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Default SVU PGCET Previous Question Papers

I want to get admission at Shri Venkateshwara University. So I have to appear in its CET Entrance Exam. So tell me from where I will get previous year question papers of CET Exam of Shri Venkateshwara University?

As you want to get previous year question papers of CET Entrance Exam of Shri Venkateshwara University, so I want to inform you that students will get previous year question papers at Rs. 10/- each at Directorate of Admissions. S.V. University, Tirupati.

Here I am providing syllabus of General Test for your reference:

SVUCET General Test Syllabus

Fundamental unity of Indian Culture Harappan and Vedic Culture Evolution of Caste System -
Jainism and
Buddhism - Gandhara Art.
Political unification of India under Mauryas and Guptas.
Cultural achievements.Cultural conditions under the Satavahanas.
Contribution of Pallavas and Cholas to Art and letters, Chola Administrative System.
Influence of Islam on Indian culture - The Sufi, Bhakti and Vishnavite movements.
Cultural achievements of Vijayanagara rulers.
Contribution of Shershah and Akbar to the evolution of administration system in India-Cultural
Development under Mughals.
Western Impact on India - Introduction of Western Education-Social and Cultural awakening and
social reform movements-Raja Ram Mohan Roy - Dayananda Saraswathi - Theosophical Society
- Ramakrishna Para mahamsa and Vivekananda - Iswarachandra Vidyasagar and Veeresalingam-
Emancipation of women and struggle against caste.
Rise of Indian Nationalism - Mahatma Gandhi - Non-violence and Satyagraha-Eradication of
untouchability – Legacy of British Rule.

1) (a)On the nature of Culture: Meaning, Definition and various interpretations of culture.
(b) Culture and its salient features.
2) The vedic-Upanishadic Culture and society, Human aspirations in those societies-Values-
Chaturvidha purusharthas-Chaturvarna theory-Chaturasrama theories.
3.The culture in Arth Sastra.
Kautliyas conception of the State, Religion and King.
4.Culture in Ramayana and Mahabharatha. a) The Ideal Man and Woman. b) Concepts of Maitri,
Karuna, Seela, Vinaya, Kshama, Santi Anuraga- as exemplified in the stories and anecdotes of
The Epics.
5.a) The culture of Jainism Jain conception of soul, Karma and liberation.
b)Buddhism as a Humanistic culture,
The four noble truths of Buddhism;
6.Vedanta and Culture:
Religion and Ethical practices : The Hindu view.

Current Affairs: Regional, National & International Events - Who's who - Sports - Books -
Awards - Honours.

General Knowledge: Social studies up to 10th class level-Inventions-Discoveries-Capital Cities- Abbreviations Social.
Problems (Corruption, Beggary, Casteism)-Verbal & Analytical Reasoning.
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Default Re: SVU PGCET Previous Question Papers

Yes i want previous questions in msc computers
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Default Re: SVU PGCET Previous Question Papers

i need msc organic chemistry previous year question paper...pls reply..??
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Default Re: SVU PGCET Previous Question Papers

Botany msc previous year question paper
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Default Re: SVU PGCET Previous Question Papers

Can you provide me the syllabus for Computer Science Sri Venkateswara University Common Entrance Test [SVUCET] for admission in MSc Computer Science Program in Sri Venkateswara University on which the question paper is based?
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Default Re: SVU PGCET Previous Question Papers

The syllabus for Computer Science Sri Venkateswara University Common Entrance Test [SVUCET] for admission in MSc Computer Science Program in Sri Venkateswara University on which the question paper is based is as follows:




PC Software and Programming in 'C'

Unit‐I: Development of computers and types ‐ Logical organization of Digital Computers ‐ Memory ‐
Main Memory ‐ RAM and Cache ‐ I/O Units ‐ Secondary Memory ‐ Operating Systems ‐ DOS
Commands ‐ Windows 98 and Windows 2000 concepts ‐ Windows Explorer ‐ Working with files and folders ‐ Running Programs ‐ Using Recycle Bin.

