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23rd August 2014, 11:49 AM
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Re: University Of Calicut Second Semester PGDCA Exam Question Paper

Here I am providing the list of few questions of University Of Calicut Second Semester PGDCA Exam which you are looking for.

1. a) Explain the features of object oriented concept in java. 10
b) Explain Tokens and Data types in java. 10
2 a) Explain any three Control Statements in java with suitable examples. 15
b) Explain the Operators in java. 5
3 a) What is a Constructor? Explain with an example. 15
b) With a suitable example explain the structure of a java program 5
4 a) What is Inheritance? Explain different types of inheritance. 12
b) Explain the term i) Package ii) Interface 8
5 a) Write a java program to read a string and print its length. 10
b) What is an array? Explain different types of arrays. 10
6 a) Explain Applet life cycle. 10
b) What is Function Overloading? 10
7 a) Differentiate between Application program and Applet program? With
Suitable example? 15
b) Write note on Abstract class 5
8 a) Explain Exception Handling. 10
b) Write a java program to draw Circle and Rectangle. 10

Answer FIVE full questions; Each Question carries 20 marks.
1. a) What is a Database Model? Explain Relational database design. 15
b) Write a note on DDL. 5
2. a) Explain Entity Relationship Model. 10
b) Explain about SQL functions. 10
3. a) What is Normalization? Explain first, second and third Normal Forms. 15
b) What are Views? How can we define a View? 5
4. a) Explain SQL SELECT, INSERT and DELETE queries with examples. 10
b) Explain Group by and Having Clause with examples. 10
5. a) Describe the components of Visual Basic IDE. 10
b) Describe .NET Framework architecture. 10
6. a) Briefly explain Decision making Statements in VB.Net. 15
b) How are variables declared in VB.NET? 5
7. a) What is a form in VB.Net? What are the methods for adding controls to a Form? 15
b) What are string functions in VB.Net? 5
8. a) What are common controls in VB.Net? Explain Briefly. 12
b) Explain MsgBox and InputBox functions. 8

Answer FIVE full questions; Each Question carries 20 marks.
1. a) Briefly explain different types of Transmission media. 12
b) Write a note Switching Techniques. 8
2. a) What is Multiplexing? Explain different types of Multiplexing techniques. 10
b) What is Network? Write the advantages of computer Networks 10
3. a) What is Network Topology? Explain different types of Topologies. 15
b) What are Network Components? 5
4. a) Explain OSI Reference Model in detail. 15
b) What is Wireless network? 5
5. a) What are the error detection strategies in Data Link Layer? Explain. 12
b) What are different types of errors in data communication? 8
6. a) Briefly explain about Networking and internetworking devices? 15
b) Differentiate IPV4 and IPV6? 5
7. Explain the Terms: 15
i. WWW ii. FTP iii. HTTP
b) Write a note on working of electronic mail. 5
8. a) What are Transport Layer Protocols? Explain Briefly. 15
b) Write a note on Cryptography and its applications. 5

Answer FIVE full questions; Each Question carries 20 marks.
1. a) Explain Water fall model with its advantages and disadvantages. 12
b) Briefly explain different types of Software Development Team Structure. 8
2. a) Write a short note on software project management. 15
b) What is project planning? Explain. 5
3. a) What is an SRS? Explain its relevance in software development. 10
b) Differentiate between functional and non functional requirements. 10
4. a) Explain the design and construction of data flow diagram . 12
b) What is cohesion? Discuss different types of cohesion. 8
5. a) Explain any two UML diagrams 10
b) Differentiate between input and output design. 10
6. a) Briefly explain CASE tools. 10
b) Explain White box testing. 10
7. a) What are the different attributes of Quality? 12
b) Explain ISO 9000 quality standards. 8
8. Write short notes on 20
a. Requirement Analysis b. Use Case Diagram
c. Object Oriented Analysis d. Prototyping

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