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30th April 2015, 04:53 PM
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RCUB B.Com Syllabus

I am pursuing B.Com from Rani Channamma University and I lost my syllabus and my exams are near so can you please provide me the syllabus of the B.Com in a pdf file? Also provide me the other study material for the preparation of the exam and suggest me the best reference books of B.Com

As you want to download syllabus of B.Com Course offering by Rani Channamma University Belagavi (RCUB), so here I am providing complete syllabus:

Rani Channamma University Belagavi (RCUB) B.Com Syllabus:

Semester I:
Modern Indian Languages
Financial Accounting I
Business Economics I /Entrepreneurship Development (Vocational)1A
Business Environment / Business Mathematics-I/Tax procedure & Practice- (Vocational)P2A
Secretarial Practice
Indian Constitution

I. Text: Prose
1) How Economic Growth has become Anti-Life - Vandana Shiva
2) Future of Our Past: towards a Critique of Globalization and Culture Industry
K. Satchidananadan
3) The Death of a Government Clerk Anton Chekhov
4) Commerce John Ruskin
5) The Man of the House - Frank OConnor

1) Leisure W. H. Davis
2) Scratch Arun Kolatkar
3) Punishment in Kindergarten Kamala Das
4) The Felling of the Bunyan Tree Dilip Chitre
5) On Killing a Tree Gieve Patel

II. Grammar and Communicative Skills
A) Use of Articles
B) Use of Prepositions
C) Transformation of Sentences
a) Remove too... to/use so... that (vice versa)
b) Remove if /use unless (vice versa)
c) Remove As soon/use No sooner...than (vice versa)
d) Change the assertive sentence into exclamatory sentence without changing the meaning (vice versa)
e) Change the degrees

D) Communicative Skills
a) Introducing: Self Introduction and Introducing the chief-guest /principal/president/family member/friend
b) Welcome address and Vote of Thanks
c) Expansion of Proverbs/Sayings
d) Dialogue Writing

Unit I:

Conversion of Single entry system into double entry system: Need for conversion, steps involved in conversion; problems relating thereto.

Unit II:
Accounts of Professionals: Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and Doctors only. Fees a/c, Petty Cash book, Clients Ledger, Receipts & Payments a/c, Income & Expenditure a/c & A Balance Sheet.

Unit III:
Farm Accounting: Meaning, objectives, Books of Accounts to be maintained under Single entry & Double entry for Farm Accounting. Preparation of Farm Revenue Account to ascertain the Profit or Loss: of various sections like Crop, Livestock, Dairy & Poultry. Preparation of B/S for Agriculture, Dairy farming, & Poultry Farming.

Unit IV:
Departmental Accounts: Meaning and utility of departmental records, maintenance of columnar subsidiary books, departmentalization of expenses; interdepartmental transfer and preparation of columnar final accounts.

Unit V:
Royalty Accounts :Meaning and importance - minimum rent, short-workings, recoupment of shortworkings, strike period; entries and accounts in the books of lessee and lessor (excluding sub lease)

Unit I:

Business Economics meaning and scope, Decision making in business, Fundamental concepts Incremental and marginal principle, opportunity cost, Time perspective and Discounting principle.

Unit II:
Demand: Price Quality Relationship, Demand function, Demand Distinctions measurement of Price, Income, Cross and Advertising Elasticity, Demand Forecasting meaning and trend projection method.

Unit III:
Supply Analysis: Meaning & Law of supply determinants of supply Elasticity of Supply

Unit IV:
Production: Modern Classification Factors of Production. Production Function- Cobb-Douglas production function- Function, Law of variableproportions Economies and Diseconomies of scale Production possibilities Curve

Unit V:
Revenue: Average and Marginal Revenue, Cost AC, MC, TC, FC, VC, AFC, AVC concepts and calculations short run & long run cost curves Cost control and cost reduction.

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23rd April 2018, 10:04 PM
Re: RCUB B.Com Syllabus

This year I have taken admission in B.Com course at Rani Channamma University Belagavi (RCUB). I need syllabus to collect books, so please give syllabus of B.Com course of Rani Channamma University Belagavi (RCUB)?
4th November 2020, 11:18 AM
Re: RCUB B.Com Syllabus

i want blueprint of bcom queation paper all Subjects

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