IIBS Bangalore

Question : Give me MBA course structure which offer by IIBS Bangalore.

Ans: Following is IIBS Bangalore MBA course structure:

Semester 1:
MBA101 Principles & Practices of Management
MBA102 Organizational Behaviour
MBA103 Accounting for Management
MBA104 Quantitative Techniques
MBA105 Managerial Economics
MBA106 Communication & Soft Skills
MBA107 Seminar on Executive Communication
MBA108 Workshop on Computers for Management
MBA109 Viva-Voce

Semester 2:
MBA201 Business Environment
MBA202 Production and Operations Management
MBA203 Human Resource Management
MBA204 Marketing Management
MBA205 Financial Management
MBA206 Workshop on Research Methology
MBA207 Workshop on Information Methology
MBA208 Viva-Voce

Semester 3:
MBA301 Applied Operations Research
MBA302 Corporate Legal Environment
MBA303 Major I
MBA304 Major II
MBA305 Major III
MBA306 Seminar on Management Information Systems
MBA307 Viva-Voce

Semester 4:
MBA401 Strategic Management
MBA402 Project Evaluation & Implementation
MBA403 Major IV / Major I
MBA404 Major IV / Major II
MBA405 Major IV / Major III
MBA406 Final Research Project and Viva-Voce

IIBS National Head Office 13, Paritosh
Complex, R.T.Nagar Main Road,
Near Police Station, Bangalore-560032.

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  1. IIBS Bangalore

    IIBS National Head Office

    #1 & 2, Opp to KHB Quarter’s Main Gate
    KHB Main Road,
    R.T. Nagar Post,
    Bangalore- 560032
    Phone: +91-99864 15333, +91-96202 48206
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