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10th December 2015, 10:15 AM
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Re: IGNOU MBA Tee Question Papers

The Indira Gandhi National Open University is a distance learning national university located in IGNOU road, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi, India. The university was established in 1985. IGNOU is run by the central government of India.

IGNOU MBA Organization Behaviour question paper

Maximum Marks : 100

Time : 3 hours


1. Read the case and answer the questions that
follow :
Mr. Ahuja has been working as the
Personnel Manager of a clothing company. He
attended a management development program
where considerable attention had been given to
motivation and especially the theories of Maslow
and Herzberg. Impressed by Maslow's clear
hierarchy of needs and Herzberg's
hygiene-motivation theory, he felt that company
could immediately make practical use of them.
He liked the simplicity of these two approaches
to motivation and feeling that the company's
wage and salary levels were among the best in
the industry, he was convinced that the company
should concentrate on Herzberg's motivators.
As a result, Mr Ahuja was able to
convince the Executive Committee of the
company to embark on various programs of
emphasizing recognition, advancement, greater
personal responsibility, achievement, making
work more challenging. After the various
program emphasizing these factors had been in
operation for a number of months, he was
puzzled to find that the result were not as he
had expected.
Clothing designers appeared to react
enthusiastically to the programs, although some
felt that these were a poor substitute for higher
pay. Sales people took the position that they
already had challenging jobs, that their sense of
achievement was fulfilled by exceeding their
sales quotas, that their recognition was in their
commission cheques, and that all these new
programs were a waste of time with them.
Cutters, sewmasters, pressers and packagers
had mixed feelings. Some responded to the
recognition they got from five new programs.
Others regarded it as a managerial ploy to get
them to work harder without any increase in
pay. Their union leader, agreeing with the latter
group, openly criticized the program.
With reactions so variable, Mr. Ahuja
came under considerable criticism by the
company's top officers, who believed that they
had been taken in by the overzealous Personnel

Questions :

(a) Comment on this case by referring to various
motivational models. 10

(b) Compare and contrast Maslow's and
Herzberg's theories of motivation as they
apply to this case. 10

(c) To what extent and how is money an
effective motivator ? 10

IGNOU MBA Organization Behaviour question paper

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