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Default Re: RIMC Entrance Exam Syllabus

Here I am giving you syllabus for Rashtriya Indian Military College entrance examination below :

RIMC Entrance Exam Pattern
RIMC Entrance Exam consists of Written Exam followed by Vica Voce and Medical Examination.

Written Examination
The written part of the examination will consist of three papers:
paper Marks
English 125
Mathematics 200
General Knowledge 75

RIMC Entrance Exam Syllabus
Day 1 -
Mathematics -200 Marks (Forenoon)
English -125 (Afternoon)

Day 2 -
1.General Knowledge - 75 Marks (Forenoon)

Viva Voce
Interview will be of 50 marks and held for only those candidates who qualify in the written exam. Intelligence and personality of the candidates will be tested in the interview.

RIMC Preparation Books
• R Gupta's RIMC Entrance Exam Guide by Ramesh Publishing House
• RIMC Admission Test (For Class VIII) All India Entrance Examination by Arihant
RIMC Entrance Exam Guide Book by R Gupta
Rashtriya Indian Military College by Dr. Lal & Sharma
RIMC Admission Test (Class VIII) All India Entrance Examination
Rashtriya Indian Military College Entrance Exam Book by J.N. Sharma & Rajesh Sharma
Rashtriya Indian Military College Pravesh Pariksha (Hindi)

Sample paper
1.a) In Australia, the South American Fire ants can be found in Queensland.

b) Fire ants cause misery to both people and animals as they attack any animal or human, they come across and also ruin farms.

c) The fire ant is so named because its sting causes a terrible burning sensation.

d) ‘That’s where the similarity ends’ means that fire ants look like other ants but this is the only similarity as fire ants are ferocious killers.
e) Fire ants in hundreds cover and sting in unison any creature that comes in their path. Their sting causes a terrible burning sensation and they are ferocious killers. They also possess a strange liking for electrical equipment.

f) Fire ants pose a great danger to Australia because fire ants not only cause misery to people and animals but also they cause a great financial loss. Fire ants have a strange liking for electrical equipment and seem willing to go anywhere there is electrical wiring. They chew through power cables, switches, computers, air conditioners and traffic light boxes. Thus, it causes a great damage.

2.a) i) the poet says that we should keep our hear when others lose their head and blame us.
ii) The poet says that we should not deal in lies even if people lie about us.
iii) the poet says that we should not hate even if we are hated.

b) i) It means that we should dream but should not live in dreams. We should dream to do something good and should work hard to fulfill that dream.

ii) It means that we should think before doing anything but we should not think too much.

c) The poet calls ‘Triumph’ and ‘Disaster’ imposters because ‘Trimph’ and ‘Disasters’ are momentary, they do not last long.

d) When the poet says that we should treat these imposter ‘just the same’, he means that we should not be too happy when something good happens and also should not be depressed when something bad happens.

e) According to the poet, the questions which make man are:
i) Can we keep our head?
ii) Can we trust ourselves?
iii) Can we wait without tiring of it?
iv) Can we dream without being lost in dreams?
v) Can we think quickly?
vi) Can we treat ‘Triumph’ and ‘Disaster’ just the same?
vii) Can we bear the truth?

1 a) Goat supplies us with milk and also provides us meat. Its skin is used for producing leather.
b) The goat is hardy creature because it can live on a poor grassland and can put up with the most uncomfortable surroundings.
c) A goat has a shorter tail which turns up instead of hanging down. Goats have beards and backwards slanting horns, whereas male sheep have curly horns. Goats have a hairy coat whereas Sheep have a wooly coat.
d) The different groups of goats are:-
i) The Swiss Goats, ii) the Eastern Goats and iii) Wool Goats.

e) i) The Angora and Cashmere Goats provide us the best wool. The Angora is bred in Eastern Europe, Southern Africa, Australia and the United States.
It is difficult to rear Cashmere goat outside Kashmir.
ii) The Swiss Goat is found all over Europe and Produce a fine quality of milk.

