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5th December 2015, 08:22 AM
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Re: BSC Physics Syllabus Mumbai University

As per your demand I will help you here to get the syllabus of BSC Physics of Mumbai University so that you can have idea about it.

Here is the BSC Physics program syllabus of the Unioversity

Unit : I 15 lectures

1. Transient response of circuits:
Series LR, CR and LCR circuit. Growth and decay of current
CR: 14.1 to 14.3

2. Alternating current theory: (Concept of L, R and C : Review)
Complex numbers, AC circuit containing pure R, Pure L and pure C, Series L-R, C-R and
LCR circuits. Resonance in LCR circuit (both series and parallel) Power in AC circuit,
Q factor. Transformer : (Ref. CR : Art 5.12 Omit phasor diagram & Auto transformer)

Unit : II 15 lectures
1) Nuclear atom, electron orbits, atomic spectra, Bohr atom, energy levels and spectra,
correspondence principal, nuclear motion, atomic excitation.

2) X-Rays production, continuous and characteristic X ray spectra, X-Ray Diffraction,
Bragg’s Law,

Unit : III 15 lectures

1) Rectifier Circuit : (Half wave and Full wave rectifier : Review)
Bridge rectifier: Efficiency and Ripple factor of Full wave Rectifier, Filter circuits:
types of filter circuits – capacitor filter, choke input filter, πFilter, Voltage stabilization – Zener diode as voltage stabilizer.

2) Transistor as amplifier– CB, CE, CC modes. Definition of gain α, β (dc &ac) and
relation between them. CE amplifier: - operation, Load line Analysis, operating point,
cut off and saturation points.
VKM: 11.7 to 11.17, 11.21

3) Digital electronics (Logic Gates : Review)
De-Morgan’s Theorems, NAND & NOR as Universal Building blocks.
EX-OR gate: Logic expression, logic symbol, truth table, Implementation using basic gates and its applications : Controlled inverter, Half Adder, Full adder.

For full information buddy please go through the file

Here I have some more syllabus issued by the University







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