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23rd August 2018, 09:55 AM
Re: Madras University Business Statistics

Can you provide me the M.Sc. (Master in Science) in Statistics Program Syllabus offered by Department of Statistics of University of Madras?
23rd August 2018, 09:56 AM
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Re: Madras University Business Statistics

The M.Sc. (Master in Science) in Statistics Program Syllabus offered by Department of Statistics of University of Madras is as follows:

MSI C121 Statistical Mathematics

Unit I: Metric Space open, closed sets Intervals (rectangles), Real valued Continuous functions-Discontinuities - compact sets, Bolzano Weirstrass theorem, Heine Borel theorem.

Unit II: Derivatives - maxima and minima - Riemann integral & Riemann Stieltjes integral with respect an increasing integrator properties of R.S. integral. Functions of several variables, constrained and unconstrained maxima minima of functions, partial and total derivatives

Unit III: Basic properties of matrices (orthogonal, idempotent, kronecker product, projection operators etc); Linear dependence, independence and rankof a matrix; characteristic roots and polynomial, multiplicity of characteristic roots ;Cayley Hamilton theorem; inverse of a matrix and determinants;

Unit IV: Reduction of matrices, Echelon form, Hermite canonical form, diagonal reduction, rank factorization, triangular reduction Jordan form; Symmetric matrices and its properties; Decomposition like, singular value decomposition, spectral decomposition, Cholesky decomposition etc.

Unit V: Matrix differentiation; Generalized inverse and its propeties, Moore-Penrose inverse ; Application of g-inverse; Quadratic forms, classification, definiteness, index and signature, extremum; transformation and reduction of quadratic form; applications of quadratic forms.


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here i am giving link of M.Sc.in Statistics Syllabus Department of Statistics of University of Madras

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