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Old 20th June 2015, 03:53 PM
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Default Jipmer mcq

I have filled online application form for MBBS Entrance Exam of JIPMER. My friend told me from this year questions of this Exam will be in MCQ format. So I need sample papers for MBBS Entrance Exam of JIPMER in MCQ format. Please give me tips to solve these questions fast.
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Old 1st June 2018, 09:10 AM
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Default Re: Jipmer mcq

Hii sir, I Wants to get the Questions for the JIPMER Medical Entrance Exam Will you Please Provide It ?
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Old 1st June 2018, 09:11 AM
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Default Re: Jipmer mcq

As you Asking for the Question Paper of the JIPMER Medical Entrance Exam Let me tell you that JIPMET Takes Admission through NEET Entrance Exam the Sample Questions for the NEET Exam is given below

1. Moulting Hormone is secreted by
a) Corpora cardiacum
b) Corpora allata
c) Neurosecretory hormone
d) Prothoracic gland

2. Movements by pseudopodia of Amoeba are due to changes in
a) Pressure
b) Atmosphere
c) Temperature
d) Viscosity

3. From Outer to inside the sequence of three bones present in the middle ear
a) malleus, stapes and incus
b) stapes, malleus and incus
c) malleus, incus and stapes
d) incus , malleus and stapes

4. The reabsorption of water in the kidney is under the control of
a) LH
b) ADH
c) STH

5. Yersinia pestis is responsible for
a) Syphilis
b) Whooping cough
c) Plague
d) Leprosy
6. Protein present in silk fibre is
a) Casein
b) Keratin
c) elastin
d) Fibroin
7. Ovulation takes place in a month between
a) 11-14 day
b) 14-16 day
c) 15-28 day
d) 21-26 day

8. In sea anemone, the symmetry is
a) radial
b) Bilateral
c) Spherical
d) Absent

9. Compound squamous epithelium is found in
a) Stomach
b) Intestine
c) Trachea
d) Pharynx
10. Solenocytes are associated with
a) Respiration
b) Excretion
c) Digestion
d) Nutrition

11. The correct order of steps in Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is
(1) Denaturation, Extension, Annealing
(2) Annealing, Extension, Denaturation
(3) Extension, Denaturation, Annealing
(4) Denaturation, Annealing, Extension

12. Select the correct match
(1) T.H. Morgan - Transduction
(2) F2 Recessive parent - Dihybrid cross
(3) Ribozyme - Nucleic acid
(4) G. Mendel Transformation

13. A new variety of rice was patented by a foreign company, though such varieties have been present in India for a long time. This is related to
(1) Lerma Rojo (2) Sharbati Sonora (3) Co-667 (4) Basmati

14. Which of the following pairs is wrongly matched?
(1) XO type sex : Grasshopper determination
(2) ABO blood grouping : Co-dominance
(3) Starch synthesis in pea : Multiple alleles
(4) T.H. Morgan : Linkage

15. Select the correct statement
(1) Spliceosomes take part in translation
(2) Punnett square was developed by a British scientist
(3) Franklin Stahl coined the term ‘‘linkage
(4) Transduction was discovered by S. Altman

16. The experimental proof for semiconservative replication of DNA was first shown in a
(1) Plant (2) Bacterium (3) Fungus (4) Virus

17. Which of the following flowers only once in its life-time?
(1) Mango (2) Jackfruit (3) Bamboo species (4) Papaya

18. Offsets are produced by
(1) Parthenocarpy
(2) Mitotic divisions
(3) Meiotic divisions
(4) Parthenogenesis

19. Select the correct match
(1) Matthew Meselson and F. Stahl - Pisum sativum
(2) Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase TMV
(3) Alec Jeffreys Streptococcus pneumoniae
(4) Francois Jacob and Jacques Monod - Lac operon

20. Which of the following has proved helpful in preserving pollen as fossils?
(1) Oil content
(2) Cellulosic intine
(3) Pollenkitt
(4) Sporopollenin
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