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9th August 2012, 04:35 PM
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Re: Dibrugarh University MBA Syllabus

I am giving you the 2 year full time syllabus of Dibrugarh University for MBA Course. You can use it for your purpose. I am giving the information from the University website. You can download and use it. Here is the pdf file containing the syllabus of MBA from Dibrugarh University.
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7th April 2016, 04:46 PM
Dibrugarh University MBA Syllabus

I want the syllabus of MBA of Dibrugarh University as I am planning to do this course so can you please provide me?
7th April 2016, 04:49 PM
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Re: Dibrugarh University MBA Syllabus

Dibrugarh University is a university in the Indian state of Assam. It was established in 1965 under the provisions of the Dibrugarh University Act, 1965. It is a teaching-cum-affiliating university with limited residential facilities.

Dibrugarh University MBA Syllabus-

Semester -1

BM-101: Business Environment
BM-102: Principles of Management
BM-103: Organization Behaviour
BM-104: Managerial Economics
BM-105: Accounting for Managers
BM-106: Human Resource Management
BM-107: Computer Applications in Management

Semester -2

BM-201: Business Legislation
BM-202: Financial Management
BM-203: Marketing Management
BM-204: Managerial Skill Development
BM-205: Entrepreneurial Development
BM-206: Quantitative Technique
BM-207: Research Methodology

Semester -3

BM-301: Organizational Effectiveness & Change
BM-302: Production and Operations Management
BM-303: Project Study
BM-304: Business Policy and Strategic Analysis
BM-305: Specialization
BM-306: Specialization
BM-307: Specialization

Semester -4

BM-401: International Business
BM-402: Management Information System
BM-403: Ethos & Values for Managers
BM-404: Summer Training Report
BM-405: Specialization
BM-406: Specialization
BM-407: Specialization

Specialization Groups-

Marketing Management

BM-3051: Consumer Behaviour
BM-3061: Marketing of Services & Rural Marketing
BM-3071: International Marketing
BM-4051: Strategic Marketing
BM-4061: Advertising & Brand Management
BM-4071: Sales & Distribution

Human Resource Management

BM-3052: Management of Industrial Relations
BM-3062: Legal Framework Governing IR
BM-3072: HRD Strategies & Systems
BM-4052: Compensation Management
BM-4062: Cross Cultural and Global Human
Resource Management
BM-4072: Organizational Change & Intervention

Finanical Management

BM-3053: Financial Decision Analysis
BM-3063: Security Analysis, Investment and Portfolio Management
BM-3073: International Financial Management
BM-4053: Management of Financial Services
BM-4063: Corporate Taxation
BM-4073: Working Capital Management

Small business and Entrepreneurship development

BM-3054: Government Business Interface
BM-3064: Small Business Marketing
BM-3074: Financing of Small Business
BM-4054: New Enterprise Management
BM-4064: Entrepreneurial Development
BM-4074: Small Business Environment and Management

Systems Management

BM-3055: Management Support Systems
BM-3065: Systems Analysis and Design
BM-3075: Database Management Systems
BM-4055: Telecommunication for Business
BM-4065: Enterprise Resource Planning
BM-4075: Security Control Information System

