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Old 26th June 2012, 03:12 PM
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Default Re: Bharathiar University M Phil Computer Science Syllabus

Here I am attaching a file from where you can download the M.phil computer science syllabus of BU.

(BU M.Phil CS syllabus)
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File Type: pdf BU M.Phil CS syllabus.pdf (230.5 KB, 291 views)
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Old 25th July 2012, 07:38 PM
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Default Re: Bharathiar University M Phil Computer Science Syllabus

please m phil computer science syllabus 2012
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Old 18th October 2019, 10:14 AM
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Default Re: Bharathiar University M Phil Computer Science Syllabus

here I have come to obtain Bharathiar University M Phil Computer Science Syllabus so would you plz provide me same here ??
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Old 18th October 2019, 10:16 AM
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Default Re: Bharathiar University M Phil Computer Science Syllabus

As you are asking for Bharathiar University M Phil Computer Science program Syllabus, so on your demand I am providing same here :



Meaning of Research- Objectives of Research- Motivation in Research- Types of Research-
Research Approaches- Significance of Research-research methods versus Methodology-Research

and Scientific Method- Importance of Knowing How Research is done- Research Process
Criteria of good Research Problem Encountered by Researchers in India- What is Research
Problem? Selecting the Problem- Necessity of Defining the Problem- Technique involved in
Defining the Problem- Meaning of Research Design- Need for Research Design- Features of a
Good Design- Important Concepts Relating to Research Design- Different research design- Basic
principles of Experimental Designs- Significance of Report Writing- Different Steps in writing
Report- Layout of the Research Report- Types of Reports- Oral Presentation Mechanics of
Writing a Research Report- Precautions for Writing Research Reports.


Elementary data Structures, Greedy method: Knapsack problem-job sequencing with deadlines-
Optimal merge patterns, Dynamic Programming: Multistage graphs-Optimal binary search trees-
0/1 knapsack- Reliability design- The traveling salesperson problem- Flow shop scheduling,

Basics search and traversal techniques: The techniques Code Optimization- Biconnected
components and depth- first search. Backtracking: The 8 Queer s problem- Sum of subsets
Hamiltonian cycles-Knapsack Problem.

Introduction to compiling- The Phases of a Compiler- Lexical Analysis- The role of the lexical
analyser-Specification &Recognition of tokens- Finite Automata-Conversion of Regular

Expression to NFA Syntax Analysis- The Role of the Parser-Context Free Grammar- Top-
Down Parsing: Predictive Parser- Bottom- Up Parsing: SLR Parser Syntax- Directed Translation-
Type Checking- Specification of a simple type checker -Type Conversion- An algorithm for

Unification- Symbol tables- Intermediate Code Generation-Code Generation- Issues in the design
of code generator- Basic Blocks and Flow Graphs- Code Optimization- The Principal sources of
optimization-optimization of basic blocks.

Object Oriented Design Fundamentals: The Object Model - Classes and Objects - Complexity -
Classification - Notation - Process - Pragmatics binary and entity relationship - object types -
object state - OOSD life cycle. Object Oriented Analysis: Overview of object analysis -
Shatter/Mellor, Coad/Yourdon, Rumbaugh, Booch - UML Use case model Conceptual model -
behavior - class - analysis patterns - overview - diagrams - aggregation. Object Oriented Design
Methods: UML - diagrams - collaboration - sequence - class - design patterns and frameworks -
comparison with other design methods. Managing Object Oriented Development: Managing
analysis and design - Evaluation testing - coding - Maintenance - Metrics. Object Oriented
Development: Design of Foundation class libraries - Object Oriented Databases - Client/Server
Computing - Middleware.

Software Engineering Process paradigms - Project management - Process and Project Metrics
software estimation - Empirical estimation models - planning - Risk analysis - Software project
scheduling. Requirements Analysis and Design: Prototyping - Specification - Analysis modeling -
Software design - Abstraction - Modularity - Software Architecture - Effective modular design -

Cohesion and Coupling - Architecture design and Procedural design - Data flow oriented design-
design patterns. User interface design - Human Computer Interface design - Interface design -

Interface standards. Programming languages and coding - Language classes - Code

documentation Code efficiency - Software Configuration Management real time systems-
Reverse Engineering and Re-engineering-CASE tools - Projects management, tools - analysis and

design tools - Programming tools - integration and testing tools clean room software
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