Give me MBA course curriculum offer by NDIM Delhi.

Here I am giving you NDIM Delhi MBA course curriculum:

1st Semester:
Principles and Practices of Management
Organisational Behaviour
Accounting for Management
Quantitative Techniques
Managerial Economics
Communication and Soft Skills
Seminar on Executive Communication
Workshop on Computers for Management

2nd Semester:
Business Environment
Production and Operations Management
Human Resource Management
Marketing Management
Financial Management
Workshop on Research Methodology
Workshop on Information Technology

3rd Semester:
Applied Operations Research
Corporate Legal Environment
Major I
Major II
Major III
Seminar on Management Information Systems

4th Semester:
Strategic Management
Project Evaluation and Implementation
Major IV/ Minor I
Major V/ Minor II
Major VI/ Minor III
Final Research Project and Viva-Voce

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  1. would like to know the fees structure for(BBA+MBA. Pls send us prospucts and all details asap. mobile no. 9711994021

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