they are hostile by nature.
A. They are hostile by nature.
B. They are not hostile by nature.
C. They have confidence in the management.
D. They have no confidence in the management.
a) BA
b) CB
c) DA
d) BD
4. Whenever Ram reads late into the night, his father beats him up.
A. His father does not beat Ram.
B. Ram reads late into the night
C. Ram reads early in the morning
D. Ram’s father beats him in the morning.
a) CD
b) BD
c) AB
d) None of these
5. All irresponsible parents shout if their children do not cavort.
A. All irresponsible parents do not shout
B. Children cavort
C. Children do not cavort
D. All irresponsible parents shout
a) AB
b) BA
c) CA
d) All of these
Q.3. Given below are six statements followed by sets of three. You are to mark the option in which the
statements are most logically related: (6x 2=12)
1. A. Some pins are made of tin
B. All tin is made of copper
C. All copper is used for pins
D. Some tin is copper
E. Some pins are used for tin
F. Some copper is used for tin
a) ABC
b) CEF
c) CDA
d) ABE
2. A. An ostrich lays eggs
B. All birds lay eggs
C. Some birds can fly
D. An ostrich cannot fly
E. An ostrich is a bird
F. An ostrich cannot swim
a) BEA
b) ABE
c) DEC
d) ECB
3. A. Some paper is wood
B. All wood is good
C. All that is good is wood
D. All wood is paper
E. All paper is good
F. Some paper is good
a) BED
b) BDF
c) FAB
d) FBA
4. A. All bricks are tricks
B. Some tricks are shrieks
C. Some that are shrieks are bricks
D. Some tricks are not bricks
E. All tricks are shrieks
F. No tricks are shrieks
a) EAC
b) BCD
c) ABC
d) EDC
5. A. Some sand is band
B. All sandal is band
C. All band is sand
D. No sand is sandal
E. No band is sand
F. Some band is sandal
a) BCA
b) AFE
c) DEC
d) CEA
6. A. No wife is life
B. All life is strife
C. Some wife is strife
D. All that is wife is life
E. All wife is strife
F. No wife is strife
a) BEF
b) FCB
c) ABF
d) BDE

Part IV : Analytical Ability
Maximum Marks: 30
Q.1. Answer the following questions based on this information: (5x2=10)
K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, U and W are the only ten members in a department. There is a proposal to form a team
from within the members of the department, subject to the following conditions-
A. A team must include exactly one among P, R and S
B. A team must include either M or Q, but not both
C. If a team includes K, then it must also include L and vice versa
D. If a team includes one among S, U and W, then it must also include the other two
E. L and N cannot be members of the same team
F. L and U cannot be members of the same team
The size of a team is defined as the number of members in the team.
1. What would be the size of the largest possible team?
a) 8
b) 7
c) 6
d) 5
e) Cannot be determined
2. What could be the size of a team that includes K?
a) 2 or 3
b) 2 or 4
c) 3 or 4
d) Only 2
e) Only 4
3. In how many ways a team can be constituted so that the team includes N?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5
e) 6
4. Who cannot be a member of a team of size 3?
a) L
b) M
c) N
d) P
e) Q
5. Who can be a member of a team of size 5?
a) K
b) L
c) M
d) P
e) R
Q.2. Answer these questions based on the following information: (4x2=8)
A study was conducted to ascertain the relative importance that employees in five different countries
assigned to five different traits in their Chief Executive Officers. The traits were Compassion ( C), Decisiveness
( D), Negotiation skills ( N), Public visibility ( P) and Vision ( V). The level of dissimilarity between two countries is
the maximum difference in the ranks allotted by the two countries to any of the five traits. The following
table indicates the rank order of the five traits for each country-
Rank India China Japan Malaysia Thailand
1 C N D V V
2 P C N D C
3 N P C P N
4 V D V C P
5 D V P N D
1. Which amongst the following countries is most dissimilar to India?
a) China
b) Japan
c) Malaysia
d) Thailand
2. Which of the following pairs of countries are most dissimilar?
a) China & Japan
b) India & China
c) Malaysia & Japan
d) Thailand & Japan
3. Three of the following four pairs of countries have identical levels of dissimilarity. Which pair is the
odd one out?
a) Malaysia & China
b) China & Thailand
c) Thailand & Japan
d) Japan & Malaysia
4. Which of the following countries is least dissimilar to India?
a) China
b) Japan
c) Malaysia
d) Thailand
Q.3. Answer these questions based on the following information: (3x2=6)
The seven basic symbols in a certain numeral system and their respective values are as follows-
I=1, V=5, X=10, L=50, C=100, D=500 and M=1000
In general, the symbols in the numeral system are read from left to right, starting with the symbol representing
the largest value; the same symbol cannot occur continuously more than three times; the value of the
numeral is the sum of the values of the symbols. For example, XXVII = 10+10+5+1+1= 27. An exception to the
left to right reading occurs when a symbol is followed immediately by a symbol of greater value; then, the
smaller value is subtracted from the large. For example, XLVI = (50-10)+5+1=46.
1. The value of the numeral MDCCLXXXVII is
a) 1687
b) 1787
c) 1887
d) 1987
2. The value of the numeral MCMXCIX is
a) 1999
b) 1899
c) 1989
d) 1889
3. Which of the following can represent the numeral for 1995
i. MCMLXXV, ii. MCMXCV, iii. MVD, iv. MVM
a) Only i and ii
b) Only iii and iv
c) Only ii and iv
d) Only iv
Q.4. Answer these questions based on the following information: (3x2=6)
Five of India’s leading models are posing for a photograph promoting World peace and understanding. But
Rakesh Shreshtha, the photographer, is having a tough time getting them to stand in a straight line, because
Aishwarya refuses to stand next to Sushmita for Sushmita has said something about her in a leading gossip
magazine. Rachel and Anu want to stand together because they are such good friends. Manpreet on the
other hand cannot get along well with Rachel, because there is some talk about Rachel scheming to get a
contract already awarded to Manpreet. Anu believes her friendly astrologer who has asked her to stand at
the extreme right for all group photographs. Finally, Rakesh managed to pacify the girls and got a beautiful
picture of five girls smiling in a straight line, promoting world peace.
1. If Aishwarya is standing to the extreme left, who is standing in the middle?
a) Manpreet
b) Sushmita
c) Rachel
d) Cannot say
2. If Aishwarya stands to the extreme left, who stands second from left?
a) Cannot say
b) Sushmita
c) Rachel
d) Manpreet
3. If Anu’s astrologer tells her to stand second from left and Aishwarya decides to stand second from
right, then who is standing on the extreme right?
a) Rachel
b) Sushmita
c) Cannot say
d) Manpreet

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