Rashtriya Vigyan Kendra

Rashtriya Vigyan Kendra

Rashtriya Vigyan Kendra, the biggest Science Centre in the nation has a sprawl 8 acre of Science Park with kinds of plants, trees and shrubs. More than 50 hands-on and interactive science exhibits on energy, sound, kinematics, mechanics, transport, etc. are installed in the science park. The RVK building with its specific architecture houses various permanent science expositions on several themes. Rashtriya Vigyan Kendra houses a number of sections such as a Planetarium, a Science Museum, the Center for Applicable Mathematics and Computer Sciences, a Science projects division and so on Coming out of the Rashtriya Vigyan Kendra, one feels very happy and, of course, enlightened on a plethora of scientific questions.

Contact Details
Rastriya Vigyan Kendra, Lucknow
Employer Address: Rashtriya Vigyan Kendra,
Lucknow Faridi Nagar, Cimap, Lucknow,
U.P –226015
Phones: 05223214145
Email: info@rvk.net.in
URL: http://www.rvk.net.in
Phone: 05223214145
Required Skills: Intermediate & Graduation

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