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Re: Previous year placement question papers of WIPRO in PDF format

As you want to get the previous year placement question papers of WIPRO in PDF format so here it is for you:

Some content of the file has been given here:

Read the following Passage and select the best answer to questions(1-4) among the given choices
Routines are the unreturned algorithms followed by each one of us, every in life. Routine is a chain of
events, which never changes there order once it is prioritized. Following the routine is a schedule of
events. For a student it would it be assignments, attending schools, coaching classes or doing a Project.
For the business man, brandishing the tiniest mobile phone and shielded by the doctor than black shade
of Mercedes, schedule is restricted to attend meetings, presentations and entertaining new Prospective
Sometimes life begins so hectic that you feel as if you are the only person who is working harder than
all others. Such type of thoughts comes to us due to thinking about ourselves. Others may be facing the
same shade of destiny as you, but you think there are luckier than you. Yes, the grass on the other side
is always greener and fresher.
Maintaining your cool, at the times of the difficulty and in spite of hectic-schedules is the key to a
bright career and success in life. Because, unless we ourselves change the pace with the change in
times and keep ourselves abreast of the latest time table of our organizer, we will lag behind.
The more the things one has to do or one is into, more is his involvement in a mental, physical or
social way into these things. Due to this his own personal problems are out of sight because, all time
his mind is thinking of completing the task undertaking problems which are out of sight are out of
Each thing that we do adds to our personality. It shapes our thinking and makes us more organized,
experienced knowledgeable and creative. The time and effort that we put in every day into tasks is the
brick and mortar of our future life. So friends, it is always better to be busy rater then idle. Hasn’t
everyone heard that an idle mind is the devils work shop? Behind every successful man is a devotedly
followed schedule.
1) The author of the passage is of the opinion that
a) The world is merciless to a few persons
b) Behind every successful there is a women
c) All other people seem to be luckier than the author
d) We must keep cool even in difficult times
2) What is the general observation about human nature that the writer makes?
a) People generally hate to be tied to a schedule or routine
b) People generally feel that they can progress by following a schedule
c) People feel that they alone are overburdened and being treated crudely
d) People follow routines happily because they require less effort.
3) According to the above passage, we must
a) Not involve ourselves too much in the work that we do
b) Avoid keeping hectic schedules because they must harm our body.
c) Be loathing to put time and sweet into our bodies.
d) Run neck and neck with God’s timetable less we lag behind.
4) The result of many things we do results in- a) Enhancing our personality
b) Bettering our organizational and creative ability
c) Giving us knowledge and experience
d) All the above
5) From the following sets of words, choose the word correctly spelt
a) Accomodate
b) Acommodate
c) Accommodate
d) Accommodate
6) Select the option that gives the correct meaning of the given idiomatic expression or phrase. “ A
rising star “
a) A star that rises the highest in the sky
b) A star which shines the most.
c) A person coming into prominence
d) A star that appears only once in a month.
7) Select among the given choices the word or phrase for each blank that best fits the meaning of the
sentence as a whole. The recent nuclear threat is the ________________of 12 years of terrorist
attacks, which have inflicted on us more casualties both military and civilian than Iraq did on Kuwait
a) Culmination
b) Reflection
c) Dogma
d) Defiance
8) Select the option that can be substituted the given sentence
a) Condolence
b) Calumny
c) Obituary
d) Corrigendum
9) Given below are sentences which when arranged logically form a coherent passage? Choose the
given option which gives the correct sequence.
a) The alternative was a blitz by the health workers to popularize preventive measures.
b) The information was considered inadequate.
c) People have been reading about AIDS in the mass media
d) Nobody is sure as to low effective this would be.
e) People were also not being influenced enough to take preventive measures.
