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24th September 2014, 09:01 AM
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Re: Anna University MCA Question Paper

You are looking for Anna University MCA Question Paper, here I am giving:

Define (r-1)’s complement and r’s complement
Write short notes on Half Adder
Write short notes on READ and WRITE operations of RAM
Explain micro operations for Arithmetic Shift
Define the terms Hard-wired control and Micro programmed control
What are the micro operations needed for ISZ instruction?
Define the terms Full Duplex and Half Duplex systems
How the ‘Strobe’ and ‘Handshaking’ controls are used for transmission?
How many pages, segments and words can be referred by using 20 bit logical address with 4-bit segment, 8-bit page and 8-bit word?
List out few addressing modes.
11. (a) Define Karanaugh Map. Implement maps with two, three and four Variables
ii) Simplify the Boolean expression F(ABCS) = ? (0,1,5,8,9,10) in both sum of product and product of sum
b) Explain the procedure to subtract n-digit unsigned numbers (with base ‘r’). Give an example.
ii) Explain various ways to represent Integer numbers. Write short notes on arithmetic addition and subtraction. Define overflow

12.a) Draw a 3 to 8 decoder circuit and explain its operation
ii) With a neat sketch explain 4 x 1 Multiplexer.
b) Briefly explain about bidirectional shift register with parallel load

13. a) Define Interrupt. Explain flowchart for interrupt cycle with an example
b) Explain the flowchart for multiplying two numbers. Write a program for the same.

14. a) Explain block diagram of 4 x 4 FIFO bugger Unit
ii) Write short notes on Daisy-chain priority interrupt
b) Draw the block diagram of computer with I/O processor. Briefly explain about Inlet 8086/8089 architecture

15. a) How set-associative mapping is effective compare with direct mapping
ii) Define virtual memory. How physical address is calculated by using virtual address. Explain with example
b) How status-bit conditions are implemented in CPU.
ii) Explain micro operation for subroutine call and return statement
4th March 2016, 12:25 PM
Re: Anna University MCA Question Paper

Sir I am looking for the MCA 2nd sem Object Oriented Programming questions as I am preparing for the MCA exams for the Anna University so can you please provide me the same

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5th March 2016, 11:19 AM
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Re: Anna University MCA Question Paper

Hey buddy below I am giving you the the MCA 2nd sem Object Oriented Programming paper you can download it

Some MCA 2nd sem Object Oriented Programming questions for practice

1.What are the different properties provided by object oriented systems?
2.Compare call by value and call by reference.
3.Define encapsulation.
4. What do you mean by data binding?
5.What is an Abstract Data Type?
6.Give the structure of a c++ program.
7.What do you mean by enumerated data type?
8.Define the term standard template library.
9.What do you mean by Data Abstraction?
10.What is a variable in c++?How to form a variable?
11.How are data and functions organized in an oop?
12.Compare private and public access specifiers in a class.
13.Define modular programming.
14.Define containers.
15.What do you mean by Data Abstraction?
16.Different classes and objects.
17.Define Oops.
18.Define tokens.
19.Define functions.
20.What is structural program and different structure & modular programming.

1.a.Explain concepts and capabilities of oops with example. (8)
b. Array declaration and manipulation, function invocation, pointers and its types, assertions.
2.a.What is function prototype? Describe with proper example write different styles of function
prototype and its advantages?
b.How pointers can be used in the array of characters? Give example of string functions using
pointers? (6)
3.Explain the different types of function calls with suitable example.
4.a)Scope and storage class b)Enum data type c)Template library d)Array of pointers
5.What is programming paradigm? Explain different kinds of programming paradigms.
6. Explain the declaration of a class in c++.How will you define the member function of a class?
Explain with example.
7.a.Explain in detail about programmingelements and programming structure.
b.Explain in detail about storage class with example.
8.Explain the components of STL in detail.
9.a.What is oops?How it differs from structure programming.
b.Discuss characteristics of object oriented language.
10.Explain function overloading with an example.

1.Give one example for copy constructor.
2.State the use of ADT.
3.What are the two methods used to access the structure elements using pointers?
4.What is parameterized constructor?Flowthey are accessed in the main program?
5.What is Function prototyping?Give an example.
6.How is a constructor defined and declared?
7.What is the use of ‘this’ keyword.
8.Define Bit fields.
9.With an example define multiple constructors.

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