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14th July 2016, 06:30 PM
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Re: OPENMAT Sample Paper

Hi! I will get the IGNOU OPENMAT exam sample paper so that you can prepare hard for it and get idea about paper.

Here is the exam paper

1. Which of the following is used as a food preservative ?
(1) Sodium Benzoate
(2) SodiumThiosulphate
(3) Sodium Hydroxide
(4) Sodium Bicarbonate

2. Whichof thefollowingauthorswasgiventheBooker Pizeforthebook"Half a Ljfe,?
(1) Arundhati Roy
(2) Vikram Seth
(3) V.S. Naipaul
(4) Kiran Bedi

3. Deficiency of which of the following causes Xerophthalmia ?
(1) Vitamin B,
(2) Vitamin Bu
(3) Vitamin A
(4) Vitamin C

4. Elements of which one of the following pairs form ionic bonds between them when combined together ?
(1) Sodium and Chlorine
(2) Carbon and Hydrogen
(3) Chlorine and Chlorine
(4) Nitrogen and Hydrogen

5. When did the World Trade Organisation (WTO), which sets out rules for world trade, come into force ?
(1) 1e48
(2) 1e51
(3) 1954
(4) 1995

6. A regressive tax will tend to redistribute income, more
(1) Equally
(2) Unequally
(3) Equitably
(4) Proportionately

IGNOU OPENMAT exam sample paper

1. Which is the correct sequence of the Indian cities in

the increasing order of their longitude ?

(1) Gandhinagar — Jamnagar — Alwar — Jaipur

(2) Jamnagar — Gandhinagar — Jaipur — Alwar

(3) Gandhinagar — Jaipur — Jamnagar — Alwar

(4) Jamnagar — Jaipur — Alwar — Gandhinagar

2. Which of the following Indian state/states does/do

not share border with Assam ?

(1) Sikkim and Tripura (2) West Bengal

(3) Sikkim (4) Mizoram

3. Which of the following state capitals takes its name

from a mythical serpent ?

(1) Dispur

(2) Aizwal

(3) Agartala

(4) Thiruvananthapuram

4. Whose memoirs are titled “Smriti Ki Rekhayen” ?

(1) Harivansh Rai Bachchan

(2) Mahadevi Verma

(3) Sumitra Nandan Pant

(4) Suryakant Tripathi ‘Nirala’

5. The 93rd Constitution Amendment Bill seeks to


(1) Right to education as a Fundamental Right

(2) Right to minorities to establish educational

institutions as their Fundamental Right

(3) Right to consumers to quality goods as their

Fundamental Right

(4) Right of non-resident Indians to dual

citizenship as a Fundamental Right

6. Demographic changes are not cause by

(1) Migration (2) Fertility

(3) Femininity (4) Mortality

7. Juvenile delinquency is not directly affected by

(1) Influence of mass media

(2) Infra familial disharmony

(3) Bio-psychological stresses of adolescence

(4) Consumerism

8. Net National Product means

(1) Gross National Product (GNP) minus Cost of


(2) GNP minus Depreciation

(3) GNP multiplied by market prices

(4) GNP minus Capital stock

9. The Monetary Policy of India is announced by the

(1) Union Finance Minister

(2) Union Commerce Minister

(3) Prime Minister

(4) Governor of RBI

10. The concept of sustainable development was first

defined by

(1) Royal Commission

(2) Brundtland Commission

(3) Hoover Commission

(4) Kaldor Commission

11. Which one of the following is the correct sequence

of the four planets in the increasing order of their

distance from the Sun ?

(1) Mercury — Venus — Earth — Pluto

(2) Venus — Earth — Mercury — Pluto

(3) Earth — Pluto — Venus — Mercury

(4) Venus — Mercury — Earth — Pluto

12. Which of the following places is associated with

Jainism ?

(1) Kapilvastu (2) Prayag

(3) Pava (4) Shravasti

13. The principal objective of the “Sarv Shiksha

Abhiyan” of the Ministry of HRD, Government of

India, is to provide Elementary Education to

(1) All

(2) All the girls

(3) All in the minority groups

(4) All in the North Eastern States of the country
14. Who among the following was defeated by Babar in

the First Battle of Panipat ?

(1) Bahlol Lodhi (2) Ibrahim Lodhi

(3) Sikandar Lodhi (4) Daulat Khan Lodhi

15. Which one of the following museums has the famous

painting titled Mona Lisa ?

(1) British Museum

(2) New York City Museum

(3) Louvre Museum

(4) Borghese Gallery, Rome

16. Which of the following cities will host the Olympics

in 2004 ?

(1) Adelaide (2) Brussels

(3) Vienna (4) Athens

17. Fundamental Duties were introduced in the

Constitution by ______ Amendment.

(1) 40th (2) 42nd

(3) 43rd (4) 44th

18. Which of the following ocean currents is popularly

known as “Warm Blanket” of Europe ?

(1) Benguela Current

(2) Canaries Current

(3) Gulf Stream

(4) West Wind Drift

19. Which one of the following mountain ranges is

situated between Narmada and Tapti (Tapi) rivers ?

(1) Satpura Range (2) Vindhya Range

(3) Aravalli Range (4) Ajanta Range

20. Solder is an alloy of

(1) Tin, Lead and Zinc

(2) Tin, Copper and Zinc

(3) Tin and Copper

(4) Tin and Lead

21. In August 2003, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

(NATO) took over peace-keeping in which of the

following places ?

(1) Amman (2) Baghdad

(3) Basra (4) Kabul

22. ‘The Great Indian Dream’ is jointly written by Malay

Chaudhuri and

(1) Anita Desai (2) Arindam Chaudhuri

(3) Rafique Zakaria (4) Mulk Raj Anand

23. East Bengal became the first Indian Club to win a

Soccer International Tournament on foreign soil by

winning the

(1) Premier Leage Asia Cup

(2) SAARC — Under 19 Championship

3) ASEAN — Club Championship.