A) cbade
B) abcde
C) bacde
D) cdabe
10) chose the lettered pair that express a relationship most similar to the relationship expressed in the
capitalized pair HOBBLE ::WALK
a) Gallop ::Run
b) Stammer::Speak
c) Stumble::Fall
d) Sniff::Smell
11) Select among the given choices the word or phrase for each blank that best fits the meaning of the
sentence as a whole. While there is hope in the one-day game, where Indian team has at last cast aside
the chains of________________thought, there is a very long journey to make in Test cricket
a) Delinguent
b) Delirious
c) Decadent
d) Disruptive
12) Select among the given choices the word or phrase to replace the underlined phrase ion the
following sentence Our departure from this place from now depends on they coming here.
a) Depends on them coming here
b) Depends on their coming here
c) Depend on their’s coming here
d) Depends on their’s coming here
13) Choose the lettered pair that express relationship most similar to the relationship expressed in the
capitalized pair. FRAYED::FABRIC
a) Thawed::Ice
b) Renovated::Building
c) Frazzled::Nerves
d) Watered::Lawn
14) Select the option that gives the correct meaning of the given idiomatic expression or phrase “ To
wash one’s hand off “
a) To wash one’s hand with water
b) To wash one’s hand with soap
c) To disclaim the entire responsibility
d) To put one’s firm in trouble
15) Given below are sentences which when arranged logically from a coherent passage. Choose the
given option which gives the correct sequence.
a) What is amazing is that resending of decisions does not seem to be one bit embarrass the
b) “Rollback “appears to have now became an institutionalized decision making process of the
c) This is the certainly suggested by the frequency on prices and subsidies are announced and them
the status quo restored in part or in full.
d) It has well and truly functioning an integral part of the functioning of the government.
e) Even the word, “Rollback “, has became a permanent entry lexicon of political discourse.
A) abcde
B) bcade
C) bcdae
D) ebdca
16) Choose the lettered pair that expresses relationship most similar to the relationship expressed in the
capitalized pair. LACHRYMOSE::TEARS
a) Effusive::requests
b) Ironic::jests
c) Morose::speeches
d) Verbose::words
17) Select among the given choices that is most nearly opposite word “ AUTONOMY”
a) submissiveness
b) dependence
c) subordination
d) slavery
18) Select among the given choices that is most nearly similar word “OCCULT”
a) Dreadful
b) Harmless
c) Amazing
d) Mysterious
19) Given below are words three of which belong to same category. Find the word which does not
belong to that category
a) Convulse
b) Soothe
c) Compose
d) Assuage
20) One of the words each set of four words is misspell . Choose the misspell word.
a) Effeminate
b) Endeavour
c) Exhilaration
d) Exhaustion
21) Ashok bought 16kg of wheat at the rate of Rs 11.50 per kg and 14 kg wheat at rate of Rs 14.50 per
kg. He mixed the two and sold the mixture at the rate of 13.50 kg. What is his gain in the transaction ?
a) Rs 16
b) Rs 18
c) Rs 24
d) Rs 28
22) What is the probability of answering a multiple choice question correctly, If you know that one of
the answer if definitely wrong but you have to guess between the 3 remaining answers?
a) ¼
b) ¾
c) ½
d) 1/3
23) What should come in place of question mark (?) in the following number series?
22, 66, 132, 792 , ?
a) 1584
b) 2376
c) 1246
d) 2674
24) The difference between two numbers is one-seventh of the sum of these numbers two numbers.
What is the ratio of the two numbers?
a) 3:4
b) 4:3
c) 2:3
d) 3:2
25) On return from a business trip Mr. Chidambaram was to be picked up from the railway station by
his coachman. Someone he managed a train connection earlier and thus arrived two hours too early.
Immediately on arrived he rang up home for the coach and was told that it had just left in order to be
exactly in time for the train by which he was scheduled to come. To save the time he started walking
homeward at 3kmph. On the way he met the coachman who brought him home an hour before
schedule. How far is the Mr. Chidambaram’s house from the railway station?
a) 12 Km
b) 15 Km
c) 18 Km
d) 23 Km
26) A train travelled from Delhi to Patna and back in a certain time at the rate of 60kmph.But if the
train had travelled from Delhi to Patna at rate of rate 80Kmph. And back from Patna to Delhi at the rate
of 40Kmph. It would take two hours Longer. Find the distance between Delhi and Patna?
a) 480Km
b) 460Km
c) 450Km
d) 465Km
27) On a certain pasture the grass grows at an even rate. It knows that 40 cows can graze on it for 40
days before the grass is exhausted, but 30 cows can graze there as long as 60 days. How many would
the pasture last if 20 Cows were to graze on it?
a) 140days
b) 100 days
c)110 days
d) 120 days
28) Most people in the United States view both neither big nor small business as particulary efficient or
dynamic and regard both as providing consumers with fairly priced goods and services. However, most
people consistently perceive small business as a force for good in Society, whereas bid business is
perceived as socially responsible only in times of prosperity. The statement above, if true, would
provide the strongest support for which one of the following hypotheses?
a) Most of the people in the United states give little thought to the value of business to society.
b) If small business were regarded as being more dynamic, it, too, would receive strongly favorable
ratings only in times of general prosperity.
c) Many people in the united states regard the social responsibility of big business as extending beyond
providing consumers with fairly priced goods and services.
d) Even if people did not regard big business as providing consumers with value for their money, they
would still regard it as socially responsible in times of general prosperity.
