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Default Re: BSE Orissa Sample Paper

As you Asking for the Question Paper of the HSC Exam Paper English Part I of the BSE Orissa the Question Paper is given below

HSC Exam Paper English Part I

Lencho thought only of one help; the help of __________.
(a) post master
(b) God
(c) his friend
(d) older boys

Lencho said that the post office employees are a bunch of __________.
(a) cooks
(b) crews
(c) crooks
(d) cowards

According to Nehru a new star rises means a star of ___________.
(a) slavery
(b) dependence
(c) agitation
(d) freedom

4. The Father of our Nation is ____________.
(a) Pandit Nehru
(b) Mahatma Gandhi
(c) Subas Bose
(d) Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel

5. Kapil Dev proved himself as ___________.
(a) a pace bowler
(b) a wicket-keeper
(c) a batsman
(d) an all rounder

6. Kapil made 175 runs not-out against the team __________.
(a) Zimbabwe
(b) Australia
(c) England
(d) Pakistan

7. Air gets polluted when ___________ in the air mixture.
(a) the oxygen level gets reduced
(b) there is 78 per cent nitrogen
(c) there is 0.03 per cent carbon dioxide
(d) there is a little less than 01 per cent argon

8. A man cannot live _________.
(a) without food for some days
(b) without water for 2/3 days
(c) without fire
(d) without air for even 2/3 minutes

9. Success in life depends on __________.
(a) good health
(b) money making
(c) smoking
(d) suffering

10. In our leisure hours, the author In Schools Goodbyeadvises us to avoid
(a) mere idling
(b) doing interesting hobbies
(c) reading good books
(d) making friendship

11. That brightens up the sky in All Things Bright And Beautiful. Here That
refers to ________.
(a) morning
(b) evening
(c) night
(d) the sunset and morning

12. God has given us lips to ____________.
(a) praise the glory of His creation
(b) enjoy the beauty of His creation
(c) see the beautiful sights of nature
(d) praise the human beings only

13. The flower and birds in All things Bright and Beautifulare described as
___________ things.
(a) pleasant
(b) tiny
(c) little
(d) bright

14. How many brothers and sisters of the girl were actually alive as described in the
poem, We Are Seven.
(a) 7
(b) 6
(c) 2
(d) 5

15. In We Are Seven, the supper that the girl ate after sunset is ____________.
(a) rice
(b) sandwich
(c) porringer
(d) cake

16. The poem Village Songis wirtten by ____________.
(a) Sarojini Naidu
(b) William Wordsworth
(c) C.F. Alexander
(d) Lord Alfred Tennyson

17. In the poem, Virtuethe sweet rose is described as ____________.
(a) cool and coward
(b) calm and composed
(c) angry and brave
(d) angry and violent

18. For men may come and men may go,
But Igo on for ever.
Here Irefers to _______________.
(a) mountain
(b) brook
(c) river
(d) ocean

19. The poet compares the journey of the brook with _____________.
(a) the worries and anxities of a man
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