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24th July 2015, 09:17 AM
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Re: BPUT Operating System Syllabus

Hello dude as you are looking for the syllabus of Operating System of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) branch of Biju Patnaik University of Technology so here I am providing you the same…

Module – I

Introduction : What is an Operating System.
Simple Batch Systems, Multiprogramming and Time Sharing systems. Personal Computer Systems,
Parallel Systems, Distributed Systems and Real time Systems.
Operating system structures: system components, protection system, O.S. Services, system calls
Process Management: Process concept, Process Scheduling, Operation on Processes, Cooperting
Processes. Interprocess communication. Threads CPU Scheduling : Basic concepts, scheduling
criteria, scheduling algorithms.

Module – II
Deadlocks: System model, Deadlock Characterization Methods for Handling Deadlocks, Deadlock
Prevention, Deadlock avoidance, Deadlock Detection, recovery from Deadlock.
Memory management: Background, Logical versus Physical Address space, swapping, contiguous
Allocation. Paging, Segmentation.
Virtual Memory: Background, Demand paging, performance of Demand paging, Page Replacement,
Page Replacement Algorithms. Allocation of frames, Thrashing, Demand Segmentation.

Module – III
File-system Interface: File concept, Access Methods Directory implementation, Recovery.

Module – IV
I/O systems: Overview, I/O Hardware, Application of I/O interface, Kernel I/O - subsystem
Transforming I/O requests to Hardware Operations. Secondary storage Structure: Disk Structure, Disk
Scheduling, Disk Management, Swap space Management, Disk Reliability, Case Studies LINUX,

Text Book
Operating System Concepts : Abraham Silberschatz and Peter Bear Galvin, Addison wesley.
Chapter-1, Chapter-3 (3.1,3.2,3.3) , Chapter-4, Chapter-5(5.1,5.2,5.3) Chapter-7 (7.1-7.7), Chapter-8,
Chapter-9, Chapter-10, Chapter-11, , Chapter-12(12.1-12.5), , Chapter-13(13.1-1.35)

Reference Book :
1. Operating System, McGraw Hill, Madnik & Donovan,
2. Operating Systems and system Programming, SCITECH, P. Blkeiahn Prasad.
3. Moswen O.S. – PHI, Andrew, S. Tannenbaum.

Process Synchronization
Concept of processes, Concurrent processes, Threads, Overview of different classical
synchronization problems, Monitors, Communicating sequential processes (CSP)
Process dedlocks
Introduction causes of deadlocks, Deadlock handling strategies Models of deadlock.
Distributed operating system
Architectures, Issues in Distributed operatig systems, Limitations of Distributed Systems, Lamports
logical clock, Global states, Chandy-Lampert’s global state recording algorithm, Basic concepts of
Distributed Mutual Exclusion, Lamport’s Algorithm, Ricat-Agrawala Algorithm: Basic concepts of
Distributed deadlock detection, Distributed File system, Architecture, Design issues, SUN Network
File system.
Basic concepts of Distributed shared memory, Basic concepts of Distributed Scheduling, Load
balancing, Load sharing.
Distributed OS Implementation
Models, Naming, Process migration, Remote Procedure Calls.
Multiprocessor System
Motivation, Classification, Multiprocessor Interconnections, Types, Multiprocessor OS functions &
requirements; Design & Implementation Issue; Introduction to parallel programming; Multiprocessor
Performance, Coprocessors, RISC & data flow
Introduction, Necessity, Measures, Techniques, Bottlenecks & Saturation, Feedback loops,
Coprocessors, RISC.
Analytic Modeling
Introductions, Queing Theory, Markov Process.
Seurity & Protection
Security-threats & goals. Penetration attempts, Security Policies & mechanisms, Authentication.
Protections & access control Formal models of protection Cryptography, worms & viruses.

Text Books:
1. Operating System Concepts & Design , Milan Milenkovic, TMH
2. Operating System, H.M. Beitel, Pearsons,
3. Advanced Concepts in operating Systems, Mukesh singhal and Niranjan G. Shivaratri, TMH
BPUT Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) Syllabus

Rest of the syllabus here I am attaching pdf file please download it…
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9th September 2017, 12:33 AM
Re: BPUT Operating System Syllabus

Hello sir I am teacher of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) branch of computer science University of mousal now I am looking syllabus of Operating System of Computer science & Engineering (CSE) branch so would you please provide me Operating System Syllabus & lecture of Biju Patnaik University of Technology???
thank you

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