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8th June 2017, 03:19 PM
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Re: BSC Physics Syllabus Jadavpur University

As you are looking for syllabus of B.SC Physics Course offered by Jadavpur University, so here is detailed syllabus:

Jadavpur University B.SC Physics Syllabus

HO1 (Mechanics I)

Kinematics, Dynamics, Newton’s Laws of motion: Review of elementary problems.

Motion of a particle in one dimension, time dependent force, velocity dependent damping force, conservative force – concept of potential, simple harmonic oscillator. Conservation of linear momentum and energy, Motion of falling bodies in a variable Gravitational field.

Motion of particle in two and three dimensions; Kinematics in a plane and in three dimensions; Harmonic oscillator in two and three dimensions; Motion under central force, Conservation of angular momentum, Kepler problem, Motion of charged particles in electric and magnetic fields.

Motion of a system of particles, center of mass (derivation in some simple cases – linear distribution of mass, laminar bodies, hemisphere etc.), Variable mass problem (rockets and conveyor belts): The two body problem; Collision – elastic and inelastic collisions, center of mass and laboratory coordinates, scattering cross section.
Rutherford scattering.

Motion of a rigid body, rotation about an axis, Moment of inertia, Theorem of parallel and perpendicular axes, Calculation of moment of inertia for simple cases (rod, disk, sphere etc.), the simple pendulum, the compound pendulum – bar pendulum, correction for the finite amplitude of swing.

Galilean invariance, moving coordinate system, linearly accelerated frame and concept of pseudo force.

HO1 (Mathematical methods I)
Functions of more than one variable, partial derivatives, the total differential and total derivative, Exact and inexact differentials, homogeneous functions, Euler’s theorem, Taylor’s theorem for more than one variable, stationary values of functions of many variables, stationary values under constraints.

Matrices; addition, subtraction and multiplication of matrices; column and row matrices, associative and distributive laws; commutation and anti commutation of
matrices; transpose of matrix, symmetric and antisymmetric matrices.

Vector algebra, addition and subtraction of vectors, dot and cross products, the triple scalar and vector products, reciprocal vectors; Differentiation of vectors, gradient of a scalar field, the divergence and curl of vector fields, line integrals, surface integrals and volume integrals; Stock’s theorem, Gauss’s divergence theorem, Green’s theorem, Generalized orthogonal coordinates; gradient, divergence, curl and Laplacian in Cartesian, spherical polar and cylindrical coordinates.

Ordinary differential equations; First order linear equations, second order linear equations with constant coefficients; Examples of simple harmonic motion, damped simple harmonic motions, forced vibration.

Fourier series: Calculation of Fourier coefficients.

Books: Riley, Hobson & Bence, Mathematical Methods for Physics & Engineering Simons, Differential equations.

HO2 (Heat I)
Concept of temperature, constant volume and constant pressuregas thermometers Platinum resistance thermometer.

Kinetic theory of gases; equation of state of a perfect gas; significance of temperature, derivation of the gas laws, mean free path, Maxwell’s law for the distribution of velocities and its verification; mean speed, root mean square speed and most probable speed, degrees of freedom, equipartition of energy, application to specific heats; Transport properties viscosity and thermal conductivity of a gas; Diffusion in gases,
Brownian motion, Einstein’s formula; Determination of Avogadro number.

Experimental studies of isotherms of real gases; Van der Waas equation of state, Critical constants, law of corresponding states, Virial coefficients, Boyle temperature.
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