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Default Re: Scholastic Aptitude Test PDF

As you want the test paper for Scholastic Aptitude Test in PDF for the preparation so here I am providing you the testy paper below.

Note:- All answers to questions in Section-A, Section-B and Section-C must be supported by
mathematical arguments. In each of these sections order of the questions must be maintained.
This section has Five Questions. Each question is provided with 5 alternative answers. One or more than one
of them are correct answers. Indicate the correct answer by A, B, C, D, E. (4x3=12 MARKS)
1. If 2011 is written as the sum of 11 consecutive primes in their ascending order, then the 6th prime is
A) 167 B) 187 C) 181 D) 211 E) 183
2. In a triangle ABC, D is the mid point of BC and AD > BC/2. Then A is
A) <900 B) <1200 C) <1350 D) <600 E) <450
3. Let l be a fixed line. ABCD be a square having a fixed side length, moving such that its vertex D is at a
fixed point on the line l and such that the square is on one side of the line l. Let A', C' be the feet of the
perpendiculars of A and C on l respectively. Then DAA'D and DDC'C are congruent if angle BDA' =
A) 300 B) 450 C) 900 D) 600 E) none of these
4. If x<y and x+y = k then
A) x < k/2 only when k>0 B) y> k/2 only when k> 0 C) x < k/2
D) y > k/2 E) x < k/2 when k>0 and x> k/2 when k < 0
This section has Five Questions. In each question a blank is left. Fill in the blank. (4x3=12 MARKS)
5. In the sequence obtained by omitting the perfect squares from the sequence of natural numbers, 2011th
term is ____________
6. In a plane, given any three non collinear points, the number of parallelograms that can be formed such
that the three given points become three consecutive vertices is _______
7. A certain integer has only two distinct prime factors. The number of its divisors is 6, and the sum of the
divisors is 28. The integer is_______
8. The value of 3 log 18 log 6 6 3 . 2 in decimal form is _______

SAT Sample paper 2011

For more I am attaching the PDF below;
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