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Default GK Quiz for NDA Exam

Would you please give here general knowledge (GK) Quiz question paper for NDA exam ?
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Default Re: GK Quiz for NDA Exam

As you want I am here giving you general knowledge (GK) Quiz question paper for NDA exam .

GK Quiz question paper :

1. Why is Tansen famous?

2. Who is believed to have invented the perfume or ittar?

3. In 1568, Akbar seiged and conquered Chittor after a bloody battle. Who were the two famous Rajput heroes of this battle who even won the heart of the enemy king Akbar?

4. How long did Akbar rule from Fatehpur Sikri, founded by him as a ‘Victory town’, after the conquest of Gujarat in 1573?

5. Jahangir, as prince Salim, hired the services of a robber chief Bir Singh Bundela to murder Akbar’s one of the most tursted friends and counsellors. Who was this person thus murdered?

6. Shahjahan was very fond of jewels and costly magnificence. He had a fabulous Peacock throne, more splendid and costly than that of any other monarch. Who carried off this Peacock throne from India later?

7. Shahjahan had 16 children in all. How many sons and daughters he had by Mumtaz Mahal?

8. The Keshava Dev temple, at Mathura, was one of the most sumptuous edifices in all India which was destroyed and then
replaced by a mosque, by a Mughal Emperor. Who was this Emperor?

9. Name the saint who was Shivaji’s guru, guide, friend and philosopher?

10. A lady of exceptional talents administered the affairs of the State of Satara as a regent, after the death of her husband Raja Ram, and gave the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb no peace. Identify this lady.

11. Name the person who hoisted the English flag on the banks of the Hooghly and laid the humble foundations of now famous Calcutta.

12. Peshwa was the title of the Prime Minister of the Maratha State. Later the Peshwas themselves became rulers and established Peshwa Dynasty. Who of these Peshwas was the most capable ruler?

13. Which Guru founded the Khalsa?

14. Which Mughal ruler took part in the first War of Indian Independence, also called by some as the Mutiny?

15. Malik Mohammad Jayasi wrote a famous epic in Hindi. Name this epic

16. When and between whom was the battle of Plassey fought?

17. Who laid the foundation of the British Empire in India?

18. When did Warren Hasting become the Governor General of the British territories in India?

19. When was a Charter introduced under which the entry of Indians into Government service under the English became possible?

20. Which were the territories annexed under the policy of Lapse?

21. Dalhousie abolished royal titles and titular sovereignties. Which were the states adversely affected under the scheme?

22. Who introduced railways in India?

23. During the Revolt and Mutiny who was recognized as the Emperor of India?

24. When was the East India Company finally dissolved?

25. Which band consists of Steven Harwell, Greg Camp, Paul De lisle and Michael Urbano?

26. From which year the railway budget came to be prepared separately?

27. When was the first census undertaken in India?

28. When was the cotton excise abolished in India during the British Raj?

29. Which Oscar-nominated film, with a colourful title, had Tom Hanks playing a prison guard?

30. Gandhi was influenced most by the Bhagvad Gita and three other authors and philosophers. Who were they?
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