IIM Ahmedabad Placements

Question: I want to know about the IIM Ahmedabad Placements, so please can you tell me?

The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad is a business school on Ahmedabad.
The IIMA was established in 1961.

You need to know the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad placement details, so for this I am suggesting you to contact with IIMA:

Indian Institute of Management
Ahmedabad 380015
Tel: +91-79-66323456 / 26308357
Fax: +91-79-26306896

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2 Responses to “IIM Ahmedabad Placements”

  1. Sk

    These rankings are of not much use at all.
    The world knows IIT as a much bigger brand name than IIM.
    None of the IIM’s feature in the top universities of the world because they dont do any research , they are just operating as placement agencies for Indian graduates.
    DMS,IIT Delhi on the other hand has generated max. no of Ph.D’s in Management studies in India, thats why DMS faculty has a global orientation as compared to IIM’s where only case studies are taught.
    Thus because of the poor performance of IIM’s globally, international associations/univ’s forced Govt. of India to prevent IIM’s from getting the Univ. status.
    You may find it hard to believe but the IIM’s cant offer any UG program, neither do they offer a formal MBA or Ph.D degree.
    They only offer Post Graduate Diploma in Mgmnt (PGDM) and FPM (Fellow program Management )courses which are not recognised anywhere in the world.
    While IIT’s offer MBA and Ph.D programs.
    Even IIT’s dont recognise the the IIM education, For eg. Not a single faculty of DMS, IIT Delhi has got a FPM from IIM. However Ph.D students of DMS, IIT Delhi are getting top jobs in all IIM’s. You can check their websites for details.
    Also regd MBA education, a student pays Rs 2 lakhs fees in IIT Delhi and gets a return of Rs 12.00 lpa package while in IIM ‘s u pay Rs 10 lakhs fees to just get slightly better pay of Rs 14 lpa. Decide yourself what is better?
    Obviously IIT’s which make their students prepared for life not IIM which just believe in wasteful branding.
    As for placements of IIM’s , they are all fake
    for eg :- For IIM -A The avge placement package is Rs 14 lakhs .p.a. which includes international offers(of Rs 1 crore) also.
    None of the domestic offer’s are more than 20 lakhs p.a.
    Pls note :- As for international offer’s , this 1 crore package is actually Rs 200,000 US$ only which includes 50% variable component and bonus which is never given to the individual.
    Thus we are left with Rs 100,000 US $ only out which 30% is tax, and so we are just left with remaining 70,000 US$ which in expensive cities like New York, London, Montreal is very less.
    The standard of living which these IIM Post Grads can maintain is deplorable because they can only afford a 1 bedroom apartment that too on a shared basis.
    Every software Engineer of TCS/Infosys w/o any MBA degree earns much more than that
    i.,e 65,000 US$ p.a. + free accomodation/transportation.
    So its all about branding which leads to confuse the innocent people.
    But still IIM’s still rule the rankings in India, because of the branding…thats what is missing in IIT’s
    and thats what I am planning to do.
    I hope this email helps you boost your confidence as you prepare yourself to shift to the corporate world soon.
    So you can imagine MBA is all about ‘Tashan:-i.e show biz and branding’

  2. Sakthivel

    IIT and IIM will recognized IB syllabus, kindly provide the full information, my daughter now studying in 6th standard in matriculation syllabus we planning for her future higher studies wither IIT or IIM, now we planning to change the other school, we need to choose whether CBSE or ICSCE or IB.

    Which syllabus is good, Kindly send your valuable suggestion.

    Warm Regards,