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12th April 2016, 07:49 AM
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Re: Applied Physics 2 Mumbai University

The University of Mumbai is one of the first three state universities of India and the oldest in Maharashtra. It is abbreviated as MU for Mumbai University.

As you asking for the Syllabus of the Applied Physics II of the BE Course of the Mumbai university the syllabus is as follow :

Interference in thin films, wedge shaped films andNewton’s rings,
applications of interference.

Fraunhoffer diffraction through double slit and diffraction grating. gratin
spectra, resolving power of grating.

Total internal reflection materials & types of optical fibres. numerical
aperture, modes of propagation, v-number, attenuation, dispersion & other
losses in fibres, applications.
Absorption, spontaneous & stimulated emission, population inversion,
metastable state, pumping schemes, active medium, resonant cavity,
derivation for Einstein’s coefficients.

He-Ne laser, Nd:UAG laser, semiconductor diode laser introduction to
molecular and tuneable lasers.

Application of lasers to holography, Memory reading and writing & othe

Foundations of Quantum mechanics:
de’ Broglie’s hypothesis, group & phase velocity, wave packet.
uncertainty principle & its applications.

Wave function and probabilistic interpretation. one dimensional time
dependent Schrödinger equation. reduction to time independent form.
application to free particle and particle in abox.

Introduction to quantum computing.
Magnetic Materials & circuits:
Atomic origin of magnetization, magnetic moment of atom diamagnetism
Langevin’s theory of paramagnetism and curie’s law’theory of

Magnetic circuits, magnetomotive force, reluctance. permeance, Ohm’s
law for magnetic circuit, relation between mmf & “H”, magnetic circuit due
to solenoid, Hysterics.

Ferrites, soft and hard magnetic materials and their applications.

for any query you may contact to the Mumbai university the contact details are given below :

Contact details :
Mumbai university
Address: 121, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Kala Ghoda, Fort Kala Ghoda, Fort Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

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