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10th June 2015, 02:06 PM
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Re: Anna University Operating System Question Papers

As per your request here I am sharing the previous year question paper of B.Tech operating system question paper of Anna University

part-A(10*2=20 marks)

1.what is the difference between os for mainframe and desktop systems?
2.differentiate long term scheduler from short term scheduler.
3.define critical region.
4.what is meant by monitors?
5.what is a safe state?give the use of state in deadlock avoidance.
6.why paging is used?
7.what is meant by demand paging?
8.define thrashing
9.what is the importance of shells in linux?
10.differentiate worms from virus.

11.a) describe in detail the activities involved in sharing of information between two processes.
b) write short notes on:
i) virtual machines
ii)hardware protection
12.a) discuss how the dinning philosopher's problem can be solved by monitors.
b) explain the various process scheduling algorithms with example.
13.discuss how deadlocks can be avoided and detected.
b)describe segmentation.
14.a)explain the various page replacement algorithms with example
b)why is file protection necessary? explain the techniques used for the file protection.
15.a) discuss the file system in linux
b)discuss in detail the disk management techniques folowed in os.

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