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11th September 2015, 11:39 AM
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Re: Indian Army B.Sc Nursing Questions

Ok, as you want the question paper of Military Nursing Service (MNS) MNS Nursing Entrance Exam so here I am providing you.

MNS Nursing Entrance Exam question paper

1.The branch of Biology which deals with the study of Inheritance
(a)Generic (b)Genesis
(c)Genome (d)Genetics

2.Deficiency of protein causes
(a)Pellegra (b)Goitre
(c)Kwashiorker (d)Anaemia

3.The changes in the genetic material is defined as
(a)Myelination (b)Mutation
(c)Mutism (d)None of the above

4.Which of the following is the best source of vitamin A?
(a)Carrot (b)Apple
(c)Honey (d)Peanuts

5........... is the youngest of the formalised diciplines of natural science
(a)Chemistry (b)Medicine
(c)Biology (d)Zoology

6.Who coined the term vitamin?
(a)Calvin (b)Funk
(c)A.G.Tansly (d)None of the above

7.M S Swaminathan belons to ........... district of kerala
(a)Alappuzha (b)Kottayam
(c)Ernakulam (d)none of the above

8.The branch of medicine that study of blood
(a)Oncology (b)Physiology
(c)Zoology (d)Haematology

9.The father of medicine is
(a)Plato (b)Hippocrates
(c)Louis Paster (d)Rober Koch

10.Presence of Haemoglobin in blood is measured by
(a)Shali's haemometer
(d)None of above

11.who discovered the blood circulation system of human body?
(a)Alexander fleming
(b)Edward jenner
(d)willliam harvey

12.Disease which are easily transmitted from one person to another
(a)Contageous (b)Communicable
(c)Infectious (d)None of above

13.Blood groups are discovered by
(a)Landsteiner (b)Robert Koch
(c)William Harvey (d)Pauster

14.Health is affected by
(b)Life style
(c)Genetic Disorders
(d)All of the above

15.Universal recipient blood group is
(a)Group O (b)Group A
(c)Group AB (d)None of the above

16.Among non infectious diseases ........ is the major cause of death
(a)Diabetics (b)cancer
(c)Hypertension (d)Obesity

17.The important factors to maintain good health are
(a)Balanced diet (b)Personal Hygiene
(c)Exercise (d)All of the above

18.Anaemia due to deficiency of iron is
(a)Pernicious anaemia
(c)Nutritional anaemia
(d)None of above

19.The causative organism of typhoid fever
(a)Vibrio cholera
(b)Salmonella typhi

20.Universal donor blood group is
(a)Group O (b)Group B
(c)Group A (d)Group AB

21.The conformation test of typhoid fever is called
(a)Mantoux test
(b)Schick test
(c)Widal test
(d)VDRL test

22.Blood bank of human body
(a)Liver (b)Spleen
(c)Kidney (d)Heart

23.A classical typhoid case in medicine is related with
(a)Typhoid Mary (b)Florence Nightingale
(c)Madam Curie (d) None of above

24.Pathogens that cause diseases in man are
(a)Bacteria (b)Viruses
(c)Fungus (d)All the above

25.A person of blood group AB can give blood to
(a)Group AB (b)Only AB
(c)Group A,B,O (d)All the above

26.The disease pneumonia in humans infects which part of lungs
(a)Alveoli (b)Pleura
(c)Lower lobe (d)Upper lobe

27.The comman sign and symptoms of typhoid fever are
(a)Higher fever (b)Stomach pain
(c)Loss of appetite (d)All the above

28.In blood largest corpuscles are
(a)RBC (b)Lymphocytes
(c)Monocytes (d)Neutrophils

29.Common bacterial diseases in man are the following except
(a)Measles (b)desentery
(c)Plague (d)Diphtheria

30.In Leukemia
(a)RBC increases
(b)WBC decreases
(c)RBC decreases
(d)WBC increases

31.The common cold infect the nose and respiratory passage but not
(a)Trachea (b)Bronchus
(c)Lungs (d)None of above

32.The amount of blood supplied to brain per minute is
(a)450 ml (b)750 ml
(c)550 ml (d)None of above

33.The common sign and symptoms of common cold is
(a)Sore throat (b)Cough
(c)Headache (d)All of the above

34.The average life of a red blood cell is about ....... days
(a)100 (b)110
(c)120 (d)130

35.Plasmodium enters the human body by the bite of infected ......... mosquito
(a)culex (b)Anopheles
(c)Aedes (d)Mansonia

36.The human hormone melatonin is secreted by the gland
(a)pineal (b)Thyroid
(c)Adrenal (d)Hypothalamus

37.The malarial parasite requires ...... host to complete its lifecycle
(a)1 (b)3 (c)2 (d)4

38.Which species of malaria is most serious one?
(a)P.vivax (b)P.falciparum
(c)P.malaria (d)None of above

39.Table salt is often iodised for certain area to prevent
(a)Goitre (b)Scurvey
(c)Rickets (d)Acromegaly

40.The species of plasmodium responsible for malaria
(a)P.vivax (b)P.falciparum
(c)P.malaria (d)None of above

41.Prothrombin which helps in clotting of blood is released by
(a)Blood plasma (b)Liver
(c)Blood cells (d)None of above

42.Entamoeba histolytica is a protozoan parasite causes
(d)None of above

43.The difference between lymph and blood is the absence of
(a)WBC (b)Plasma
(c)Platelets (d)RBC

44.Ascaris is otherwise known as
(a)Hook worm
(b)Tape worm
(c)Round worm
(d)None of above

45.Formation of blood corpuscles is known as
(d)None of above

46.The sign and symptoms of amoebiasis are
(b)Abdominal pain
(c)Stools with blood
(d)All of the above
47.Blood does not transpoet oxygen in
(a)Man (b)Frog
48.Ascaris an intestinal parasite causes

49.Which is known as the graveyard of RBC?
(a)Liver (b)Kidney
(c)Bone marrow (d)Spleen

50.Elephantiasis is the other name of

51.Which hormone is mainly secreted by corpus luteum?

