ILS Hospital Kolkata

How many department have in ILS Hospital Kolkata?

There are following department have in ILS Hospital Kolkata:

General Medicine
Gynaecology & Obstetrics
General Surgery
Cardio-thoracic surgery
Cosmetic Surgery

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  1. I admitted my mother in law on 7th of March ( ITU – Bed no 104) – She had a brain stroke -As expected following 10 days was very critical. Every few hours the situation was changing from bad to worse, critical to severly critical …. We were waiting with bated breath and with an eye towards hope every min…. After 10 days things got better & better and today after 21days she is back home … doing fine ….
    Before appreciating the whole team starting from the reception , cashier , Ward boy – Subroto, the Security Guards , the Amubulance Driver, RMOs , nurses & Dr S. K. Pandey & Dr Somani , i would like to share something which I learnt while reading Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey ….. We all are dependent in the early years … next stage we become independent … but ultimate stage is to become interdependent – when we leverage on each other’s strength & succeed….

    First day even before Dr Pandey arrived at ILS to have a first hand look , he started the medication over phone and assured us that everything will be fine … It did …. He never felt disturbed on being called over phone at odd hours , explained us every moment the status , empathized with us , shared words of courage …. and highly optimistic ….. He was and he will be GOD to us forever … His attitude & his behaviour made all the difference….

    Next — a ward boy Subroto , who used to give a missed call everyday to us .. When we called back , he used to share the status … and without fail he did that for all the days … Amazing deications towards work … amazing human touch ….. I am mesmerised

    Cashier & Reception – Never exhibited their anger at anybody … Always ready to help

    Security Gurards – Even they exhibited their human touch by enquiring every day about the status

    Last but nothe least — the nurses & RMOs — who took constant care and ensured we get a proper understanding of the status till the day of release.

    Over all it was a great dedicated team effort – every body took part & complemented in each other’s effort — Ultimately the effort paved for your success & our happiness

    My sincere thanks & gratefulneess to every body in the ILS … I would have loved to be part of your esteemed organisation in any way possible

    Only advice — Medical is getting costlier day by day … I wonder what will happen to the general Indian mass who cannot affors that — Please do somenthing for them , if not started already



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