4) MM Ford Trophy

24. In August, 2003, the Union Government sanctioned

the setting up of _________ Agri-Export Zones

(AEZs) envisaging a total investment of Rs. 1326

crores including Centre’s assistance of Rs. 380


(1) 24 (2) 36

(3) 48 (4) 60

25. Who among the following won the Best Actor Award

at the 50th National Film Awards ?

(1) Ajay Devgan (2) Mamooti

(3) Aamir Khan (4) Murali

26. ‘Losharik’ is the name of

(1) The world’s deepest and most silent nuclear

submarine built by Russia

(2) A new missile built by Pakistan

(3) A ship built by Japan

(4) A book written by Shri J.N. Dixit

27 Which of the following comittees has recommended

death penalty for those who manufacture and

distribute fake drugs ?

(1) Malimath Committee

(2) Y.V. Reddy Committee

(3) Alagh Committee

(4) Mashelkar Committee

28. What is the name of the world’s first cloned horse?

(1) Gem (2) Prometea

(3) Hawalin (4) Joyous

29. The tree whose bark yields quinine used against

malaria and bacterial infections is

(1) Mangifera (2) Citrus

(3) Cinchona (4) Ficus

30. Healing of wound is accelerated by

(1) Vitamin A (2) Vitamin C

(3) Vitamin E (4) Vitamin K
31. According to the passage the promised debt relief

announced at the G-7 summit

(1) will be a major step towards alleviating the debt

burden of developing countries

(2) is a huge outlay and would cost the G-7 nations


(3) is not quite so attractive for the debtor nations

if one looks at the detailed plan

(4) is a major breakthrough

32. The yawning gap between rhetoric and reality refers

to the gap between

(1) the declaration and the implementation

(2) the myth and the reality

(3) the interest burden pre and post relief package

(4) the size of the proclaimed relief package and

the relief actually resulting
33. The primary health budget of Mozambique,

according to the passage is about

(1) $80 million (2) $40 million

(3) $20 million (4) $10 million

34. The debt relief promised to the poorest countries is

likely to be counter productive as

(1) countries will still be spending more than 20%

of their total revenue on debt servicing

(2) countries may have to sell part of their gold

reserves to finance debt relief

(3) countries will have to undergo structural

adjustment programmes which may impose

further hardship on their people

(4) Both (1) and (3) above

35. According to the passage, the future growth of the

HIPC countries

(1) is likely to be accelerated by the sell-off of gold

stocks by the developed countries

(2) is likely to remain the same as a result of these

reform measures

(3) is being hampered by the International

Monetary Fund

(4) All of the above

36. The phrase “the devil is in the detail” used in the

passage means

(1) debt is a big evil

(2) the full meaning dawns when you read the fine

print, all of it

(3) the plan has too many details which hamper


(4) whatever way you look, the detailed analysis

of the debt burden hits you

37. The HIPC debt relief plan

(1) reduced HIPC debts to manageable levels

(2) gave an opportunity to bring down the debt crisis

(3) bound the counrtries even more into higher debt


(4) made developed countries even more tense

about HIPC debts
38. Which of the following titles best summarizes the

contents of the passage ?

(1) New Methods for Calculating the Composition

of the Atmosphere

(2) New Evidence Concerning the Stratification of

the Atmosphere

(3) The Atmosphere : Its Nature and Importance to

our Weather

(4) The Underlying Causes of Atmospheric


39. The passage supplied information that would answer

which of the following questions ?

I. How do the troposphere and the stratosphere


II. How does the ionosphere affect the weather ?

III. How do earth satellites study the atomsphere ?

(1) I only (2) III only

(3) I and II only (4) I and III only

40. According to the passage, life as we know it exists

on the earth because the atmosphere

(1) contains a layer of ozone gases

(2) contains electrically charge particles

(3) is warmest at the bottom

(4) carries the ultraviolet rays of the sun

41. It can be inferred from the passage that a jet plane

will usually have its best average rate of speed on its

run from

(1) New York to San Francisco

(2) Los Angeles to New York

(3) Boston to Miami

(4) Bermuda to New York

42. It can be inferred from the passage that at the top of

Jungfrau, which is 12,000 feet above the town of

Interlaken in Switzerland, the temperature is usually

(1) below freezing

(2) about 42 degrees colder than in Interlaken

(3) affect by the ionosphere

(4) about 75 degrees colder than in Interlaken

43. The passage states that the troposphere is the warmest

part of the atmosphere because it

(1) is closest to the sun

(2) contains electrically charged particles

(3) radiates heat into space

(4) is warmed by the earth’s heat

44. According to the passage, the atmosphere consists

of all of the following except

(1) 21 per cent oxygen

(2) a definite amount of waste products

(3) ten permanent elements

(4) less than 1 per cent of xenon

45. According to the passage, the tropopause is

(1) a layer between the earth and the troposphere

(2) a layer upwards of about 50 miles from the earth

(3) the layer next to the stratosphere as we move


(4) a zone of uniform temperature between the

troposphere and the stratosphere

Directions for Q. Nos. 46 to 50. Each of the questions consists of a capitalized word followed by four alternatives. Choose

the alternative that is most similar in meaning to the capitalized word, in each case.


(1) blackness (2) magnetism

(3) grimace (4) controversy


(1) smart (2) penitent

(3) restful (4) recognised


(1) lustrous (2) transparent

(3) traditional (4) pretentious


(1) compulsive

(2) inflexible

(3) supporter

(4) temperate


(1) mysterious

(2) fearful

(3) untrue

(4) attacking
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