52.Which gland of bodyis quite large at birth and reduces its size with age?
(a)Thymus (b)Pituitary
(c)Thyroid (d)Adrenal

53.Diabetes insipidus is under control of
(a)ACTH (b)TSH
(c)ADH (d)Aldosterone

54.In which lymphoid organ where all blood cells are produced
(a)Spleen (b)Bone marrow
(c)Liver (d)Pancreas

55.Which is the female sex hormone?
(a)Oestrogen (b)Androgen
(c)Insulin (d)Thyroxine

56.Vaccine preventable diseases are the following except
(a)Polio (b)Tuberculosis
(c)Measles (d)AIDS

57.Caushing's disease is caused by hyperactivity of
(a)Growth Hormone
58.The immunity present at the time of birth id called
(a)Innate (b)Acquired
(c)Active (d)Passive

59.Blood is made up of 3 main components ,which are
(a)Blood cells
(d)All of the above

60.Aedes mosquito transmit the followind disease except
(a)Dengue fever
(d)Yellow fever

61.The child was unwilling to part .......... his toys
(a)With (b)At
(c)On (d)For

62.It is ........... book that won the prize
(a)An (b)A
(c)Any (d)The

63.The plane was crashed and teh passengers ..........
(a)were perished (b)are perished
(c)perished (d)is perished

64.Collect the .......... from all possible sources
(a)Datas (b)Data
(c)Piece of data (d)Datae

65.A make ......... shelter was made for the refugees
(a)up (b)off (c)on (d)shift

66.When did the accident .............?
(a)Come in (b)Come on
(c)Come up (d)Come off

67.The word 'adjourn' means
(a)Arrange (b)Post pone
(c)Collect (d)Add

68.I ........... English since 1995
(a)Have been studying
(b)Was studying
(c)Am studying
(d)None of above

69.Joseph is taller than ..........
(a)Me (b)My
(c)I (d)Mine

70.Prevention is better than ..........
(a)care (b)cure
(c)Shore (d)Prayer

71.Choose the odd one.......Uranus,Neptune,Moon,Earth






(a)9 (b)13 (c)11 (d)7

(a)Patience (b)loving
(c)Slowness (d)Kindness

(a)Hair (b)Neck
(c)Hat (d)Forehead

(a)Oasis (b)Desert
(c)Horse (d)Road

81.The study of muscles is called

82.Antibiotic penicillin is obtained from
(a)Bacteria (b)Algae
(c)Fungus (d)Actinomyces

83.Which religion belongs to the Lotus Temple in New Delhi?
(a)Jain (b)Bahai
(c)Parsi (d)Sikh

84.The summer capital of British India was
(a)Shimla (b)Manali
(c)Kulu (d)Srinagar

85.Who among the following was sentenced to death by taking hemlock
(a)Plato (b)Aristotle
(c)Socrates (d)Xinophon

86.The last viceroy of British India

87.World AIDS Day observed on
(a)December 1 (b)April 7
(c)May 8 (d)June 5

88.The Nobel prize winners of India are
(b)C V Raman
(c)Amarthya Sen
(d)All the above

89.Army Day observed on
(a)Dec 10 (b)Jan 15
(c)May 8 (d)Nov 14

90.Which was the world's first Satellite?
(a)Sputnik (b)Appolo
(c)Agni (d)Kalpana 1

91.Which state of India known as BFHI state?
(a)West Bengal

92.Asian Games is held once in ........ years
(a)2 (b)3 (c)4 (d)5

93.The sugar which found in urine of Diabetes patients
(a)Glucose (b)Fructose
(c)Galactose (d)Sucrose

94.The first metal used by man is
(a)Iron (b)Cobalt
(c)Zinc (d)Copper

95.Who is the father of clonning?
(d)Ronald Rose

96.The story of my Experiments with Truth is written by
(d)Narasimha Rao

97.Jalianwalabag massacre held in the year
(a)1916 (b)1917
(c)1918 (d)1919

98.Martyr's day observed on
(a)Jan 15 (b)Jan 9
(c)Jan 30 (d)Jan 12

99.Formation of Indian National Congress was in the year
(a)1880 (b)1885
(c)1905 (d)1947

100.The Prime Minister of India is
(a)Dr Manmohan Singh
(b)Pranab Mukherji
(c)A K Antony
(d)S M Krishna


1.a 2.c 3.b 4.a 5.c 6.b 7.a 8.d 9.b 10.a 11.d 12.c 13.a 14.d 15.c 16.b 17.d 18.c 19.b 20.a 21.c 22.b 23.a 24.d 25.b 26.a 27.d 28.c 29.a 30.d 31.c 32.b 33.d 34.c 35.b 36.a 37.c 38.b 39.a 40.d 41.b 42.a 43.d 44.c 45.a 46.d 47.c 48.b 49.d 50.c 51.b 52.a 53.c 54.b 55.a 56.d 57.b 58.a 59.d 60. 61.a 62.d 63.c 64.b 65.d 66.c 67.b 68.a 69.c 70.b 71.a 72.d 73.b 74.a 75.d 76.c 77.a 78.d 79.c 80.b b 81.d 82.c 83.b 84.a 85.c 86.b 87a 88.d 89.b 90.a 91.d 92.c 93.a 94.d 95.c 96.b 97.d 98.c 99.b 100.a

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