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27th December 2019, 09:48 AM
Re: Sri Venkateswara University Question Papers

Can you provide me the syllabus for 3 year-LLB (Hons) Program of Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati on which the question paper is based?
27th December 2019, 09:57 AM
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Re: Sri Venkateswara University Question Papers

The syllabus for 3 year-LLB (Hons) Program of Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati on which the question paper is based is as follows:



CONTRACTS-I (General Principles of Law of Contract)

UNIT-1. History and nature of contractual obligations-writs of debt, covenant and account-actions on the case and on assumptionist consideration-moral basis for contractual obligations subjective and objective theories sanctity of contracts

UNIT-2. Agreement and contract definitions, elements and different kinds

UNIT-3. Proposal and acceptance: Their various forms-essential elements, communication and revocation-proposal and invitations for proposal-floating offers-tenders-dumping of goods.

UNIT-4. Consideration. Nudum pactum-its need, meaning, kinds, essential elementsprivity of contact and considerations-its exception adequacy of consideration present, past and adequate consideration, unlawful consideration and its effects views of law commission of India on consideration-evaluation of the doctrine of consideration

UNIT-5. Capacity to contract: Meaning-incapacity arising out of status and mental defect minor’s agreements-definition of “minor”-accessories supplied to a minor-agreements beneficial and detrimental to a minor affirmation ratification in cases by a person of an agreement made by him while he was a minor-agreements and estoppels-evaluation of the law relating to minors agreements-other illustrations of incapacity to contract.

UNIT-6. Free consent: Its need and definition-factors vitiating free consent
6.1. Coercion-definition-factors elements-duress and coercion-various illustrations of coercion- doctrine of economic duress-effect of coercion-evaluation of Sec.15.
6.2. Undue influence-definition-essential elements-between which influence independent advice- paradarhanashin women-unconscionable bargains effect of undue influence.
6.3. Misrepresentation-definition-misrepresentation of law and of fact-their effects
and Illustrations
6.4. Fraud-definition-essential elements-suggestion-false suppressio veri-when does silence amounts to fraud? Active concealment of truth-importance of intention
6.5. Mistake-definition-kinds-fundamental error-mistake of law and of fact-their effects-when does a mistake vitiate free consent and when does it not vitiate from consent?

UNIT-7. Legality of objects
7.1. Void agreements-lawful and unlawful consideration and objects Void, Voidable, Illegal and unlawful agreements and their effects
7.2. Unlawful considerations and objects
7.2.1. Forbidden by law
7.2.2. Defeating the provision of any law
7.2.3. Fraudulent
7.2.4. Injurious to person or property
7.2.5. Immoral
7.2.6. Against public policy
7.3. Agreements without consideration
7.3.1. Agreements without consideration
7.3.2. Agreements in restraint of marriage
7.3.3. Agreements in restraint of trade-its exceptions-sale of good will, sec.11 restrictions, under the partnership act, trade combinations exclusive dealing agreements, restraints on employees under agreements of service.
7.3.4. Agreements in restraint of legal proceedings-its exception
7.3.5. Uncertain agreement
7.3.6. Wagering agreements-its exceptions

UNIT-8. Discharge of a contract and its various moods:
8.1. By performance-conditions of valid tender of performance-how? By whom?
Where? When- in what manner? Performance of reciprocal promises- time essence of contract.
8.2. By breach-anticipatory breach and present breach.
8.3. Impossibility of performance-specific grounds of frustration-application to leases- theories of frustration-effect of frustration-frustration and restitution.
8.4. By period of limitation.
8.5. By agreement recession and alteration-their effect-remission and waiver of performance extension of time-accord and satisfaction.

UNIT-9. Quasi contracts or certain relations resembling those created by contract

UNIT-10.Remedies in contractual relations
10.1. Damages-kinds-remoteness of damages ascertainment of damages.
10.2. Injunction-when granted and when refused-why?
10.3. Refund and restitution
10.4. Specific performance-why? When?
10.5. Specific performance of contracts under Specific Relief Act 1969
10.6. Recession of contracts
10.7. Cancellation of instruments
10.8. Declaratory decrees
10.9. Preventive relive

Syllabus 3 year-LLB (Hons) Program of Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati

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