Pune University Courses

All the courses offereed by Pune University are given below

Certificate Courses
Certificate Course (CC) – Cosmetics and Beauty Treatment
Certificate Course (CC) – E-commerce
Certificate Course (CC) – Training of Adult education Middle Level Functionaries (Animators) and Supervisors
Certificate Course (CC) – Weapon System
Certificate Course (CC) – Yoga

Diploma Courses
Diploma in French (DF)
Diploma in German (DG)
Diploma in Accupuncture in Ayurveda
Diploma in Agadtantra Vyavaharayurveda
Diploma in Anaesthesiology (DA)
Diploma in Automotive Technology
Diploma in Ayurvedic Pharmacy and Compounding
Diploma in Business Management (DBM)
Diploma in Capital Marketing Management (DCMM)
Diploma in Child Care (DCH)
Diploma in Clinical Pathology (DCP)
Diploma in Co-operative Laws
Diploma in Co-operative Management (DCM)
Diploma in Communication Technology
Diploma in Computer Management
Diploma in Criminology
Diploma in Education for Deaf
Diploma in Education for Teachers of Mentally Retarded Children
Diploma in Equipment Management
Diploma in Explosive and Armament
Diploma in Family Planning (DFP)
Diploma in Financial Services (DFS)
Diploma in Gynaecology & Obstetrics (DGO)
Diploma in Hospital Administration (DHA)
Diploma in Hospital Management (DHM)
Diploma in Hydrogeology
Diploma in Industrial Health (DIH)
Diploma in Labour Laws and Labour Welfare
Diploma in Legislative Drafting
Diploma in Manuscriptology
Diploma in Marketing Management (DMM)
Diploma in Maternity and Child Health (DMCH)
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Tech (DMLT)
Diploma in Medical Radiological Diagnosis
Diploma in Medical Virology (DMV)
Diploma in Music (DM)
Diploma in Office Management (DOM)
Diploma in Ophthalmology (DO)
Diploma in Orthopaedics (D’Ortho)
Diploma in Oto-Rhino Laryngology (DLO)
Diploma in Print Administration (DPA)
Diploma in Psycological Medicine (DPM)
Diploma in Public Health (DPH)
Diploma in Sports Journalism
Diploma in Sports Medicine in Ayurveda
Diploma in Taxation Laws
Diploma in Translation
Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (DTCD)
Diploma in Venereology and Dermatology (DVD)
Diploma in Weapon System
Diploma in Yoga
Diploma in Japanese
Diploma in Literature in Modern European Languages
Diploma in Russian
Diploma in Urdu

Advanced Diploma Courses
Advanced Diploma (AD) – Bioinformatics
Advanced Diploma (AD) – Computer Application
Advanced Diploma (AD) – French
Advanced Diploma (AD) – German
Advanced Diploma (AD) – Japanese
Advanced Diploma (AD) – Russian

Under Graduate Degree Courses
Bachelor of Arts (BA) – General
Bachelor of Arts (BA) – Lalit kala
Bachelor of Arts (BA) – Restructure
Bachelor of Arts (BA) – Special
Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm)
Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) – Ayurvedacharya
Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) – External
Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) – Restructured
Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS)
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
Bachelor of Education (BEd) – Education of Handicapped
Bachelor of Education (BEd) – Hearing Impaired
Bachelor of Education (BEd) – Physical Education
Bachelor of Education (BEd) – Vocational
Bachelor of Education (BEd) – Yoga
Bachelor of Education (BEd)
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT)
Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine Surgery (BHMS) – Graded Degree Course
Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine Surgery (BHMS)
Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Science (BNYS)
Bachelor of Oriental Language (BOL) – Sanskrit
Bachelor in Physical Education (BPE)
Bachelor of Science (BSc) – Applied Bio-Medical Techniques
Bachelor of Science (BSc) – Applied Electronics
Bachelor of Science (BSc) – Applied Energy Studies
Bachelor of Science (BSc) – Applied Environmental Pollution
Bachelor of Science (BSc) – Applied Optometry
Bachelor of Science (BSc) – Applied Petroleum Technology
Bachelor of Science (BSc) – Applied Pollution Environment
Bachelor of Science (BSc) – Applied Scientific Instrumentation
Bachelor of Science (BSc) – Nursing
Bachelor of Science (BSc) – Physical Education, Health Education and Sports
Bachelor of Science (BSc) – Restructure
Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Bachelor of Social Legal Science (BSL)
Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS) – Pre-tib
Bachelor of Law (LLB) – Five-Year
Bachelor of Law (LLB) – General
Bachelor of Law (LLB)
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)

