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Default Re: WBJEE Last years solved question paper

This is the WBJEE biology Last years solved question paper:

WBJEE biology Last years solved question paper

Question 1

A prokaryotic cell lacks:
A nucleus
B nuclear membrane
C membrane bound organelles
D all of the above
Question 2
Extranuclear inheritance is a consequence of the presence of genes in:
A ER and mitochondria
B lysosomes and ribosomes
C ribosomes and chioroplast
D mitochondria and chloroplasts
Question 3
Vesicles of Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum (SER) are most likely on their way to:
A plastids
B I ysosomes
C nucleolus
D Golgi apparatus
Question 4
Lysosomes are the store house of:
B sugar
C proteins
D hydrolytic enzymes
Question 5
lipids are insoluble in water, because lipid molecules are:
A neutral
B Zwitter ions
C hydrophobic
D hydrophilic
Question 6
Which of the following is the simplest amino acid?
A Glycine
B Alanine
C Tyrosine
D Asparagine
Question 7
Carbohydrates, ingested in the diet, are hydrolyzed by the enzyme:
A pepsin
B cellulose
C a-amylase
D glycosidase
Question 8
Stomach is the site of digestion mainly for:
A fats
B proteins
C carbohydrates
D all of these
Question 9
Which proteolytic enzyme induces lysis of fibrin during Hbrinolysis?
A Fibrin
B Thrombin
C Plasmin
D Platelet factor-VIl
Question 10
Which of the following enzymes is used to join bits of DNA?
A Ligase
B Primase
C Endonuclease
D DNA polymerase
Question 11
All eukaryotic genes contain two kinds of base sequences. Which of the following plays role in protein synthesis?
A Introns
B Exons
C Electrons
D Both (a) and (b)
Question 12
The genetic material of prokaryotic cell is called:
A nucleus
B nucleolus
C nucleoid
D centromere
Question 13
In prokaryotes, the genetic material is:
A linear DNA with histones
B circular DNA with histones
C linear DNA without histones
D circular DNA without histones
Question 14
The direction of DNA replication is from:
A amino acid end
B 3’ end towards 5’ end
C 5’ end towards 3’ end
D amino terminus to carboxy terminus
Question 15
In operon concept, regulator gene functions as:
A represser
B regulator
C inhibitor
D initiator
Question 16
The importance of meiosis lies in:
A bringing discontinuous variations
B addition in the number of chromosomes
C reduction in the number of chromosomes
D maintaining the number of chromosomes
Question 17
In mitotic cell division, the division of centromere and the division of chromatid occurs between:
A ana phase and telophase
B prophase and metaphase
C telophase and interphase
D anaphase and metaphase
Question 18
In which stage of the first meiotic division, each chromosome undergoes longitudinal division to give rise to two sister chromarids?
A Zygotene
B Diplotene
C Diakinesis
D Pachytene
Question 19
Mirabilis jalapa is an example of:
A complete dominance
B supplementary gene
C incomplete dominance
D complementary gene
Question 20
Which of the following is dominant character according to Mendel?
A Dwarf plant and yellow fruit
B Terminal fruit and wrinkled seed
C White testa and yellow pericarp
D Green coloured fruit and rounded seed
Question 21
Lack of independent assortment of genes A and B in fruit fly Drosophila is due to:
A repulsion
B linkage
C crossing-over
D recombination
Question 22
When two mutations are located in the same functional unit or in different functional units then it is confirmed by:
A test cross
B back cross
C reciprocal cross
D complementat ion test
Question 23
Prototherians are the connecting links between:
A amphibians and ayes
B reptiles and mammals
C fishes and amphibians
D reptiles and amphibinas
Question 24
The pioneers in the field of ‘organic evolution’ are:
A Karl Landsteiner, Hugo de Vries, Malthus
B Darwin, Hugo de Vries, Lamarck, Huxley
C Lamarck, Karl Landsteiner, Maithus, Hugo de Vries
D Darwin, Lamarck, Karl Landsteiner, Hugo de Vries
Question 25
Darwin finches are related to which of the following evidences?
A Fossils
B Embryology
C Anatomy
D Geographical distribution
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