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8th June 2015, 11:05 AM
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Re: Operating System IIT Madras

As you want I am here providing you syllabus of the Operating System subject of the BTECH CSE course of IIT Madras.


Basics: Operating System Functionalities, Types of Operating Systems, Computer Architecture support to Operating Systems

Process Management: Process Scheduling - Uniprocessor scheduling algorithms, Multiprocessor and Real-time scheduling algorithms, Process Synchronization - Peterson's Solution, Bakery Algorithm, Hardware Support to Process Synchronization, Semaphores, Critical Regions, Monitors - Deadlock prevention, deadlock avoidance and Deadlock Detection and Recovery - Bankers Algorithm, Threads

Memory Management: Segmentation and space allocation, Basics of linking and loading, Demand Paging, Page replacement algorithms, Analysis of page allocation policies - Working Set

File Systems: Contiguous, Sequential and Indexed Allocation, File system interface, File System implementation, Case study of Unix File system - Buffer Cache, Inodes, The system calls - ialloc, ifree, namei, alloc and free, Mounting and Unmounting files systems, Network File systems

I/O System: Disk Scheduling, Device drivers - block and character devices, streams, Character and Block device switch tables

Protection and Security - Accessibility and Capability Lists

Text Books

Operating System Concepts - Operating System Concepts, Sixth Edition, Abraham Silberschatz, Peter Baer Galvin, Greg Gagne, John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Design of the Unix Operating System - Maurice Bach, Prentice Hall.


1. Modern Operating Systems- Andrew S Tanenbaum, Prentice Hall

2. Operating Systems - Operating System: Internals and Design Principles (4th edition), William Stallings

3. Operating Systems - System Programming and Operating Systmes D M Dhamdhere, tata Mc Graw Hill

4. Operating Systems - Operating Systems: A Modern Perspective, 2/E, Gary Nutt, Addison Wesley

5. Operating Systems - Operating Systems, Achyut S Godbole, Tata Mc Graw Hill

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