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9th July 2016, 10:31 AM
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Re: BSNL TTA Exam Question Papers With Answers

Hello, here I am providing you the paper of the BSNL TTA exam with answers as under:

Question 1. A rectangle has width a and length b. If the width is decreased by 20% and the length is increased by 10%, what is the new area of the rectangle?
a) 0.9 ab
b) 0.92 ab
c) 0.74 ab
d) None of the above
Answer: None of the above

Question 2. Two men, Mohit and Neerej started walking towards each other, simultaneously from places P and Q respectively, which are 72 miles apart. They met after 6 hours. After their meeting, Mohit reduced his speed by 1 mile/h and Neerej increased by 1 mile/h. They arrived at Q and P respectively at the same time. Find their initial speeds :
a) 6 ½ miles/h and 7½ miles/h
b) 6 miles/h and 7 miles/h
c) 6.5 miles/h and 5.5 miles/h
d) 15 ½ miles/h and 9 miles/h
Answer: 6.5 miles/h and 5.5 miles/h

Question 3. Answer the questions on the basis of information giver below. Six persons A, B, C, D, E and F are photographer, engineer, lawyer, housewife, waiter and journalist, not necessarily in that order. There are two married couples in the group who stay together
A is married and his wife is a housewife.
B, the lawyer is married to the photographer sister of A.
D is the brother of C, who is not the housewife.
E, the journalist has taken a vow of never getting married.
The waiter is engaged to his girlfriend.
Who is the wife of B?
a) E
b) F
c) D
d) C
Answer: C

Question 4. By which of these nicknames is Nagpur also known as?
a) Diamond City
b) Orange City
c) Pink City
d) City of Lakes
Answer: Orange City

Question 5. Which of these is a traditional Sikh Maritial Art named after a stick used to practice sword fighting?
a) Gatka
b) Hola Mohalla
c) Shakhl
d) Kakaar
Answer: Gatka

Question 6. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s Birthday on 11 November is celebrated in India as what?
a) National Education Day
b) National Integration Day
c) National Minority Day
d) National Sports Day
Answer: National Education Day

Question 7. When lines intersect on a drawing at angles of this many degrees, it is customary not to dimension the angle:
a) 360
b) 180
c) 90
d) 45
Answer: 90

Question 8. At which of the following places Diesel Component Works is established?
a) Jamshedpur
b) Patiala
c) Perambur
d) Varanasi
Answer: Patiala

Question 9. The All Women Expedition Team of the Indian Air Force which scaled the Mount Everest some time back was headed by
a) Sqn. Ldr. D. Panda
b) Sqn. Ldr. Nirupama Pandey
c) Flt. Lt. Nivedita Choudhary
d) Flt. Lt. Rajika Sharma
Answer: Sqn. Ldr. Nirupama Pandey

Question 10. When was the Indian Constitution adopted?
a) 15th August, 1947
b) 26th November, 1949
c) 26th January, 1950
d) 2nd October, 1952
Answer: 26th November, 1949

Question 11. If the Prime Minister of India submits his resignation to the President, it will mean the resignation of the
a) Prime Minister only
b) Prime Minister and the Cabinet Ministers
c) Entire Council of Ministers
d) Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and the Speaker
Answer: Entire Council of Ministers

Question 12. A man standing at a point P is watching the top of a tower, which makes an angle of elevation of 30º with the man’s eye. The man walks some distance towards the tower to watch its top and the angle of the elevation becomes 60º. What is the distance between the base of the tower and the point P?
a) 4√3 units
b) 8 units
c) 12 units
d) Data inadequate
e) None of these
Answer: Data inadequate

Question 13. For safety, the fuse wire used in the mains for household supply of electricity must be made of metal having
a) Low Melting Point
b) High Resistance
c) High Melting Point
d) Low Specific Heat
Answer: Low Melting Point

Question 14. Durand Cup is associated with the game of
a) Cricket
b) Football
c) Hockey
d) Volleyball
Answer: Football

Question 15. Hamid Karzai was chosen president of Afghanistan in
a) 2000
b) 2001
c) 2002
d) 2003
Answer: 2002

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