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Default Re: Sail Management Trainee Model Question Paper For Electronics

As you asking for the Sail Management Trainee of Electronics the question paper is as follow:

1) Op-Amps like the highest frequency of OP-Amp depends on
a) Input V b) Output V c) Bandwidth d) Max Output V

2) The purpose of Op-Amp clamper is for what
a) Clamping the output voltage b) Lowering the output V c) Lowering the input V d) None of these

3) What is the purpose of PWM in current source inverter?

4) At higher frequencies which of the following noises become significant?
a) Thermal Noise b) Short noise c) White noise

5) Nearly 10 questions were based on Flip-Flops like what is the number of flip-flops required for decade counter?
a) 1 b) 2 c)3 d)4

6) How many flip flops are required for input frequency to be divided by 32?

7) What is the output frequency of a T-Flip flop if the input if input frequency is f
a) f/2 b) f c) 2f d) 4f

8) Nearly 8 questions were asked on RLC circuits like what is the effect on resonance frequency when all the values of RLC are doubled?
a) 4f b) 3f c) f/4 d) f

9) What is the voltage on capacitor at resonance with input voltage a 10v and Q factor of the circuit is 40?

10) Which of the following is S.I engine?
1) Gas 2) Petrol 3) Diesel 4) Kerosene engine

11) What is the difference between petrol and diesel engine?

12) Which of the facts is true?
a) All reversible engines have same efficiency
b) All engines are designed reversible to obtain maximum efficiency?
c) Irreversible engines have maximum efficiency?

12) What is the characteristic of an isolated system?
a) No transfer of mass both the directions
b) No transfer of heat on both directions
c) No transfer of heat and mass on both directions
d) Maximum transfer of mass and heat in both directions

13) What is the power transferred to a load if R+ix and with an internal resistance of R-ix of the source with voltage V?

14) If 4 batteries of voltage 6V each are applied parallel to a load of 1.25 ohms with batteries of internal resistance of 0.2 ohms then what is the current through the load resistance?

15) What is the percentage power loss when a battery of 6 V has internal resistance of 0.2 ohms and applied to a load of 6 ohms?

16) What are the frequencies of a system with a transfer function of 100(1+0.5s)(1+0.25s)?
a) 4,2 b) 0.5, 0,25.

17) Which of following is used in SSB AM receiver?
a) LC circuit b) diode rectifier

18) What is the average value of current if the voltage of 10 sin (314t ) is applied to a resistance of 10 ohms?
A) 0.485 B) 0.637
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