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3rd March 2016, 04:51 PM
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Re: Indian Army Nursing Questions

As you want I am here giving you sample question paper for Indian Army Nursing Assistant recruitment examination.

Indian Army Nursing Assistant exam paper generally comprises of questions on :
General Knowledge,

Duration of paper : 60 minutes.

Total marks – 200.

Pass marks – 80.

Level – Maths (Matriculation Level) and others 10 + 2 of CBSE and State Education Boards.
Indian Army Nursing Question paper

9th September 2019, 03:19 PM
Re: Indian Army Nursing Questions

Hi buddy here I am looking for Indian Army staff Nursing exam Questions paper for this exam preparation so will you plz provide me same here or tell me from where I can get it ??
9th September 2019, 03:21 PM
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Re: Indian Army Nursing Questions

As you are asking for Indian Army staff Nursing exam Questions paper , so on your demand I am providing same here :

English Language
Directions (1 to 5): In each of the following questions, a proverb has been given. Choose the correct
alternative which expresses the meaning of the idiomatic expression.
1)To take with a grain of salt.
a. To take it lightly
b. To take with some reservation
c. Not to belief anyone
d. To take it on heart
2)To talk through ones hat
a. To talk nonsense
b. To talk sensibly
c. To talk privately
d. To talk against someone
3)To be rolling money
a. Under debt
b. Going through financial loss
c. To give wrong advice
d. Very rich
4)To give up the ghost
a. To die
b. To have a bad dream
c. Encounter with a ghost
d. An impractical thinking
5)To wash ones dirty linen in public
a. To talk nonsense in front of public
b. to act in a childish way
c. To discuss dirty and scandalous matters in public
d. To face humiliation in front of strangers
Directions (6 to 10): in each of the following questions, choose the correct alternative which can be
substituted for the below given word/ sentence.
6)A senior Christian
7)A person who dabbles in a subject for enjoyment
a. Drake
b. Dilettante
c. Estuary
d. Erudite
8)Intended to teach or give moral instruction
A. Didactic
B. Diction
C. Dictionary
D. Instructor
9)A political leader appealing to popular desires and prejudices.
a. Haranguer
b. Demagogue
c. Politician
d. Agitator
10)Fear of Needles
a. Belenophobia
b. Bibliophobia
c. Chionophobia
d. Cryophobia
Directions (11 to 12): In each of the following passages, there are blanks each of which has been
numbered. Choose the correct alternative to fill in the blanks appropriately.
11)Market share is 1. very important to a company, oddly sometimes more 2. than the bottom line.
There is always great competition for new customers. Many times the efforts and resources devoted
to 3. , marketing and selling to new customers are at the expense of a companys loyal customer
base. This can even be seen at the local level. Where I live heating oil companies 4. offer new
customers a deal for the first year in order to lure them in. This, of course, is done at the expense of
old, loyal customers who have to make up the slack.
The result is that many savvy oil customers these days do a lot of shopping each year to find the
best deal 5. is a thing of the past. On a national level the problem has gotten even more serious. A
recent financial story in The New Yorker last month observed that there is almost universal
recognition that customer service in this country has deteriorated. Such service is considered a
cost. Companies are looking for the customers they dont have so they are willing to spend on
marketing and advertising but are not as interested in adding to their costs of service. The article
made it sound a little like cynical dating. Companies are interested in luring you in but then once
they have you; they dont quite value you as much as the next 6. customer they want to corral.
1. a. Usually
b. Usual
c. Actually
d. Maybe
2. a. Crucial
b. Resourceful
c. Important
d. Required
3. a. Advert
b. Advertising
c. Loyalty
d. Branding
4. a. Consistent
b. Consistently
c. Consider
d. Regularly
5. a. Loyal
b. Marketing
c. Selling
d. Loyalty
6. a. Potential
b. Wanted
c. Important
d. Potent

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