Rai Foundation Mba Lecture Notes

Please provide me the Rai Foundation Mba Lecture Notes?

You are looking for the Rai Foundation Mba Lecture Notes, but the notes are not available, so I am giving here the MBA Comprehensive syllabus, the notes make from these syllabus:

Management Process & Skill Development
Leading & recognition of human factor, motivation- theories & models, leadership styles and leadership effectiveness
management control-nature, control process, kinds of control systems, overview of control techniques, effective control system

Managerial Economics
Nature and types of demand; Law of demand; demand elasticity; elasticity of substitution; consumer’s equilibrium – utility and indifference curve approaches; techniques of demand estimation

For the detailed syllabus, here is attachment:
Rai foundation MBA Comprehensive syllabus

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  2. sir i want the notes of managerial economics financial accountand marketing plese send as soon as possible 1sem mba notes

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