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Default Re: Previous Year Question Paper of Hyderabad University

As your friend want to do Ph.D - Programmes In Computer Science , So for it here I am providing Previous Year Entrance Exam Questions Papers on your demand :

1. In DBN'fS the project'ion operation creates a new table that has
A. rnore tuples than the original table
B. more attributes than the original table
C. both of A and B above
D. nonc of thc above

2. A locked filc can be
A. accessed by a user having correct password
B. erccessed by one user
C. uscd to hide data
D. rrone of the above

3. The lcngth of a Hamiltonian path (if exists) in a simple connecterl
graph of n vertices is
A. n*l
B. n-l
. rlone of the above

4. A nctwork schema is different from a hierarchical scherna, for, it
A. one parent - one child
B. one parent * many children
C. ilrany parents - many children
D. both of A and B above only

5. A binary search tree (BST) is built by insertirrg ttre followirrg
vaiues in the given order: 4,25,15,12,20,70,40. The Post Orclcr.
Tbaversal will be
A. 12, r5, 2A, 40,,70,25, 4
B. 12, 20,15, 40, 70, 25, 4
c. 4, 25,70, 40,, 15, L2,20
D. 4, L2,, 15, 20, 25. 40,70

6. If N is an n-bit number, how many bits long is htr!, approximately?
A. nlogn
B. y1t
c. 2,'
D. n2

7. Wrich one of these sorting algorithms involves rninimunr recclrcl
swaps durirrg cxecution on an average?
A. bubblc sort
B. insertion sort
C. selection sort
D. quicksort

8, The solution of the recurrence relation r@) - zr(nl\+a@), f or n )
2,7(1): 0, is
A. 0(nlos's1
B. A(n bs n)
c. 0(")
D. 0(r')

9. All IP addresses in the range 186.220 .64.0 to rg6.220.Tr.2b4 arc
kept in a vLAN. The correct netmask so that messages are broaclcast
only within this VLAN is
10. on a Lin'x system, a person found that it is possible to disprav
thc contents of a file named /usr/foolpublic/award.rrtml b't
coulcl not list the files in the directory usirrg Is /usr/f oolpublic.
The permissions on the directory may have been
A. rwxr-x--x
B. rwxr-xr--
C. rhrxr-xr-x
D. IVone of the Above

Here I am uploding a pdf file which having whole exam paper

Address :

University of Hyderabad
Prof. C.R Rao Road, P.O. Central University
Hyderabad, Telangana 500046

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