29) In the first innings of the First Test match between India and West Indians at Sabina Park,
Kingston. February 18 to 23 1971, the bowling honors’ in the Indians team were shared by B.S.Bedi,
E.A.S. Prasanna and S.Venkataraghavan. Can you, based on the following statements, conclude the
number of wickets each took?
1) Either Bedi took 5 wickets and S.Venkataraghavan took 3, or Prasanna took one more than
2) Either Bedi took half the wickets or one of the players was run out.
3) The sum of Bedi’s victims and double those of prasanna is one more than three times
a) Bedi-2, Prasanna-4, and Venkataraghavan-3
b) Bedi-3, Prasanna-4, and Venkataraghavan-2
c) Bedi-2, Prasanna-4, and Venkataraghavan-4
d) Bedi-2, Prasanna-5, and Venkataraghavan-3
30) The Basic College Council is made up of representatives from the departments in the various
divisions. From the science Division is one representative from each of the departments of chemistry,
Mathematics, and Biology. The social Science Division provides a representative each History,
Linguistics, and Economics. A representative from Philosophy and one from Rhetoric serve for the
Humanities Division
All Council Committees are made up entirely of Council members.
Each Committee has exactly four members.
Each Committee has at least one member from each Division.
The representative from chemistry will not serve on a Committee with the representative from Biology.
The representatives from Mathematics and Economics always serve on the same Committees. The
representative from Rhetoric will only serve on a Committee on which the representative from Biology
or the one from Economics, or both, serve.
a) Chemistry, Mathematics, History, Economics
b) Chemistry, Mathematics, History, Philosophy
c) Biology, History, Economics, Rhetoric
d) Mathematics, Biology, Economics, Rhetoric
31) A train leaves New York City at 7.15 Am and arrives in Buffalo at 2.47 that afternoon. What total
length of time does the trip take?
a) 6hrs, 28mins
b) 7hrs, 12mins
c) 7hrs, 32mins
d) 8hrs, 12mins
32) After several attempts to district his young parrot from Chewing on furniture, George reluctantly
took an expert’s advice and gently hit the parrot’s beak whenever the bird started to chew furniture,
The bird stopped chewing furniture, but it is now afraid of hands and will sometimes bite. Since
Chewing on the furniture would not have hurt the bird, George should not have hit it.
When Carla’s puppy escaped from her yard, it bounded into a busy street. Although Carla does not
generally approve of physical discipline, she hit the puppy sharply with her hand. Now the puppy
enters the street only when accompanied by Carla, so, Carla was justified in disciplining the puppy.
Which one of the following principles, if established, would justify the judgments about George’s and
Carla’s actions?
a) When disciplining an animal physically, a trainer should use an object such as a rolled up
newspapers to avoid making the animal frightened of hands.
b) When training an animal, physical discipline should be used only when such discipline is
necessary to correct behavior that could result in serious harm to the animal.
c) Using physical discipline to train an animal is justified only when all alternative strategies for the
correcting undesirable behavior have failed.
d) Physical discipline should not be used on immature animals.
33) In a Conventional Clock, how many times does the minutes hand pass the hour hand between noon
and midnight?
a) 8 times
b)10 times
c)12 times
d)15 times
34) If 24+35=28, 15+49=24, and 69+37=50 then 27+48=?
a) 27
35) Its not easy having a mathematics professor as a friend. When she invited you to her house she
says, “All the houses on my side of the street are numbered consecutively in even numbers. There are
Six houses on my Side of my block and sum of their numbers is 9870. You don’t know which block I
live on, and it’s a long street, but I will tell you that I live in the lowest number on my side of the block.