SECTION – B- Writing

4 It was midnight and I was suddenly awakened by a sudden and strange noise. I could not see anything as it was very dark. But I heard some faint noise which was coming from the ground floor. I felt that there was someone in the store room. But who was there at this time as there was no one in the house except me and my grandmother. My parents had gone to Delhi and I was supposed to look after my grandmother and my house also. Suddenly I thought that it could be burglars. The thought scared me so much that I began to tremble. My grandmother was sleeping soundly in her room. I gathered myself and came downstairs slowly. Now, I could hear clearly that there were some people in the store room. I peeped through the key hole. There were two burglars who had covered their face with a black cloth. But from their gestures, it appeared that there was some problem between them. When I saw a bag, some money and jewellery on the ground. I understood the whole matter. They had already stolen the money and jewellery from my house and now they were quarrelling over the division of the loot. I thought that it was the time to do something and get out belongings back. I slowly locked the store room and telephoned the police. The burglars had no idea what was happening around. They were quarrelling with each other and had forgotten that they should leave the place as soon as they could. Mean while, I had also informed my neighbours, they also came to help me. We had surrounded the store room. Now, the burglars had no chance to escape. The police came and arrested the burglars. I got the money and jewellery back. My neightbours and the police praised me for my bravery and intelligence. Next, day may parents came back and when they came to know the whole incident they said they were very proud of me.

The Manager
Bandhan Banquet Hall
14 June 2006


I would like to draw your attention to the problem of nuisance being caused by the loud music which, is being played every evening in the banquet hall. This is the period when students are preparing for exams. The loud music is causing problems to the students. My house is close by your banquet hall and loud music causes a lot of problems for me as I cannot concentrate. I request you to lover the tone of music being played so that I and other students can prepare for our examinations.

Your kind co-operation would be highly appreciated
Yours faithfully

Q.6. Sharavan is a school going boy. He belongs to a family of good economic status. He lives a comfortable and easy life. He can ask his parents what he wants and can have his wishes fulfilled. He can play with his friends, watch movies, read comics and can do other amusing activities. There is no need for him to worry about anything and enjoy himself. Narendra is working boy. He belongs to a poor family. He has to work in a restaurant to help his family. He cannot think about the comforts of life. He had to work hard throughout the day to get the daily bread for himself and his family. He does not even think of going to amusement parks, movies or such other places. He lives a struggling life and has to work hard for survival.

Q.7. Last month I visited an island called Utopia with my friends. This was my second visit to the island as I had already visited the island with my family in the year 2000. On my first visit, I enjoyed the natural beauty of the island. It was a beautiful place with not much of population and a lot of greenery all around. But this time I was surprised to see the incredible changes, the island had undergone. There were people all over the island. There were hotels, amusement parks and various shops. One could feel that he was in a city in the middle of the ocean. The natural beauty and greenery of the island had been replaced by the hotels, markets and amusement parks. It was no longer the island that I visited six year ago. The island had been affected by the commercial world to increase the number of tourists.

Section –C- Grammar

Q.8. a) Very few rulers were as strong as Alexander. (Or)
Alexander was stronger than most other rulers.

b) He is better than any other student in the class.
c) Not many people would be cruel to a beggar.
d) I was doubtful whether she would agree.
e) An honest man cannot become rich.
f) Who has broken the glass?
g) A special prize was given to him by the General Manager.
h) I am shocked at what he proposed.
i) She was sure of her success.
j) She was so tired that she could not walk further.

Q.9. a) She finished first, THOUGH she started late.
b) THE girl in blue is AN air hostess.
c) Unless the king rules SINCERELY, the people do not respect him.
d) King Solomon was famous for his KINDNESS / BRAVERY.
e) John cut himself while shaving this morning.

Q. 10. a) He said, “What a horrible accident!”
b) He said to us, “ Are you going away today?”
Q.11. a) He is in imminent danger of losing his job.
She is an eminent painter.
b) I follow your advice and nobody else’s.
He advised me to do this.

Q.12. a) Assassination b) Pronunciation c) Prestige d) Rendezvous

Q. 13. a) illegal b) Terse, short c) Disappear d) Distrust

Q. 14. a) Inflammable b) Veteran

Q.15. a) Have you been bitten BY a dog?
b) Were there many people AT the party?
c) I am sorry FOR / ABOUT shouting at you yesterday.
d) Linda is married to AN American.

Q.16. a) Are you LOOKING FORWARD to the party tonight?
b) The meeting has been PUT OFF for another day.
c) Jack is trying to CUT DOWN on smoking.
d) The two friends MAKE IT up after a long time.

Q.17. a) A man is cutting A tree WITH AN axe.
b) A BOY IS giving A rabbit A lead OF Lettuce.
c) A girl IS watering THE flowers IN THE garden.
d) Annie IS waiting IN THE queue AT THE bus stop.
e) Simon IS sitting near THE River and catching fish.
f) Peter IS rowing THE boat UNDER the bridge.
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