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Default Re: Scholastic Aptitude Test UK

I have a sample paper of Scholastic Aptitude Test, so here I am providing you as you want.

Verbal section

Choose the word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.

WITHHOLD: (a) offer (b) threaten (c) finish (d) fumble (e) tighten.

LINEAR: (a) airtight (b) frail (c) time-consuming (d) lacking flavor (e) not straight.

PREFERENCE: (a) militancy (b) disrespect (c) dislike (d) anxiety (e) grief.

MINGLE: (a) break open (b) place beneath (c) grapple with (d) initiate (e)


BUOYANCE: (a) humility (b) depression (c) stupidity (d) rarity (e)


Answers: a, e, c, e, b. Percentage of students answering correctly, 92, 90, 89, 89 and 58.

Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted in the sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1. Psychologists report that some freed hostages initially feel . . . toward their captors rather than the more expected . . . probably because they are relieved to be alive.

a) antipathy, mistrust

b) kindness, appreciation

c) revulsion, fear

d) hatred, contempt

e) gratitude, hostility

Answer: (e) 88 percent of the students answered correctly.

2. Because Byzantine icons had to conform to strict and formal rules, with fixed patterns repeated over and over again, the majority of them are more conspicuous for their craftsmanship than for their . . .

a) precision

b) integrity

c) execution

d) traditionalism

e) inventiveness

Answer: (e) 58 percent of the students answered correctly.

Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.


a) cookbook/recipes

b) novel/binding

c) debate/participants

d) cards/holidays

e) course/syllabus

Answer: (a) 94 percent of the students answered correctly.

Math section

(10-10) (10+10)

a) -80

b) 0

c) 10

d) 20

e) 100

Answer: (b) 84 percent of the students answered correctly.

If a robot walks at a constant rate of 50 steps per minute, how many minutes will it take the robot to walk 225 steps?

a) 4

b) 4 1/2

c) 5

d) 5 1/2

e) 6

Answer: (b) 94 percent answered correctly

A rectangle has an area of 56 square inches and a perimeter of 30 inches. What is the difference between the length of its longer side and the length of its shorter side?

a) 26 inches

b) 20 inches

c) 12 inches

d) 5 inches

e) 1 inch

Answer: (e) 38 percent answered correctly.

27 spherical drops of a liquid are merged to form a single large spherical drop. If the radius of the smaller drop is 1 mm, find the radius of the larger drop. Also find the ratio surface area of the larger drop to the total surface area of all the drops.

Equal volumes of two miscible liquids of relative densities 6 and 2 are mixed to form a homogenous mixture. A cube floats on this liquid mixture with half its volume submerged. If instead equal masses of these liquids were mixed, find the fraction of the volume of the cube that would submerge in the mixture.

A car travels between places A and B coveringpart of the distance at 40 kmph in 1 hour and the remaining distance at 30 kmph in 2 hours. In the return journey from B to A along a different pathwhich is 3/2 times longer the speed is 75 kmph for the entire journey. Find the average speed of the car for the round trip

An electric train is moving at 36 kmph. When its power is turned off, it stops in 20 s. If the train were moving at 54 kmph, find how far ahead of the station should the power be turned off, to halt the train at the station. Assume same uniform retardation in both the cases.

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