What’s the number? Or are you just going to ring the first- numbered doorbell for twenty blocks?
a) 1580
36) The time to complete a standardized exam is approximately normal with a mean of 70 minutes and
a standard deviation of 10 minutes. Suppose the students are given 1 hour to complete the exam. The
proportion of students who don’t complete the exam is
a) 0.500
37) Rajesh brought a TV priced at Rs 2000. He was given two Successive discounts of 10 and 5
percent. If he has to pay percent sales tax, the net amount he paid was
a) Rs 2663.40
b) Rs 2660
c) Rs 2350
d) Rs 2460
38) A drawer contains a number of Red and Blue socks. If I pull two out of random, then the chance of
them being a Red pair is a half and chance of them being a blue pair is a twelfth. How many socks are
in the drawer?
39) A Clock strikes every hour-once at 1.00, twice at 2.00, and so on. The clock takes 6 seconds to
strike 5.00 and 12 seconds to strike 9.00. the time needed to strike 1.00 is negligible. How long does
the clock need for all its striking in 24hours?
a)168 Seconds
b)178 Seconds
c)188 Seconds
d) 198 Seconds
40) Grandpa was feeling generous, so he gave a total of Rs 100 to his Five grandchildren. Starting with
the Youngest each got Rs 2.00 more than the next Younger one. In Other words, the youngest got one
sum, the next got Rs 2.00 more, and so on. How much did the Youngest Grandchild get?
41) Which of the following is not associated with magnetic memory?
a) Sector
b) Pit
c) Track
d) All of these
a) IT services Industry body
b) Manufacturing Industry body
c) Infrastructure Industry body
d) None of the above
43) Which of the following is not a codec
a) DiVX
b) EVid
d) XviD
44) Which of the following Chipmaker has designed Athlon?
a) Intel
b) Freescale
c) AMD
d) IBM
45) Which of the following is a formatted input function in ‘C’
a) getchar()
b) getche()
c) gets()
d) None of these
46) Rank the following 4 items in terms of access speed:
a) Main Memory
b) Magnetic Disk
c) Registers
d) Cache
A) 1,2,3,4
B) 1,3,4,2
C) 3,4,1,2
D) 3,1,4,2
47) What kind of a structure is a queue?
a) First in First out
b) First in last out
c) First in middle out
d) First in second last
48) A Jazz drive is a separate drive. What is the storage space of Jazz drive
a) 100KB
b) 20-40 GB
c) 1-2 GB
d) 650 MB
49) Which of the following is doesn’t affect resolution of a video Display image?
a) Bandwidth
b) Raster Scan rate
c) Vertical and Horizontal lines of resolution
d) Screen size
50) Which of the following statement are applicable to LINUX?
i) Multi-User and Multi-Tasking
ii) Open Source OS
iii) Developed at AT&T’s Bell Laboratory, USA
A) ( i ) only
B) ( ii ) only
C) Both ( i) and ( ii )
D) ( i) , ( ii) and ( iii )

1.In the following sentence one important punctuation-mark is missing select the suitable signs from
the given alternatives. what a pity
a)"" b)? **c)! d):
2.Select the option that gives the correct meaning of the given idiomatic expression or phase.To put up
a)to stay with b)to tolerate **c)to deal with people d)to keep things up
3.For the following sentence,choose the most suitable word from the given options.In England an
Indian _____ does not actually enjoy the same rights as an Englishman.
a)emigrant b)emigrent c)immigrant d)immegrant
4.Select the word among the given choices that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word RABID
a)Decent b)fair **c)rational d)pure
5.Given below are words three of which belong to the same category.Find the word which does not
belong to that category
a)danger b)peril c)jeopardy **d)innocuous
6.Select among the given choices the word or phrase for each blank that best fits the meaning of the
sentence as a whole though business is in a ______ Indian corporates see it as a "learn and innovate"
a) Slump b)low c)lean d)soup
7.Select the word or phrase among the given choices that is most nearly similar in meaning to the word
a)power b)wing c)small measure **d)Hanger-on
8)Choose the lettered pair that expresses a relationship most similar to the relationship expressed in the
capitalized pair CONTINENT: ISLAND
a)ocean:lake **b)isthmus: peninsula c)cape: cove d)river:canal
9)In the following sentence one important puntuation-mark is missing.Select the suitable signs from the
given alternatives Having been disappointed in love he took to alcohol.
