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25th March 2016, 02:05 PM
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Re: How to Figure Out Your Career Path

The initial phase in the Career Roadmap is to Know Yourself. Whether you are a first year understudy intrigued by figuring out how majors identify with professions, a senior mulling over doctoral level college or a former student considering a vocation transform, it is significant that you first recognize your INTERESTS, VALUES, SKILLS and PERSONALITY PREFERENCES keeping in mind the end goal to settle on a well–informed choice.

Finding out about your hobbies will offer you some assistance with identifying chances to seek after and the points you are most normally attracted to, making school and work all the more propelling and charming. Click on the beneath interest territories, taking into account John Holland's Occupational Themes, to perceive how they interface with scholastic and profession decisions.







Qualities are the things that inspire us and move us toward specific choices, practices and objectives. Values extraordinarily impact the vocation choice making process, work fulfillment and, eventually, life fulfillment.

Life Values Inventory Online

Aptitudes are the things that you are great at and can do well. Surveying your aptitudes permits you to figure out which ones you need to get or assist add to, the particular approaches to perform those objectives, and how your abilities match with potential vocations.

Identity Preferences and Interpersonal Needs are identified with your individual, inherent nature and have a tendency to be steady after some time. Understanding identity and interpersonal needs permits you to see relationships between's the way you settle on choices and your work style.

You can likewise go to pertinent workshops, for example, Connect Your Values to Career Satisfaction, Identify Your Skills and Accomplishments, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and DePaul Interest Finder (DIF).

The questions in the tests which one can answer which assists in deciding a career path are as follows:

Why are you taking this career quiz?

I am unsatisfied with my current career.
I am unemployed.
I just graduated and am looking to start my career.

You come home from work and your family asks you about your day. You would be most proud to tell them that you...

Saved a life.
Got something you wrote published.
Closed an important deal.
Got an award for something you designed.
Won a huge game.
Saved the company a lot of money.
Wrote a really difficult program.

Which of these negative qualities do you think you would be able to tolerate in your career?

Being criticized.
Being bored.
Getting doors slammed in your face.
Being susceptible to injury.
Risking my life.
Risking the lives of others, if you fail.
Cleaning up after the incompetent errors of your coworkers.
Dealing with everyday uncertainties.

Which of these would give you the greatest sense of satisfaction in your career?

Knowing others were safe and protected because of my work.
Creating something that had an impact on someone.
Successfully closing a difficult negotiation.
Feeling strong and active.
Helping others physically feel better.
Managing complex tasks with ease and organization.
Knowing cutting-edge information that most people don't.
Leading a team of people.

You are jealous of your friend's new career because they get to...

Make a difference in people's everyday lives.
Be creative, every day.
Be very social.
Be very active.
Be challenged every day.
Be in charge and call the shots.

Some careers require more supervision than others. How much supervision would you be comfortable with?

Moderate Supervision--I would be okay with overall supervision, but not of my daily tasks.
High Supervision--I enjoy confirming I'm on the right path and checking in on my progress.
No supervision--I prefer to work independently.

There are some career fields that are male dominated and female dominated. Which are you?

I am a man and I prefer a male dominated career.
I am a woman and I prefer a female dominated career.
I am a man and I like all types of careers.
I am a woman and I like all types of careers.

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