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19th September 2019, 08:05 AM
Re: Dibrugarh University B.Sc Physics Syllabus

Hi buddy here I am searching for Dibrugarh University B.Sc Physics program Syllabus so will you plz let me know from where I can do download its syllabus ???
19th September 2019, 08:09 AM
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Re: Dibrugarh University B.Sc Physics Syllabus

As you are asking for Dibrugarh University B.Sc Physics program Syllabus , so on your demand I am providing same here :

Semester I
Total Marks- 35
Pass marks -- 12
Group A Dynamics and Kinematics Marks: 15
Contact hours: 25
Dynamics: Inertial and non inertial frame of reference. Transformation equation of coordinate,
velocity, acceleration in rotating frame of reference. Radial and transverse velocities of a
rotating body. Radial and transverse accelerations. Transformation equation of force in noninertial frames ( both rotational and linear). Fictitious forces -- centrifugal force and Coriolis
force. Effect of fictitious force on the earth, Focaults pendulum . Conservative force and its
properties. Concept of potential function. Relationship of conservative force, Motion of a body
in fractional medium under gravity.
Centre of mass, centre of mass frame, centre of moving systems, Collision: elastic and inelastic
collision, coefficient of restitution. Expression of velocities of two bodies after elastic and
inelastic collision in laboratory frame. Elastic collision in centre of mass frame. Relationship
between angle of scatterings in laboratory frame and centre of mass frame.
Motion of a rigid body about a fixed axis. Angular momentum and expression of angular
momentum of a system of rotating bodies. Relationship of angular momentum of a system of
bodies with angular momentum in centre of mass frame. Principle of conservation of angular
momentum. Moment of inertia. Theorems of moment of inertia, calculation of moment of inertia
in simple cases : Spherical shell, solid sphere, cylinder, uniform rectangular lamina.
Group B Gravitation and Properties of matter Marks:20
Contact hours : 35
Gravitation : Gravitational potential and intensity, calculation of gravitational potential and
intensity due to thin spherical shell, thick spherical shell, sphere, circular disc etc. Compound
pendulum, measurement of g by bar and Katers pendulum.
Elasticity : Relation between elastic constants, energy of elastically deformed bodies, torsion of
a rod, Torsional pendulum, bending of beam, Cantilever (loaded at one end).
Surface tension : Excess pressure on curved liquid surface ( spherical bubble and drop). Theory
and experimental determination of surface tension of liquid by ripple method.
Viscosity of fluids: Poiseulles equation, determination of viscosity of a liquid by Poiseulles

Dibrugarh University B.Sc Physics Syllabus

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