Unit‐II: Microsoft Office ‐ MS Word Basics ‐ Headers, Footers, Tables ‐ Graphics ‐ Templates ‐ Macros ‐ Mail Merge. Power Point Basics ‐ Creating presentations ‐ Menus ‐ Tool Bar ‐ Opening a presentation ‐ Creating New Slide ‐ Deleting a Slide ‐ Copying a Slide ‐ Slide Numbering ‐ Saving ‐ Closing ‐ Printing.

Unit‐III: MS Excel ‐ Work Sheets ‐ Formatting ‐ Functions ‐ Charts ‐ Graphical ‐ Worksheets as Databases ‐ Linking.

Unit‐IV: Introduction to C ‐ Data Types ‐ Flow of Control ‐ Functions ‐ Storage Classes ‐ Arrays, Pointers and Strings.

Unit‐V: Bitwise Operators and Enumeration types ‐ Preprocessor ‐ Structures and unions ‐ Structures and list processing ‐ Input/Output and Operating Systems.


Unit‐I: Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming History and Evolution of object oriented programming Constants, Variables and Data Types ‐ Comparing Java with C++

Unit‐II: Operators and expressions Decision making using branching and looping Functions and Procedures.

Unit‐III: Java evolution Java Programming Constants, Variables and data types‐ class, objects and methods‐ Pointers and Arrays ‐ Binding Data and Functions ‐ Functions and Operator Overloading.

Unit‐IV: Reusing Classes‐Managing errors and Exceptions Virtual Functions and Polymorphism.

Unit‐V: Data Structures: Stacks‐ Queues‐Binary trees‐=Graphs.


Paper ‐III, Modern DBMS.
Unit‐I: Database Management: Basic concepts and definitions‐file processing systems‐the Range of Database applications ‐ Advantage of the Database approach ‐ Costs and Risk of the Database approach ‐ Components of the Database Environment.
Data development Process: Database development within information system development ‐
Database development process ‐ Three Scheme Architecture for database development ‐ Three Tiered Database Location Architecture

Unit‐II: Modeling Data in the Organization: Modeling the rules of the organization ‐The ER model
Entity ‐ Relationship Model Constructs, Relationships. Enhanced E.R. Model and Business Rules: Representing supertypes and subtypes‐ Specifying Constraints in supertype/subtype relations.

Unit‐III: Logical Database design and the relational Model: The Relational data model‐Integraty constraints ‐ Transforming EEK diagrams into relations ‐ Introduction to normalization. The basic normal forms ‐ Merging relations.
Advanced Normal forms: Boyce ‐ Codd normal form ‐ Fourth normal form ‐ Higher normal forms ‐ Physical Database design and performance: Physical Database disign process ‐ Designing folds ‐ Designing Physical records and denormalization ‐ Designing Physical files ‐ Using and selecting indexes ‐ Designing Databases ‐ optimizing for query performance.

Unit‐IV: The SQL Environment defining a database in SQL ‐ Inserting, updating and deleting data internal scheme definitions in RDBMS ‐ Processing single Tables.
Advanced SQL: Processing Multiple tables ‐ Ensuring transaction integrity ‐ Data dictionary
facitilies ‐ SQL 99 enhancements and Extension to SQL ‐ Triggers and Routines ‐ Embedded SQL and Dynamic SQL.

Unit‐V: The Client/Server Database Environment ‐ Client/server Architecture ‐ three tier architecture ‐ Partitioning ‐ Application ‐ Role of the mainframe using parallel computer architecture ‐ using Middlewave establishing client/server security ‐ Client/server issues Data and database administration: The roles of data and database administration, Modeling Enterprise data ‐ Planning for databases ‐ Managing data security ‐ Backing of databases ‐ Controlling concurrent access ‐ Managing data quality ‐ Data dictionaries and repositories ‐ Overview of turning the database for performance
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Default Svu cet

Please provide svucet msc physics entrance previous papers.
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