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Default Re: Acharya Nagarjuna University Assignment Papers

:On your demand , Here I am providing previous year Assignment exam paper of Acharya Nagarjuna University , As you want to get ?

Here webpage of this University have many Assignment paper
If you want to get other Assignment exam paper , From webpage you can download

For it here I am giving Image of this page :

Take Screen Shot only Assignment paper table

According to me Here I am providing M.Sc. (Botany) I year exam paper

M.sc. (final) second year degree
Botany Paper- v —

Development Biology Of Angiosperms And Ethnobotany

(DBOT 21)

1) Megasporangium.
2) Pollen morphology.
3) Meristems.
4) Phloem.
5) a) Give a detailed account on female gametophyte.
6) What is Polyembryony and Apomixis explain in detail.
7) Explain the structure of stem in detail.
8) Give an account on Anomalous secondary growth.

(DBOT 21)

1) Scope of ethnobotany.
2) Conservation of Sacred groves.
3) Significance of Ethnobotanical research.
4) Endemic species.
5) Define Sacred grove and how it is conserved.
6) Explain scope and history of traditional medicine in India.
7) How does the scientific evaluation of medicinal plant used by Tribals?
8) Discuss the phytochemicals in Modern medicine.

—(DBOT 22) ——————

1) Bacterial cell wall.
2) Duteromycotina.
3) Capsid.
4) Phytoalexins.
5) a) Explain the role of Bacteria in Carbon and Nitrogen cycle.
6) General account on Basidiomycotina.
7) Discuss the industrial applications of fungi.
8) Mention the characteristics of Ascomycotina and Ascospores.
(DBOT 22)

1) Blast disease of Rice.
2) Tungro virus.
3) Whip smut.
4) Brown rot of Potato.
5) a) Write an account on Viral Plant diseases.
6) Describe the morphological and physiological changes in plant.
7) Explain Biopesticides in disease control.
8) Discuss the epidemiology & symptoms in control of Blight disease of Rice.
(DBOT 23)
1) Golgi complex.
2) Lysosomes.
3) Cell organelles.
4) Cancer.
5) a) Explain the structure of Plasma membrane.
6) Describe the structure of Endo Plasmic reticulum.
7) Give an account on Transposable elements.
8) Explain the working model of Electron Microscopy.
(DBOT 23)
1) Gene concept.
2) Structure of gene.
3) Replication of DNA.
4) Transcription.
5) Describe DNA as genetic material.
6) Illustrate the genetics of Bacteria.
7) Give an account on DNA repair mechanism.
8) Explain briefly gene regulation in Prokaryotes.

Address :

Acharya Nagarjuna University
Nagarjuna Nagar
Guntur, Andhra Pradesh 522510

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Default Re: Acharya Nagarjuna University Assignment Papers

Sir, iam radha krishna with hall ticket no:A13BA 018052.
My requet is i don't know i passed or not.how can i get three years summerised marks memo.because i felt my degree is completed.i submited assignments with late fine also.plese send me the information.
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Hello sir, I need anu assignment written process sir I don't no how to write and submit pls send me YouTube link sir
Thankbu sir
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Default Re: Acharya Nagarjuna University Assignment Papers

acharya nagarjuna univesrcity 3rd year assignment paper 2019
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