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This course will start with a discussion on a simple microprocessor, 8085. Understanding this architecture is the basis to follow any other complex CPU architecture. It will be followed by a complete overview of a range of microcontrollers covering 8051, PIC, AVR and ARM

Microprocessors And Microcontrollers

This lecture is all about number systems and its types. The lecture also covers the decimal number system having base 10. Also, the lecture covers the conversion of one number system to another and perform addition in basic number system.
What is a Computing system and its applications, what is number system and how numbers are stored in memory?
14 mins

How conversion from one to another number system can be done?
12 mins

What are the different operations that can be performed in basic number systems?
3 mins

This lecture covers the representation of negative numbers in computer using 1's and 2's complement representation. The lecture also covers digital logic circuits and its types
How to represent Negative numbers in computer system?
13 mins

How to solve the problem on Numbers system?
5 mins

What is the Basic digital design and its types?
12 mins

This lecture covers the details of designing a combinational circuit for given example. The lecture also covers common circuit that is used in microprocessors and microcontrollers which is the adder circuit. Also, the lecture covers sequential circuits,comparator and registers.
What is a Combinational Circuit and its example?
6 mins

What is an Adder circuit and its types?
12 mins

What is a Sequential Circuit?
6 mins

How to create Comparator using Combinational Circuit and what is a register?
8 mins

This Lecture covers the major component of computer that is memory and peripherals along with memory Interfacing problem and interfacing that is a technique to be used for connecting the Microprocessor to Memory.
What are the different components of a Computer system?
5 mins

What is Memory interfacing problem and how to solve it?
21 mins

This Lecture covers the RAM, ROM chips and controlling memory chips. The lecture also covers utilization of memory chips to processors and the design of Registers, storing values in different ways and implementing it
What are the different types of Memory chips?
5 mins

How to Utilize Memory chips for a Processor?
14 mins

What are Registers and how they are implemented?
10 mins

This lecture covers the design of Processor. The lecture also covers the details of the control signals their operations.
What is the internal architecture of Processor and its component?
10 mins

How control parts operate in Processor and their example?
18 mins

This Lecture covers the difference between a Microcomputer, Microprocessor and a Microcontroller. The lecture also covers the definition of Microprocessor.
What is the difference between a Microcomputer, Microprocessor and a Microcontroller?
7 mins

What is Microprocessor?
22 mins

This lecture covers in details, each term of microprocessor definition. The lecture also cover the organisation of Microprocessor System, memory storage, distribution and the three cycle instruction execution model.
How the Block Digram of a Microprocessor -based system look like?
13 mins

What is Memory and How it is distributed?
8 mins

facilities/Equipments available are:

Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (100 MHz)

Arbitrary Function Generators (20 MHz)

Microprocessor kits and data acquisition cards

DC Power Supplies

Microcontroller Programmer

Universal Programmer

Universal IC Tester

PC-based Data Acquisition System

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


Kanpur -208 016

Telephone Enquiry
Phone: 0512-259 0151

Telephone Unit

BSNL: 0512-259-7200, 7210
Rel: 392-7200, 7210
Tata: 679-7200, 7210
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