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Default Re: Anna University CSE Question Paper

As you are looking for the third semester Computer Science question paper of Anna University , here i am providing the list of few questions given below.

1. Give the example for zero-address, one-address, two-address, and three-address instructions.
2. What are the four basic types of operations that need to be supported be an instruction set?
3. What are the various ways of representing signed integers in the system?
4.What is the use of condition code register?
5.Registers R1 and R2 of a computer contain the decimal values 1200 and 2400.What is the effective address( EA) of memory operand in each of the following instruction?
(a)Load 20(R1),R5 ans:-1220
(b)Add-(R2),R5 ans:-2399
(c)Mov #3000,R5 ans:-3000
(d) Sub(R1)+,R5 ans:-1200
6.Limitation of Assembly Level Language
7.Define Assembler directive with example

1. Why is the Wait-for-Memory -Function-Completed step needed when reading from or writing to the main memory?
2. State the differences between hard wired and micro programmed control.
3. Why is data bus is bidirectional and address bus is unidirectional in most microprocessors
4. Why is floating point number is more difficult to represent and process than integer
5. Half adder and full adder circuit and truth table

1. Define pipeline speedup
2. Define Superscalar Operation
3. Difference between Pipelining and Sequential Execution

1. How many 128x8 Ram chips are needed to provide a memory capacity of 2048 bytes.
2. What will be the width of address and data buses for a 512Kx8 memory chip.
Ans:-= 512 *210
= 29 * 2 10 = 2 19
=19 address lines
Each memory cell array contains 8 bits..therefore 8 Data lines.
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Default Re: Anna University CSE Question Paper

Hii Guys , Here I am Looking for M.E- CSE Programme Semester wise Syllabus & Previous year exam paper of Anna University , Will you please Provide em Details for same ?
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Default Re: Anna University CSE Question Paper

Friend Have a Look ,On your Demanding Here I am Providing M.E- CSE Programme Semester wise Syllabus of Anna University

ME CSE 1st Semester Subjects

MA7155 Applied Probability and Statistics
CP7101 Design and Management of Computer Networks
CP7102 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
CP7103 Multicore Architectures
Elective I
Elective II

ME CSE 2nd Semester Subjects

CP7201 Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science
CP7202 Advanced Databases
CP7203 Principles of Programming Languages
CP7204 Advanced Operating Systems
Elective III
Elective IV

ME CSE 3rd Semester Subjects

CP7301 Software Process and Project Management
Elective V
Elective VI
Elective VII

List of Electives

Elective I

SE7103 Formal models of software systems
CP7001 Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems
CP7002 Probabilistic Reasoning Systems
CP7003 Data Analysis and Business Intelligence
CP7004 Image Processing and Analysis
NE7001 Sensing Techniques and Sensors

Elective II
CP7005 Randomized Algorithms
NE7002 Mobile and Pervasive Computing
CP7006 Parallel Programming Paradigms
CP7007 Software Requirements Engineering
CP7008 Speech Processing and Synthesis
CP7009 Machine Learning Techniques

Elective III
CP7010 Concurrency Models
CP7011 Real Time Systems
CP7012 Computer Vision
NE7202 Network and Information Security
CP7013 Design and Analysis of Parallel Algorithms
CP7014 Software Architectures

Elective IV
CP7015 Model Checking and Program Verification
CP7016 Embedded Software Development
IF7202 Cloud Computing
CP7017 Data Visualization Techniques
NE7005 Protocols and Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks
CP7018 Language Technologies

Elective V
NE7012 Social Network Analysis
CP7019 Managing Big Data
NE7011 Mobile Application Development
CP7020 Bio-inspired Computing
CP7021 Medical Image Processing
CP7022 Software Design

Elective VI
CP7023 Reconfigurable Computing
IF7013 Energy Aware Computing
CP7024 Information Retrieval Techniques
CP7025 Data Mining Techniques
IF7002 Bio Informatics
CP7026 Software Quality Assurance

Elective VII

CP7027 Multi Objective Optimization Techniques
CP7028 Enterprise Application Integration
CP7029 Information Storage Management
CP7030 Robotics
CP7031 Compiler Optimization Techniques

Anna University ME CSE Previous Year Question Papers

Contact No :
044 2235 7004

Address :,

Anna University
Sardar Patel Road
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600025
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Default Re: Anna University CSE Question Paper

Can you send M.E(CSE)-Machine Learning Techniques 2013 regulation Anna University question paper?
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