MBBS holder who want go into management field can find great jobs in hospital management and administration. There are large medical electronic companies like Philips or GE which would engage MBA grads with a background of medicine. These companies grow products and services which can better be done by MBBS holder. Besides, there is tremendous scope for clinical research. MBBS holder with management background can do a phenomenal job in terms of product growth and management.

Whatever said and done, a MBA degree will help candidate make money but not save a life, only clinical knowledge will help candidate do that. So, it is very necessity that candidate practice as a doctor for not less then 5 years before candidate engage a MBA degree. Manipal University, Manipal Institute of Management, Manipal provides MBA in Hospital Administration and Health Care Management. The qualification criterion is graduation in any subject with minimum 50 per cent marks. The admission is based on performance at Management Aptitude Test, group discussion and personal interview. For details, visit []

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