Dibrugarh University MBA Syllabus
BM-101: Business Environment
Unit I: Concept and significance of business environment; Industrial Policy and licensing policy; Role of public
and private sector; Basic features of Indian planning.
Unit II: Human Resources: Size, composition and growth rate of population; Problems and policies relating to
population in India.
Natural Resources: A brief study of land, minerals, water, power and fisheries resources in India and their
significance in the process of economic development. Deforestation and maintenance of ecological balance
and control of pollution
Unit III: Place of agriculture in Indian Economy; Principal crops and growth rates of agriculture. Green and
white revolutions – main problems
Role of co-operative movement in rural life of India
Unit IV: Principal Industries – A brief study of present position, recent developments, problems and future
prospects of iron and steel, cotton textile, cement, sugar, jute and fertilizer industries of India; Govt. policy.
Small Scale and Cottage Industries – their role, problems and prospects in India
Unit V: Foreign Trade – recent trends, structure and direction of foreign trade of India; Tariff policy; Nonresident
Transport – Its significance in economic development; principal modes of transport – railway, road, air and
Suggested Readings:
1. Agarwal, A.N.: Indian Economy, New Age International, New Delhi.
2. Cherunilan Francis: Business Environment, Himalaya Publishing House, Delhi.
3. Dutta & Sundaram : Indian Economy, S. Chand, New Delhi.
4. Khan, Farooq A.: Business & Society, S. Chand, Delhi.
5. Sengupta, N.K.: Government and Business, Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
BM-102: Principles of Management
Unit I: Introduction: Concept of Management; Evolution of modern management thoughts; Management by
objectives, by exception and by crisis; Systems approach to management; Process of management;
Management as a profession.
Unit II: Planning: Concept and significance; Long term and short term planning; elements of planning;
Programming, policy, strategy, objective setting; Management by treatment of mathematical and non
mathematical techniques; Decision Tree Analysis.
Unit III: Organisation : Classical, Neoclassical and modern theories of Organisation; Organisation structure –
Formal and informal - designing of basis structure; Departmentation – span of management.
Unit IV: Delegation: Concept and significance – Determinants; Authority and power; Centralization and
decentralization of authority; Line and Staff conflict and cooperation; Role of committees in Organizations.
Unit V: Coordination and Control: coordination as essence of management; Human aspects in control;
Process of control; Reporting systems for control; Modern control aids; Management audit and social audit.
Suggested Readings:
1. Allen L.A. Management and Organisation – MGH Book Co. , New York.
2. Drucker, Peter, F The practice of Management – Allied Publishers, Delhi.
3. Koontzn, H. and O’ Donnel C. Essential of Management – Tata MGH.
4. Newman & Warrant Process of Management – PHI, Delhi.
5. Hannagan - Management Principles – Macmillan India Ltd.
BM-103: Organisational Behaviour
Unit I: Individual Process Learning, Type of Learning; Role of Learning; Personality and Organisational
Behaviour; Measurement of Personality.
Unit II: Motivation in Organisation, Theories and research, Improving motivation, Physical and Social
perception, Job satisfaction, Prejudice.
Unit III: Leadership theories, Styles of leadership – Leadership effectiveness.
Unit IV: Communication process, Communication network, Barriers of effective communication, Overcoming
Unit V: Group process, definition and classification of groups, group behaviour, group dynamics and group
Suggested Readings:
1.Korman, Abraham K. : Organisational Behaviour – Prentice Hall, Delhi.
2.Hersey, Paul and Blanchard, K.N. : Management of Organisational Behaviour – Prentice Hall, Delhi.
3.Fred Luthans : Organisational Behaviour – Prentice Hall.
4.Keith Davis: Human Behaviour at Work – Tata McGraw Hill.
5.Dwivedi: Human Relations and Organisational Behaviour – Macmillan India Ltd.
BM-104: Managerial Economics
Unit I : Nature, Scope and methods of Managerial Economics, Micro and Macro level of analysis, Static and
Dynamic analysis, Demand and supply analysis and forecasting, Determinants of Demand Elasticity.
Unit II: Production Analysis: Production function, Isoquants, Marginal rate of substitution, Laws of variable
proportions, Return to scale, scale, production possibility, Input-Output analysis.
Unit III: Theory of Cost: Conceptual difference between Economical and Account’s Cost, Opportunity Cost,
Social and Private Cost. Long run & Short-run cost, Marginal and average cost, Economies of scales.
Unit IV: Pricing of Product: Price output determination under different market condition, Perfect competition,
Monopoly, Monopolistic, and Oligopoly. Pricing of factors of production, Nature of profit, Theories of profits,
Profit measurement.
Unit V: National Income Accounting: GNP, GDP, NDP, MY, PCY, Real GNP, Nominal GNP, Theory of
income determination, Supply of money, Demand for money. Balance of Payment, Foreign exchange market,
International trade, Trade multiplier, Quota and Tariff. -- W.T.O.
Suggested Readings:
1.Joel Dean : Managerial Economics – Prentice Hall, Delhi.
2.R.L. Varshney and K.L. Maheswari : Managerial Economics – S. Chand and Co.,Delhi.
3.D.C. Haque : Managerial Economics
4.Mote, Paul and Gupta : Managerial Economics.
BM-105: Accounting for Managers
Unit I: Financial Accounting – Concept, Importance & Scope, Generally accepted accounting principles,
Preparation of Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet.
Unit II: Inventory valuation and depreciation – Value Added Accounting.
Unit III: Management Accounting – Concept, Need, Importance and Scope, Cost Accounting – Records and
Processes, Cost Ledger and Control Accounts, Reconciliation and Integration between Financial and Cost
Unit IV: Budget and Budgetary Control, Performance Budgeting, Zero-Base budgeting.
Unit V: Relevant Costing and Costing for Decision Making, Standard Costing and Variance Analysis,
Marginal Costing and Absorption Costing.
Suggested Readings:
1.G.DS. Agarwal : Introduction to Accounting
2.M.C. Shukla and T.S. Grewal : Advance Accounts, S. Chand & Co.
3.R.P. Gupta : Advance Accounts
4.S.P. Agarwal and P.C. Jain : Advance Financial Accounting – New Age International.
5.Nigam & Sharma - Cost Accounting
6. SP Arora : A Text Book of Cost Accounting – Vikas Pbl. House
7. Jawaharlal – Cost Accounting - Tata Mcgraw Hill

Contact address

Dibrugarh University
Dibrugarh, Assam 786004

For complete syllabus here is the attachment;
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File Type: pdf Dibrugarh University MBA Syllabus.pdf (291.6 KB, 307 views)

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