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26th February 2016, 09:09 AM
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Re: How to Figure Out Career Path

If you want to get information about that, How to Figure out my Career Path, then here I am telling you about it, as you want.

How to Figure Out Career Path;
1. See Your Career as a Set of Stepping Stones, Not a Linear Path

2. Make a Career Plan

3. Use the G+P+V Formula

4. Ask Other People

5. Explore Unconventional Careers

6. Find a Mentor

7. Try an Internship

8. Take a Test

9. But Also Keep in Mind What You're Good At

10. Think About What Excites and Energizes You

Personality Profile

Finding a Career That Is Right For You
Your personality is the key to finding a career that's right for you. Our personality finder puts you in everyday situations and asks how you would react. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, just select the option that describes your reaction best. Based on your selections, we will suggest some careers that might interest you.

1 On the first day of school, your science teacher splits you into study groups. Your first thought is:
This is great! I love working in groups.
This sucks! I can't stand working in groups.
I like working in groups, but I wish I could pick who was in mine.
I'd rather not work in a group, but maybe I can make the best of it.

2 You lend a friend your MP3 player. When you ask for it back, he tells you it was stolen. Although you have no evidence
Believe him. Innocent until proven guilty.
Don't believe him. You trust your gut.

3 You get called on for a question you don't immediately know the answer to. You:
Start talking. Maybe the answer will come to you.
Try to work out the answer in your head.

4 You arrive at a party before any of your friends get there. What do you do?
Walk up to the nearest group and introduce myself.
Impossible - I'm friends with everybody!
Look around for someone else who's here alone and start talking to him or her.
Wait outside until my friends show up.

5 A good friend wants to try out for the soccer team. You know how uncoordinated he is. What do you do?
Gently suggest another after school activity.
Tell him honestly that you don't think soccer is a good match for him.

6 When someone asks you to describe your best friend, what kind of information are you more likely to give:
Specific details, like her height, age and hair color.
A comparative description; for example, saying she looks like Alicia Keys.

7 You work hard at your after school job. You wish your boss would:
Say 'thank you' once in a while.
Tell you what you could do to get a promotion.
Make you Employee of the Month.
Give you a raise - or at least a gift card.

8 What kinds of classes are your favorite:
Ones where I learn things I can use every day.
Ones where I get to create things and use my imagination.

9 Your parents make a deal with you. Either they'll give you the money to go to the concert with your friends this weekend, or they'll give you more money toward your Spring Break plans. Which do you take?
The concert tix. You'll worry about Spring Break when it gets here.
The Spring Break money. You don't mind sacrificing now to get more later.

10 I miss deadlines:

11 The study method that helps me most is:
Reviewing the textbook, page by page.
Inventing tricks and phrases to help me remember.

12 Of the following, my biggest pet peeve is:
People who are always late.
People who aren't flexible.

13 Which of these best describes your study space at home:
A place for everything and everything in its place.
Neat, but not freakishly neat.
A bit messy, but I can usually find something if I need it.
A couple minutes away from being declared a natural disaster.

14 You finally beat Raining Blood on the expert level of Guitar Hero III. Now what do you do?
Move onto another game. Once I've beat it, I'm bored.
Keep playing it to try to improve my accuracy.

15 Your Spanish class is planning a trip to Mexico. If you had a hand in the planning, what would you choose to see?
As many sights as possible, even if that means spending little time at each one.
A few really interesting sights, so you can really see them in detail.

16 A classmate is in danger of failing for the year unless you give her some of the answers for the final. What do you do?
Refuse to help. A rule is a rule.
Help her. There are exceptions to the rule.
Refuse to help. It will hurt her more in the long run if she goes onto the next level without learning the basics.
Help her by talking to the teacher and getting her extra help after school.

17 What kinds of projects do you like better?
Ones that are well-defined, with specific goals and measures.
Ones that give you as many options as possible.

18 Of the following, which bothers you more?
People who are insensitive.
People who are overemotional.

19 You witness a fight in the cafeteria and are brought before the principal to talk about what happened. You tell her:
What you saw and heard. For example, who threw the first punch or what each person said during the fight.
What you know about the two people involved. For example how one is dating the other's ex-girlfriend or how you think one might be having trouble at home.
Both types of information, but focusing what happened at the event, first.
Both types of information, but focusing on what happened outside the event, first.

20 A friend is worried about getting into college and comes to talk to you about it. You:
Spend most of the conversation giving her advice.
Spend most of the conversation listening to what she has to say.

21 The weekend before a big project is due you get an invite to go camping with friends. What do you do?
Stay up all night on Thursday so it's finished and you can go with your friends.
Make sure you're back by Sunday afternoon, so you can get it done on Sunday night.

22 At the end of the school day, my favorite thing to do is:
Hang out with a small group of friends.
Hang out with a big group of friends.
Compete in sports or attend other after school activities.
Relax and unwind on my own.

23 People sometimes say I'm:
Not willing to change.
Unable to make up my mind.

24 Your football coach tells you that he needs to cut one of the team's receivers and wants your opinion - confidentially - on who should go. Jason is a hard worker who has tried to make the team for two years now; football is his life. Dallas is a better player, but he plays varsity for two other sports
Dallas. It won't mean as much to him.
Jason. He doesn't mean as much to the team.

25 At the start of the school year, you receive a flyer about an internship opportunity for the next summer that sounds interesting
Hold on to the flyer and wait to see if anything else comes up that's better.
Send in your application as soon as you can.
Set a deadline for yourself to make a decision.
Throw the flyer in your 'to do' pile.

26 Which one of these sentences can you most imagine yourself saying:
I know it might not make sense to some people, but I can't deny how I feel.
I know it might seem unkind to some people, but it's what makes the most sense.

27 The study method that helps me most is:
Writing down the correct answer. If I write it, I'll remember it.
Cramming the night before. It's the only way I can remember stuff.

28 When I'm angry about something:
Everybody knows, because I tell them.
Only my close friends know, because they can read me.
No one knows. I keep that kind of stuff to myself.
Most people can figure it out. I'm not too good at hiding my feelings.

29 You're asked to run for school council. Which position would appeal to you more:
Treasurer or secretary - something 'behind the scenes'.
President or vice president - something that involves being out in front.

30 The students in your art class are critiquing each others' work. What are you more likely to talk about in your critiques.
The ways in which you think the person succeeded.
The ways in which you think the person could have done better.

31 Which is more likely to bother you during a timed group project presentation:
Your partner not doing his share.
Your partner trying to dictate how you should approach your part.
A classmate repeatedly interrupting with questions.
A teacher cutting your responses to questions short.

32 You invite a friend over after school. The next day, you hear her talking to a group of people about the cool stuff you have at your house. How do you feel?
Flattered. You don't mind her sharing your personal details with others, especially because it's positive.
Upset. Who cares if she's being positive? If you wanted people to know that kind of stuff you'd share it with them yourself.

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