Postgraduate Diploma Courses
Postgraduate Diploma in Technical Communication (PGDTC)
Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) – Foreign Trade
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Accountancy
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Agadtantra Vyavaharayurved Nishnat (D.T.F.M.Ayu.)
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Armament Technology
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Automobile Technology
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Automotive Technology
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Banking
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Community Health and Development
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Company Secretaryship
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Dietetics
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Environment
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Homeopathy
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – International Business
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Kaumarbhritya Nishnat (D.C.H. Ayurveda)
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Medical Graduate
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Mineral Exploration
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Mobile ware fare Communication
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Netraroga Nishnat (D.O.Ayurveda)
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Panchakarma Nishnat (D.P.C.A. Ayurved )
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Prasutitantra Nishnat (D.C.O. Ayurveda)
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Radio Communication
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Rasashatra Bhaishajya Kalpana Nishnat (D.P.C.Ayurved)
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Rasayan Vajikaran Nishnat (D.G.Ayurveda)
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Research Methodology of Education
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Salesmanship and Advertisement
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Statistics
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Swasthavritta Nishnat (D.P.S.C.M.)
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Taxation
Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) – Vikriti Vidnayana Nishnat (D.C.P. Ayurveda)
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA)
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Management (PGDCM)
Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Services (PGDFS)
Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM)

Postgraduate Degree Courses
Master of Law (LLM)
Master of Arts (MA)
Master of Arts (MA) – Communication Studies
Master of Arts (MA) – Economics
Master of Arts (MA) – Education (Interdisciplinary)
Master of Arts (MA) – External
Master of Arts (MA) – Foreign Languages
Master of Arts (MA) – Health Sciences
Master of Arts (MA) – Indian Logic and Epistemology
Master of Arts (MA) – Job Oriented Functional Hindi
Master of Arts (MA) – Lalit Kala
Master of Arts (MA) – Sanskrit Linguistics
Master of Management Science (MMS)
Master of Science (MSc) – Environmental Sciences
Masters in Computer Management (MCM)
Masters in Personnel Management (MPM)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Computer Applications (MCA)
Master of Chirugery (MCh) – Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
Master of Chirugery (MCh) – Gastro Enterology
Master of Chirugery (MCh) – Genitourinary Surgery
Master of Chirugery (MCh) – Paediatric-Surgery
Master of Chirugery (MCh) – Plastic Surgery
Master of Chirugery (MCh) – Surgicaloncology
Master of Commerce (MCom)
Master of Commerce (MCom) – External
Master of Computer Science (MCS)
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Accident & Emergency Medicine
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Anaesthesiology
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Biochemistry
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Cardiology
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Clinical Haematology
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Dermatology, Veneriology, Leprology
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Endocrinology
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Forensic Medicine
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Gastro Enterology
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Hospital Administration
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Medical Genetics
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Medical Oncology
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Medicine
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Microbiology
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Neonatology
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Nephrology
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Neurology
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Paediatrics
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Pathology
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Pharmacology
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Physiology
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Preventive and Social Medicine
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Psychiatry
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Radio Diagnosis
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – Radio-Therapy
Doctor of Medicine (MD) – TB & Chest
Master of Education (MEd)
Master of Education (MEd) – Interdisciplinary
Master of Education (MEd) – Physical Education
Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
Master of Labour Laws and labour Welfare (MLLLW)
Master of Marketing Management (MMM)
Master of Oriental Learning (MOL)
Master of Pharmacy (MPharm)
Master of Surgery (MS) – Anatomy
Master of Science (MSc)Master of Science
(MSc) – Applied Electronic Science
Master of Science (MSc) – Biochemistry
Master of Science (MSc) – Bioinformatics
Master of Science (MSc) – Biotechnology
Master of Science (MSc) – Communication Studies
Master of Science (MSc) – Computer Science
Master of Science (MSc) – Drug Chemistry
Master of Science (MSc) – Energy Studies
Master of Science (MSc) – Genetics
Master of Science (MSc) – Health Sciences
Master of Science (MSc) – Medical Biochemistry
Master of Science (MSc) – Microbiology
Master of Science (MSc) – Petroleum Technology
Master of Science (MSc) – Pharmacology
Master of Science (MSc) – Physiology
Master of Science and Technology (MSc-Tech) – Information Technology
Master of Science and Technology (MSc-Tech) – Weapon Systems
Master of Surgery (MS) – ENT
Master of Surgery (MS) – General Surgery
Master of Surgery (MS) – Ophthalmology
Master of Surgery (MS) – Orthopaedics
Master of Technology (MTech) – Atmospheric Physics
Master of Technology (MTech) – Bio-Informatics
Master of Technology (MTech) – Computer Science
Master of Technology (MTech) – Cross Migration and II Level
Master of Technology (MTech) – Energy Studies
Master of Technology (MTech) – Integrated Digital Communications
Master of Technology (MTech) – Laser and Laser Applications
Master of Technology (MTech) – Lasers & Electro-Optics
Master of Technology (MTech) – Material Science
Master of Technology (MTech) – Mathematical Modelling and Simulation
Master of Technology (MTech) – Radar System
Master of Technology (MTech) – Resource Development
Master of Technology (MTech) – Software Engineering
Postgraduate Course (PG Course) – Dant Vidnyan
Postgraduate Course (PG Course) – Netrarog Vidnyan
Postgraduate Course (PG Course) – Sadnyaharan Vidnyan
Postgraduate Course (PG Course) – Shalakya (E.N.T.)
Postgraduate Course (PG Course) – Vikiran Vidnyan

Research / Doctoral-level Courses

Contact Details
Pune 411 007
City    Pune
State    Maharashtra
Phone Number    25696061 – 25690065
Email    puvc@unipune.ernet.in / regis@unipune.ernet.in
Home Page    http://www.unipune.ernet.in

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