**a), b). c); d)!
10)For the following sentence ,choose the most suitable word from the given options.In the____ of the
quarrel,the cabuliwallah had struck him.
a) coarse b) curse c) course d) cause
In the following passage some of the words have been left out.First read the passage over and try to
understand what it is about.Then fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given.
Successful______(1)is about understanding people and setting them to share the_______(2)of the
organization.The manager must________(3)what is going on at all times and the ________(4)must
know what is_________(5)of them.
11. First blank is
A) leaders B)emotion **C) management D) managers
12. Second blank is
A)rewards **B)vision C) spoils D)profit
13. Third blank is
A)demand B)ink C)manage **D)know
14. Fourth blank is
A)employees B)laborers C)workers D) boss
15. Fifth blank is
A)expected B)nice C)wanting D)credible
16.which one number will complete the series?
a)20 b)21 c)22 d)24
17."the theoritical principal of democracy is majority rule,but at least
in presidential politics,majority rule has never triumphed.in every
presidential election,more people of voting age failed to vote than voted for
the eventual winner."none of the above" is evidently the perennially favorite
candidate of most citizens."
the conclusion of the passege is based on which of the following
A)NOn-presidential elections are less worthy of study than are presidential
b)people of voting age who fail to vote in presidential elections do so to
express their dissatisfaction with the candidates.
c)a presidential candidate need not receive votes from a majority of those who actually
vote in order to win an election.
d)the principal of majority rule has never been correctly defined
18.pallavi doesn't feel she is really a child anymore.ten years ago,her mother was
five times her age.now she is three sevenths of her mothers age,and in five years she will be half her
mother's age
.how old will she be when sheis half her mother's age.
a)18 b)20 c)22 d)28
19.a university acting classes is presenting a series of five skits
use six performers, m,n,o,p,q,r
1.each performer must perform in exactly three of the skit
2.only o and p will perform in the first skit
3.r and three others will perform in the second skit
4.only n will perform in the third skit
5.more people will perform in the 4th skit than in the fifth skit
for which of the follwing pairs of performers is true that if one appears
in a skit,the other must also appear?
a)m and n b)m and r c)p and o d)p and r
20.in a garden there are 10 rows and 12 columns of mango trees. the distance btween
each tree is 2 metres and a distance of one meter is left from all sides of the boundary of the garden
. the length of the garden is
a)20 m b)22m c)24m d)26m
21.in a row of boys anand is eleventh from the left and deepak is
fifteenth from the right.when anand and deepak interchange their positions,
anand will be fifth from the left,which of the follwing will be deepak's position
from the right?
a)seventh b)seventeenth c)eighth d)ninth
22.a watch ,which gains uniformly is 2min.show at noon on monday,and is 4min.48 seconds
fast at 2pm.on the follwing monday.when was it correct?
a)2 days 6hrs b)2 days 2 hrs c)3days 1hr d)3days 6hrs
23.on the occasion of a certain meeting each member gave shake hand to
the remaining number.if the total shake were 1176,how many members were present for the meeting.
a)48 b)58 c)49 d)59
24.a multiple phtostat copier can create 120 copies in 30 seconds.how much time
would it take to from 2000 copies on two such machines working simultaneously.
a)4min 08sec b)4min 10sec c)4min 25sec d)4min 30sec
25 raj kumar started walking towards south and after walking 15 m turn to
his right and walked another 15m,turned to his left and stopped.which direction is he from the starting
a)south b)south-west c)south-east d)west
26 some boys are standing in a row ,sunil is 10 th from right and
anant is seventh from left .if there are five boys in between sunil and ananth,
how many boys are there in the row?
a)20 b)22 c)21 d)23
27.as a COUNSEL is to BITIRAK,so also GUIDENCE is to
28.the number of bacteria in a test tube doubles every 3 mins.if at the end of
1 hour there are N bacteria in the test tube,at the end of how many minutes were
there exactly N/4 bacteria?
a)51 b)54 c)56 d)58
29.in a chess tornament 16 members played in tournament x and 20 played in tournament y
and 12 in both the tournaments,if each player played atleast one
of these tournaments,what is the total number of players?
a)24 b)36 c)32 d)48
30)"In a swampy area of south America, the highly poisonous coral snake and a much less venomous
kind of snake both bear red, black and white bands . Only 100 miles away on drier ground, the local
type of coral snake lacks the red bands. And there, the less poisonous species of snake lacks the red
bands too. The explanation is that in both habitants, close imitation of the coral snake affords the less
poisonous species a measure of protection it would not otherwise have."
