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4th November 2015, 10:21 AM
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Re: Political Science General Syllabus of Calcutta University

As you are looking for syllabus of B.A. (Honours) Course in Political Science of Calcutta University, so here I am providing detailed syllabus:

Calcutta University B.A. (Honours) Course in Political Science Syllabus
Unit I

1. What is Politics – Approaches to the study of Politics: Normative, Behavioural and Post-behavioural. Feminist views to Politics.
2. Theories of the State (a) Origin: Social Contract Theory; (b) Nature: Idealist, Liberal and Neo-liberal theories.
3. Concept of State Sovereignty: Monistic and Pluralistic theories – Changing concepts of Sovereignty in the context of Globalization.

Unit II
1. Democratic Theories: David Held’s Classification: Protective (Bentham), Developmental (J.S. Mill), Participatory.
2. Liberty, Equality, Rights and Law: concepts and their interrelations – Justice: concept – theory of Rawls.
3. Empirical political theories: Systems Analysis, Structural-Functionalism.

Unit III
1. Marxist approach to the study of Politics.
2. Dialectical Materialism and Historical Materialism with special reference to
relationship between base and superstructure – Concepts of Class and Class Struggle.
3. Marxist theory of the State – the question of relative autonomy.

Unit IV
1. Marxist Concepts of Freedom and Democracy.
2. Marxian theory of Revolution: contributions of Lenin and Mao.
3. Marxian theory of the Party: Lenin’s contribution – Lenin – Rosa Luxemburg Debate on Party.

Unit I

1. Distinction between Comparative Politics and Comparative Government – Development of Comparative Politics.
2. Scope, purposes and methods of comparison – Approaches to the study of Comparative Politics.
3. Federal systems: federalism in USA and Russia

Unit II
1. Nature of liberal and socialist political systems – their distinguishing features, with special reference to conventions, rule of law, parliamentary sovereignty (UK), separation of powers, checks and balances, judicial review (USA), ideology, democratic centralism (PRC), referendum, initiative (Switzerland).
2. Political Parties: features and role of party system/parties in UK, USA and PRC. Interest groups: their roles and performance in UK and USA

Unit III
1. Legislature in UK and PRC: composition and functions of the legislative chambers – the NPC in PRC – role of second chambers in UK and USA – Committee system in UK and USA – role of speakers in parliamentary and presidential systems (UK and USA).
2. Executive in UK, USA, France and Russia: A comparative study of (i) Russian, French and American Presidency; (ii) British and French cabinet systems.

Unit IV
1. Relation between executive and legislature in UK, USA and PRC: A comparative study.
2. Judiciary in UK, USA and PRC (with special reference to the procuratorate): A comparative study.
3. Rights of the citizens of UK, USA and PRC: A comparative study – Duties of the citizens of PRC.

Unit I

1. Framing of the Indian Constitution: Role of the Constituent Assembly – the Preamble.
2. Fundamental Rights and Duties – Directive Principles.
3. Nature of Indian Federalism: Union-State Relations.
4. Union Executive: President, Vice-President: election, position, functions (with reference to Emergency Powers), Prime Minister, Council of Ministers, relationship of Prime Minister and President.

Unit II
1. Union Legislature: Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha: Organisation, Functions – Lawmaking procedure, Privileges, Committee system – Speaker.
2. Government in the states: Governor, Chief Minister and Council of Ministers: position and functions – State Legislature: composition and functions.
3. The Judiciary: Supreme Court and the High Courts: composition and functions – Judicial activism.

here is the attachment
Calcutta University B.A. (Honours) Course in Political Science Syllabus

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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I have applied for B.A. (Honours) Course in Political Science at Calcutta University. I need syllabus of this Course. So tell me from where I can download syllabus B.A. (Honours) Course in Political Science?
I want to know general political science syllabus

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