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4th August 2014, 03:24 PM
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Re: Uttar Pradesh Technical University MCA Entrance exam Question Paper

Here I am providing the list of few questions of Uttar Pradesh Technical UniversityMCA Entrance exam Question Paper which you are looking for .

The development of computers can be divided into _______ generations.
3 (b) 4
5 (d) 6

Choose the odd one out
Micro computer (b) Mini computer
Super computer (d) Digital computer

The _______ electronic computer was the first computer that had used the stored program concept introduced by John Von Neumann.


In the development of logarithms, _______ had also played a key role.
Napier (b) Blaise Pascal
J.M.Jacquard (d) Charles Babbage

The main distinguishing feature of fifth generation computers will be

Liberal use of microprocessors (b) Artificial Intelligence
Extremely low cost (d) Versatility

The computer that is not considered as a portable computer is

Laptop computer (b) Notebook computer
Mini computer (d) None of these

The unit of speed used for super computer is

GELOPS (d) None of these

UNIVAC is an example of
First generation computer (b) Second generation computer
Third generation computer (d) Fourth generation computer

The unit that performs the arithmetical and logical operations on the stored numbers is known as
Arithmetic Logic Unit (b) Control Unit
Memory Unit (d) Both (a) and (b)

The _______ is the ‘administrative’ section of the computer system.

Input Unit (b) Output Unit
Memory Unit (d) Central Processing Unit

Roman number system is a

Positional number system (b) Non-positional number system
Both (a) and (b) (d) None of these

The number system on which the modern computers operate
Decimal number system (b) Octal number system
Binary number system (d) Hexadecimal number system

The binary equivalent of (231)10 is
11100111 (b) 10111001
01110011 (d) None of these

The binary coding system that represents 246 different characters or bit combination is
EBCDIC (d) Both (b) and (c)

The complement of the binary number 11001011 is
10101010 (b) 00110100
00110101 (d) 00101100

The octal addition of (25)8 and (15)8 is:
(42)8 (b) (40)8
(41)8 (d) None of these

The hexadecimal subtraction of (56)16 from (427)16 results in
(3B1)16 (b) (331)16
(371)16 (d) (3D1)16

A gate, which is also known as inverter is

AND (b) OR

The output of a NAND Gate is 1, when
All inputs are 1 (b) Any one input is 0
All inputs are 0 (d) None of these

The gates that are considered as universal gates are
OR and NOT (b) Only NOR
NAND and NOR (d) Only NAND

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