Which of the following is most likely to be a major assumption underlying the explanation in the
passage above?
A) Coral snakes claim individual territories for themselves, which they defend against other snakes.
B) Red coloration is effective camouflage primarily in dry habitants, where natural reds are much
more common than elsewhere
C) The sight of a coral snake has a strange paralyzing effect on certain of its prey animals.
D) Predators whose diets include snakes tend to avoid those most poisonous and thus most
31) what is the output?
int i=0;
case 0:
case 1:
case 1:
A)..1..1..0 B) 0..1..1 C) 1..1..1 D) None of These
32) What will be the O/P?
struct xyz {
int i;
struct xyz *p;
struct xyz a;
A) 0 B) 10 C) Garbage Value D) Compile Time Error
33)What is the storage required for the name "George"?
A) Six bits of storage B) Six Bytes of Storage C) Six Pixels of Storage D) One Kilo Byte of Storage
34)What is the part of compiler that keeps track of names and their attributes?
A) Compile Table B)Symbol Table C)Table D) Logical Table
35) Which of the following operators cannot be overloaded in C++?
A) ?: B)[] C) - D) None of These
36) Which constructor is invalid for class cat?
A) void cat :: cat() { feet=4;} B)cat::cat(int f){feet=f;}
C) cat::cat(void){feet=8;} D) cat::cat(int f){this->feet=f;}
37) Typical user defined signal handler functions perform actions such as
A) abort process immediately without further ado
B) Perform minor house keeping prior to resumption
C) Roll back process state to last checkpoint
D) Tidy up to process abortion
A) 1&2 B) 2 & 4 C) 3 D) 4
38) What is the name given to the process initizlizing a microcomputer with its OS?
A) Cold Booting B) Booting C) Warm Booting D) None of these
39) Desirable attributes for memory management include
A) Protection- such memory should be protected against being written on by other processes
B) Encryption- ability to encrypt data with a randomly selected key that is discarded after use
without being disclosed so that data can never read again.
C)Uniform access rates-ability to retard faster data fetch rates so that all data fetches are
uniformly performed at the least fast data fetch rate
D)none of these
40)Major expressions used with find command to select file is it has been accessed in more than 375
A)-a time +365 B) -m time +365 C)-a time -365 D) -m time -365
41)Which of the following is not a basic computer network topology?
A)Train topology B)Bus topology C)star topology D)ring topology
42) which file contains all permanent information and is updated during processing by transactions of
A) Master File B) Local File C) Parent File D) Primary File
43) Which set option is used with vi editor to display line numbers on screen?
A) nm B) nu C)ic D)li
44) Assuming you have the environment variable ENV=.kshrc set, what is the entry in ur .kshrc or
.profile that will save up to ur last 200 commands in a history list?
A) HISTSIZE=200 B) set history 200 C) HISTORY=200 D) setenv history 200
45) You have 1MB of memory left on the HDD and when booting the system crashes. What is the
A) Not enough synchronous buffer
B) Not enough contiguous memory in virtual memory
C) Not enough space on the hard drive for the swap file.
D) Not enough space on the hard drive for working memory.
46) How do I remove a file with the name '-something' ?
A) use the "--" flag to rm B) Use "##" flag to rm
C) Use the "-" flag to rm D) Use the "!" flag to rm.
47) The customer is an internet search engine with hits from global customers exceeding 10 million per
day. You identify Knowledge Management as the driving business issue. Which feature is most imp to
this customer solution?
A) Single system image B) Speed and performance
C) Very large memory, very large database D) H/W Partitioning
48) Unlike function templates, when instantiating a class template, you must explicitly instantiate the
class by giving?
A) The parameters for the class templates B) The arguments for the class templates C) The
variables for the class templates D) None
49) In private inheritance derived class members can access base class members that are 1)
Public 2) Private 3) Protected
A) 1 & 2 B) 1 & 3 C) 2 & 3 D) 1,2 & 3
50) The output of an OR Gate is LOW when
A) All inputs are LOW B) Any Input is LOW
C)Any input is high
D) All inputs are HIGH
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