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Default Re: Visva Bharati Common Admission Test Question Paper Visva Bharati Common Admission

Friend Have a Look , Here I m Giving Visva Bharati Common Admission Test VBCAT B.A. (Hons.) Paper- I Foreign Languages Exam paper

Fill in the bubble against the correct Answer in the OMR sheet

Time- 90 Minutes Full Marks- 100 ( 30+70)

( 2 marks for a correct answer and -0.5 mark for a wrong answer)

Answer all Questions

1. The term Santiniketan means

. Abode of Learning b. Abode of Peace c. Garden of Peace d. None of these

2. Author of ‘War and Peace’ is
a.Rabindranath Tagore b. M.K.Gandhi c. Leo Tolstoy d. Taru Dutta

3. The Bomb Blast in the Trident Hotel of Mumbai was on
a.11.09.2002 b. 26.11.2005 c. 26.11.2008 d None of these

4. The full form of SMS is
a. Service of Short Message b. Short Message Service c. Simple Message Service
d. None of the above

5. The “Roof of the World” is
a. The Alps b.The Andes c.The Apinines d. The Pamir Plateau

6. Kathakali is dance of
a. Karnataka b.Kerala c. Orissa d. Manipur

7. With which of the following musical instruments was Ustad Bismillah Khan
a. Sitar b. Flute c. Violin d. Shehnai

8. Mental ability is a function of
a. Ego b. Mind c. Brain d. Spinal cord

9. Which is associated with Rajsthan?
a. Jabbalpur b. Mount Abu c. Muussoury d. Ooty

10. The Special Operation carried by US troops to kill Osama Binladen was termed as
a. Operation Geronimo b. Operation Desert Storm c. Operation Geroma d.
Operation Osama

11. The full form of E.V.M is
a. Eternal Viable Machine b. Electric Voting Machine c. Electronic Voting
Machine d. Electrical Voting Mechanism

12. Which one of the following is the smallest State of India?
a. Nagaland b. Tripura c. Sikkim d. Meghalaya

13. Find the missing number in the series 100, 91,83,.........70
a. 72 b. 75 c. 76 d. 77

14. A scientific investigation looks for
a. Explanation b. Classification c. Cause – effect relationship d. None of these

15. ........................is to desert as boat is to river.
a. Sand b. Mud c. Camel d. Cactus

Section- II

Answer 35 (thirty five) Questions from this section

16. Galib has written his poetry in
a. Urdu b. Persian c. Urdu and Persian d. Pastu

17. Mahamad Khatami was Iran’s
a. Foreign Minister b. Prime Minister c. President d. Food Minister

18. The court language of Mughals was
a. Arabic b. Hindi c. Persian d. Urdu

19. The official name of Iran is
a. Islamic Republic of Iran b. Republic of Iran c. Islamic Iran d. Iran

20. Who has written the book “Gulistan”
a. Firdowsi b. Sheikh Sadi c. Hafiz Shirazi d. Amir Khusraw

21. The book “Ain-e-Akbari” was written by
a. Faizi b. Abul Fazal c. Dara Shikoh d. Birbal

22. Islamic Revolution took place in
a. 1979 b.1975 c.1989 d.1980

23. Quandahar is the port of
a. Tazikstan b. Azarbaijan c. Uzbekistan d. Afghanistan

24. Sare jahan se Achcha is composed by
a. Allama Iqbal. b. Mirza Ghalib. c. faizi. d. Khusrow

25. Al-Beruni came to India along with
a. Mahmud Ghaznavi b. Muhammad bin Qasim c. Muhammad Ghavri d. Timur

26. Who among the following was regarded as “Zinda Pir?”
a. Babar b. Akbar c. Zahangir d. Aurangazeb

27. Which one is the city of Iran?
a. Shiraz b. Kabul c. Istanbul d. Baghdad

28. Constitutional Government was formed in Iran in:
a. 1979 b. 1975 c. 1989 d. 1980

29. The capital of Iran is
a. Kabul b. Jakarta c. Tehran d. Islamabad

30. The national religion of Japan is
a. Buddhism b. Cretinism c. Taoism d. Confucianism

31. What is the native religion in Japan?
a. Christian b. Buddhist c. Shinto d. Daoism

32. What is the name of Alphabet used to write “foreign” words in Japanese?
a. Romaji b. Katakana c. Kanji d. Hiragana

33. Name of the traditional Japanese women’s dress is
a. Robe b. Mikono c .Happy coat d. Kimono

34. Which flower represents the Japanese Royal Family?
a. Peach Blossom b. Rose c. Cherry Blossom d. Chrysanthemum

35. Current population of Japan is
a. 80 Million b.100 Million c.130 Million d. 160 Million

36. What is the name of the highest mountain in Japan?
a. Mount Everest b. Mount Nihon c. Mount Fuji d. Mount Aso

For Complete Exam paper Here I am Attaching pdf file You Can Download free of cost :
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Default Re: Visva Bharati Common Admission Test Question Paper Visva Bharati Common Admission

i am looking for a question paper for common admission test (bsc)
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short term

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